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Nintendo Switch...?

22 Apr 2020, 12:39 am (Edited 1 May 2020, 9:06 pm)
EDIT: ended up going with a turquoise switch lite (partly because full sizes are out of stock) and i'm super happy with it! thank you all! <3

oh boy here i go

So here's the deal: I didn't intend to get a Switch, ever, but after seeing the new Animal Crossing and realizing even Minecraft is too stressful for me, I've wondered if ACNH would be a nice way to relax and have fun instead of working 24/7. I work too much and need to relax more lol. Also, some friends have it so I could visit them and such!
Problem is, I don't have a switch. I'd love some help deciding which to get, if I do get one.

I'm trying to decide between a switch vs a switch lite. General facts about me:
- no siblings at home, a few close friends who would be willing to visit + play games, and possibly some family

- only interested in ACNH, a LEGO Avengers game, and maybe Jackbox or Mario Kart in terms of multiplayer. However, I'd never play Mario Kart alone and Jackbox can be supported on other devices.

- we have a BIG projector screen in the basement, so multiplayer would be really cool if we got it working!

- never owned a handheld device before, only an Xbox 360 and PC. So I'm not sure what I want in terms of portability and such.

- color/look is a BIG thing for me. I want to customize whatever switch I get, probably get a nice case and paint my fursona on it, get silicone stick covers, etc. I want this to be beautiful!

The switch:
Pros - could play with friends/family, more flexibility, no limits on types of games, fixing any thumbstick drift would require replacing joycons instead of entire system, larger screen
Cons - more expensive, bigger/heavier, less compact and "sturdy" than the lite, I'm guessing?, not a huge fan of the black buttons but I'll live, seems more difficult to customize?

The lite:
Pros - TURQUOISE. My favorite color and perfect for my fursona!, cheaper, handheld only so it's private and personal, more compact/light, white buttons
Cons - no flexibility with playing options, fixing stick drift would require repair or replacement, smaller screen (harder on the eyes?), fewer game options

If I'm missing anything, or if you have a switch and just want to share general tips/something about your experience, please share! I'm trying to gather as much info as possible before ever making a purchase. C:

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22 Apr 2020, 12:49 am (Edited 22 Apr 2020, 12:56 am)
I've only had my switch for awhile so I'm not an expert!. you'll need to look up if the games that you'll be doing online will want nintendo online. I have the full switch, so the one with docking. I can't tell you how it holds up under stress because I treat it like my child.

I find that games are a little expensive, however this is how it is with many games nowadays. The "coins" in the store expire after a year, so they don't feel that important however I have not bought anything on the shop.

I find it in handheld more is hard to use, it feels too long and can get un-comfy due to my chest. However I'm used to a 3ds where I can scrunch up more. The bigger screen is better for me, but I notice that some games have tiny text boxes, so it's harder to read.

If I missed anything, I'll edit this post!


Please, please invest in a glass screen, I heard that the docking station will scratch the screen because it's only a plastic. It's just like the glass screen protectors on phones
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22 Apr 2020, 12:50 am (Edited 22 Apr 2020, 12:53 am)
I have a regular switch and would honestly just stick with this one just because yes, the joycons can be replaced in the case of drifting issues also you can take your pick on which colour joycons you'd like. (the AC ones are sooo pretty ;-;) honestly with the switch, I feel like resell value isn't too bad even if you got sick of it so I would say just go for it if you can afford it (reselling games is also only feasible if you buy the physical copy so I personally always opt for physical copy, I personally haven't resold any of my games yet but in the switch group based in the country I'm from people resell all the time and they lose maybe $5-20 of their game's original value when they resell so there's that, switch games have a pretty high resell value where I'm from,), where I'm from though switches are sold out and crazily marked up if available at all, so you might wanna wait for market prices to stablize to its normal cost because it's stupid inflated rn.

I've been meaning to buy stickers for my switch since it's the regular neon ones but I suck at arts/craft and don't really wanna mess sticking it on. =S

the only friend I know in RL who owns a switch plays different games from me so I don't even play with them, I usually try to find discord servers of games I play and find people to play with from there. Or with pokemon I just do random raids lol.
22 Apr 2020, 9:42 am
Squidily - Gosh I has no idea there was a separate online shop? Thanks for mentioning the size too, I am concerned about the regular feeling a bit too bulky.. The only sort of handheld gaming I've done is on an iPod and that wasn't big at all but I was still able to enjoy it, so I wonder if the lite would fit well?

I might (if it's safe to leave the house...) go to the store in a few weeks to check some switches out in person. Hold them, see how they feel and such.
And gosh thanks for letting me know about the screen! I was going to get a sticky screen protector but if a glass one is needed I'll do that!

Growlithe - Yeah, I've found a few sites that let you pick colors for the joycons. I've just got my heart set on a greenish teal color and can't seem to find it, even with sticker skins :'DD I'll keep physical vs online games in mind! That's a good tip, since I'm not sure what games would really appeal to me, beyond the few I have picked?
And yeah, thankfully I was able to find the grey switch and turquoise lite through my local game store (at regular price), so I could buy it through there.
Awh gosh I'm sorry, I hope you get more friends/people to play with soon. c:
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22 Apr 2020, 9:55 am (Edited 22 Apr 2020, 9:59 am)
I got a switch for Chartism and I say go with the switch. I know more pricey but the Lite the controls don't come off. (could be wrong about the controls here last time we went to best buy and seen a lite looked like the controls where un able to come off) so I say get the normal switch. for me more fun to have the remotes in hand, and have motion controls sort of like the Wii.

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23 Apr 2020, 10:11 am
Alewolf No you're correct, the joy cons don't detach on the Lite. That's a good point! I've never had a Wii (been to friends' houses who had them though) so I don't know if I'd prefer the detachable controllers or not. I have sort of long fingers so I am concerned about the joy cons being too small/cramping my hands, but I'd have to see a switch in person to be sure.
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28 Apr 2020, 6:42 am
I don't think the Lite version is worth the money.
28 Apr 2020, 7:18 am
I've had a Nintendo Switch for a while. It may be a little pricy, but it's WORTH IT! There's so many ways to play if you have the normal Switch and not the Lite! :D
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28 Apr 2020, 7:53 am
I suggest the normal switch. It's much cheaper to repair if the joysticks or buttons act up. Not to mention the freedom to play both modes is very nice and good for playing while charging.
As for colors there are skins you can buy for decent prices.
The switch is a wonderful system and I have never regretted getting it.
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