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revamping a few old characters!

21 Dec 2019, 9:02 pm (Edited 21 Dec 2019, 9:02 pm)
so i hopped on feralfront again (formerly wcrpg)

i had like.. a few accounts? maybe more? mountaindrop, sarabi:3 and ravenheart365, where i dug up a few old characters im in love with again and i wanna revamp em, you can add advice, or post about characters you wanna revamp!

night- slim, small black she cat with a white paw and some kinda collar. she was a scourge copy, but i still love her

gempaw- genuinely forgot what she looked like, but i love her. shes stern and work-oriented, not exactly concerned with anything else

mintleaf- i think she was all white with green eyes? she had super long fur too. she was a medicine cat, and i wanna make her a bit more evil than she was back then

tumbleheart- orange spotted she cat, im thinking of changing her personality to keep the bouncy bubbly innocence but also High standards. sorta like a gold digger?

ill prolly post some comparison art of their old designs with their new designs once i get a chance to draw them
i WILL go hogwild.