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a twisted whyrl - series interest check

11 Nov 2019, 11:42 am
so. i've had a series in the works since about 2015. the plan was/is to have it animated and most likely published on youtube.

only thing is, i've been really stuck with the series as a whole lately and don't even know if anyone would like to see it.

i'll leave a gist of the characters and story below, maybe some images, and tell me what you think i guess?

basic world lore
the laws of which this world works

when someone dies, their energy is used to create a new being, or a form of "reincarnation". but if the death of a person is untimely and early, they will stick around as a ghost until they complete their purpose. ghosts are completely white/off-white and have only one, vivid bright color to them. this color directly ties to how important their task is. in order from red to purple, most important to least important. once their task is finished their energy is reused.

ghouls are like ghost in appearance, but entirely black. the only thing differentiating them is their shape. ghouls appear when someone especially nasty dies or is stripped of their form, usually staying as a ghoul to prevent their evil being reincarnated. there is no known way for them to be freed and reincarnated, yet.

magic in this world, magic isn't very common. it follows most main laws of alchemy. to gain something, you must lose something.

the world itself and its inhabitants

furries were the first creatures on whyrl, besides ferals. they live in villages scattered around and use a bartering system, sometimes generic gold coins, too. any animal on earth is most likely present in furry form on whyrl.

the first attempt at creating life, not quite as advanced. they live in small packs and hide away from most of the outside world. a select few have chosen to live among furries.

salamander dragons
the only surviving species of dragon on whyrl. despite their name, they're mammals. they have soft skin and come in many different subspecies. their rulers are named "crowned salamander dragons" because of the exo-skull on their heads.

humans are not natural to whyrl. they arrived on an expedition to found a prison planet. however, the prisoners revolted and started a city. a nasty city, mind you. they are entirely opposed to interacting with the other species, who they deem beasts.


whyrl is a planet in a galaxy far away. the events of the story take place in 3521. the planet whyrl was first created in 3000.


luna is an energetic cat-fox hybrid. she's childish and impulsive. unfortunately, she buys a cursed collar containing a ghoul and can't remove it. knowing her, something horrible is bound to happen.

jake is a cold human... ish. he's part of a science experiment and escaped. generically edgy and knows it. he gets angry easily- especially at luna.

taiga is a short and sweet mountain goat. she's afraid of her own shadow but wants to help in any way she can. most of the time she just gets in the way, though.

beetle is the heir to the salamander dragon throne. he's diplomatic and reasonable, even under pressure. his passion is cooking.

the ghost that helped create all life on whyrl. she's elusive and only appears when she wants to. generally tries to do the right thing, but is very chaotic in her ways.

luna's... adopted dad. a generic otter with a missing eye. he doesn't offer much input, but is great for emotional support.

the main villain of the series. he is trapped in luna's collar in ghoul form. however, he can only retain his real form for short periods of time with help from a host body. wishes revenge on the world for... reasons...

so uh... whaddya think...?
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19 Nov 2019, 2:19 am
Seems like a big project to tackle, but the concept seems pretty interesting~
smile, it looks lovely on you ♥
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