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Art improvement tips

14 May 2020, 10:58 am
Askata awww ty!
14 May 2020, 11:01 am
Morphie No need to thank me, you're going to have to open an art shop so I can buy a couple hundred pieces ^^
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14 May 2020, 1:18 pm
Askata I have an art shop lmao it's in my sig
also here's another peice
15 May 2020, 9:59 am
OOOOH YES. I be loving those sparkss

And, yes, I will be saving for a detailed halfbody uwu
~~~^Alekzy needs your help!^~~~
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15 May 2020, 10:07 am
The biggest tip I can be is to use shapes. Using simple shapes like circles for the body and head or triangles for the ears. Also, if/when you are doing anthro or people, Do Not use ovals for legs or arms. They are a weak shape, use triangles (Like the long skinny ones) it makes your characters look stable, and not like they are about to fall over the second you touch them (Mine looked so wobbly before I figured this out.) Also tons of references, and don't be afraid to look at other artist's work for inspiration, you aren't stealing if you make a picture based off of someone else's art, just a lot of self entitled people think you are.
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15 May 2020, 7:13 pm
ChaiTheFox Yee, I do! for my sketches I always use boxes and triangles. Sometimes I look at other's art, but most of the time I look at the animal itself.
Askata thoughts?
16 May 2020, 7:24 pm (Edited 16 May 2020, 7:25 pm)
Askata anoda 1
this is a wip still
edit: ha nvm i accidentally refreshed Kleki :')
21 May 2020, 3:49 pm
21 May 2020, 10:18 pm
Ohhh... 'kay. Yeah. Uhhhmmm... heck! Alright, Zeer jus' gonna go for it!

To start, the way Zee looks at art is as a complex skill. It's made of many, many tiny techniques. It's good to look for, and listen to advice, try it, and just see if it works for you because everyone learns their own tricks for it. Kinda like cooking, or gardening... no, definitely cooking. Each recipe makes something different, and depending on how many ingredients, and how you use them, you can get amazing things! The big thing is to practice, though. Like flipping eggs. Lots of tasty practice... Zee is no master of these skills, but is going to make a pizza analogy!

====The Bread and Butter and Sauce====

When making your art, this stands for taking time every now and again to think about your medium. This is more frequent for those who work with traditional art to try out new books, new papers, new inks, and paints. But just like that, digitally you also have to consider brushes, and what commands/functions help you the most. These things dictate your parameters, like a pizza's size.

====The Cheese====

Consider this your shading. Shading, is a big jump to making things pop. The reverse is that you notice the difference with no shading immediately. Shading is a big player in how you perceive object depth. To practice Zee would recommend starting with a single light source. Meaning you have a bright side, the normal color, and then the cast shadows. After that bright spots can indicate reflective surfaces, like metal.and water, or moisture such when drawing eyes. Zee recommends being liberal here. Lose yourself to the deep dish side...

====The Toppings====

Consider these the various little things you learn. What you prefer to do most the time, whether it's the eyes, the head shape, adding tiny chibi emoticons, etcetera. Those are your signature toppings. It's that special somethin'! The pepperoni of power! But don't confine yourself to them. Try new combos out when you get the chance. Add some forbidden pineappley fruit, just to try it. If only for this one time, to say you've lived! ... But seriously experiment once in awhile to avoid burning out your old favorites.

Disclaimer: Zee takes no responsibility for any hunger as result of reading, nor creation of pizza atrocities that may occur from utilization of this advice. Bake carefully my frens!

====Make it again, mit gefühl!====

And for the final bit, here's a process Zee use frequently. Take a character, draw them. Step back and critique yourself, being specific. Redraw small parts [say, a hand pose without the body, just the hands] experimenting with various elements [New pose? New shape? Different Shading?] for a bit. Once you've done this for a couple parts, redraw the whole character referencing your previous drawing and improvements. Many of my better pieces are my second or third iteration of that process. Don't be afraid to get multiple different references to compare shapes and weight [that hand pose might work better. Oh that left hand shows better movement!]

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21 May 2020, 10:24 pm
SuspiciousCoffeeMug I love this so freaking much. Mind if I use this advice to make a peice and ping you when it is finished?
21 May 2020, 10:42 pm (Edited 21 May 2020, 10:43 pm)
Morphie my dear child ( your probably older than me but who cares?) your a great artist I definitely sugest looking up pictures of anatomy like skulls and jaws and referencing them am currently working on open mouths this way! I also suggest just drawing it helps! EDIT: if any one told you your art is bad I WILL BEAT THEM!
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21 May 2020, 10:48 pm
Morphie if you're still looking for an art program (especially for school Chromebooks, I'm on one right now) I'd recommend Aggie.io! Though it's supposed to be for group projects, it can still import images, have multiple layers, and can go up to pixels zooming in so you can get in some details.

As for the digi-art side of things, I can't really say much about that, but what I tend to do is to get about a softer version of the shape I'm looking for, and then make small edits to one at a time get the type of shape I'm looking for.
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22 May 2020, 4:00 am
Sure! Zeer glad if it could help inspired you.

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22 May 2020, 5:43 am
One of the biggest flaws I see in your art are the legs. Digitigrade legs are hard, don't get me wrong, but if you understand the structure of them better, they can start to look better and can be drawn easier. Really if you just fix how your knees kind of droop down over the lower part of the leg, they'll start looking much better.
Here's some refs from my discord server:





Color theory with furries:

And here's a really neat thing I found a while back!
https://x6ud.github.io/# It's an incredibly useful tool for drawing animal faces from any angle! To use, angle the skull on the left side of the window to the direction you want the animal facing, and then select the animal you'd like to reference from the drop down. Here's what it looks like in action:

If you want any tutorials/refs about anything specific, let me know! If it's not in my server, I'm sure I can find something for you!
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22 May 2020, 10:08 am (Edited 22 May 2020, 10:16 am)
Rotsuoy Ahhh thank you so much!!!

Edit: That middle bottom row cat in the last ref looks a whole lot like my cat lol. I'll be using that alot!