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e's endeavors | [lf] seeds

7 Dec 2016, 12:26 pm (Edited 5 Jul 2020, 3:21 am)
e's exchange endeavors
I'm subscribed. No need to ping!

Looking For
Chomper Plant*, Iceberries*, Pea Algae Seeds

1843-pink-baa.png not buying this, baa is just a placeholder for the bbcode >o>

Medley Salad Plant (or Seed) Swapping
9k+ Flying Larkspur
(and other QP plants
if you'd rather have those)
Chomper Plant*
Pea Algae
find me here. currently:

drawing here


7 Dec 2016, 12:28 pm (Edited 17 Jun 2020, 8:23 am)
718-pink-sphynx-cat.pngPink Sphynx Cat +10/11 (Female) x5
719-tabby-sphynx-cat.pngTabby Sphynx Cat +40 (Male)
719-tabby-sphynx-cat.pngTabby Sphynx Cat +50 (Male) x12
719-tabby-sphynx-cat.pngTabby Sphynx Cat +50 (Female) x12
720-tuxedo-sphynx-cat.pngTuxedo Sphynx Cat +4 (Male)
720-tuxedo-sphynx-cat.pngTuxedo Sphynx Cat +75 (Female) x3
722-tan-chihuahua.pngTan Chihuahua +4 (Female) x5
723-brown-chihuahua.pngBrown Chihuahua +11 (Male)
723-brown-chihuahua.pngBrown Chihuahua +50 (Male) x32
723-brown-chihuahua.pngBrown Chihuahua +50 (Female) x55
724-australian-shepherd-chihuahua.pngAustralian Shepherd Chihuahua +65 (Male)
724-australian-shepherd-chihuahua.pngAustralian Shepherd Chihuahua +75 (Female) x3
714-brown-spiny-mouse.pngBrown Spiny Mouse +7 (Female) x3
715-black-spiny-mouse.pngBlack Spiny Mouse +50 (Male) x11
715-black-spiny-mouse.pngBlack Spiny Mouse +50 (Female) x12
1579-green-fly-trap.pngGreen Fly Trap +5 (Male) x2
1146-gold-fennec-fox.pngGold Fennec Fox +5 (Male) x2
325-moon-butterfly.pngMoon Butterfly (Female) x4
321-red-breasted-birb.pngRed Breasted Birb (Female) x2
313-black-sharky.png Black Sharky (Female) x3
477-orca-whale.png Orca Whale (Female) x3
478-aurora-whale.png Aurora Whale (Male)
389-silver-manti.png Silver Manti (Female) x2
610-blue-throated-hummingbird.png Blue Throated Hummingbird (Female) x5
409-pumpkin-kritty.png Pumpkin Kritty (Female) x5
410-spider-kritty.png Spider Kritty (Male) x2
622-calico-flitten.png Calico Flitten (Female) x5
623-siamese-flitten.png Siamese Flitten (Male) x2
634-silver-kitsune.png Silver Kitsune (Female) x11
635-red-kitsune.png Red Kitsune (Female)
417-gray-pumpkitty.png Gray Pumpkitty (Female) x6
418-apple-pumpkitty.png Apple Pumpkitty (3 Male)/(4 Female)
381-blue-hydra.png Blue Hydra (Female) x6
626-snow-leopard-cub.png Snow Leopard Cub (Female) x7
627-tiger-cub.png Tiger Cub (Male)
628-lion-cub.png Lion Cub (Male) x2
473-summer-seal.png Summer Seal (Female) x2
474-blue-seal.png Blue Seal (3 Male)/(2 Female)
465-summer-monkee.png Summer Monkee (Female) x6
466-blue-monkee.png Blue Monkee (2 Male)/(5 Female)
446-aurora-burr.png Aurora Burr (Male) x3
631-cream-guinea-pig.png Cream Guinea Pig (Male) x2
386-emerald-kirin.png Emerald Kirin (Male) x3
318-lava-turty.png Lava Turty (4 Male)/(9 Female)
319-island-turty.png Island Turty (Male)
639-leucistic-ball-python.png Leucistic Ball Python (Male)
607-ocean-axolotl.png Ocean Axolotl (Male) x3
603-striped-angelfish.png Striped Angelfish (Male) x3
346-tiger-flion.png Tiger Flion (Male) x2
616-brown-lung-dragon.png Brown Lung Dragon (Male)
394-technicolor-serpent.png Technicolor Serpent (Male)
406-skeleton-catbat.png Skeleton Catbat (Male)
366-silver-chest.png Silver Chest (Male)/(Female)
306-swirled-seahorse.png Swirled Seahorse (2 Male)/(4 Female)
426-ice-spirit.png Ice Spirit (Female)
377-brown-griff.png Brown Griff (Female) x4
378-red-griff.png Red Griff (Male)
342-orange-hippo.png Orange Hippo (Male)
398-stardust-uni.png Stardust Uni (Female) x5
1820-pink-frosted-bunicake.png Pink Frosted Bunicake +10 (3 Male)/(13 Female)
1821-toasted-marshmallow-bunicake.png Toasted Marshmallow Bunicake +15 (6 Male)/(10 Female)
1825-orange-fruit-tree-bat.png Orange Fruit Tree Bat +10 (3 Male)/(8 Female)
1826-apple-fruit-tree-bat.png Apple Fruit Tree Bat +15 (8 Male)/(3 Female)
2089-vanilla-bean-two-scoop-sloth.png Vanilla Bean Two Scoop Sloth (5 Male)/(7 Female)
2090-strawberry-two-scoop-sloth.png Strawberry Two Scoop Sloth (Female)
2244-blue-beary.png Blue Beary (Female)
2736-butterscotch-gummi-yummi-otter.png2737-galactic-gummi-yummi-otter.png2738-hallows-eve-gummi-yummi-otter.png2739-friendly-gummi-yummi-otter.png yet unclaimed gummi yummi otters 1 set (+ 17 at 30/40 points)
2852-classic-red-panda-roll.png Classic Red Panda Roll (Male) 1 (+17 unclaimed)
2853-ebi-red-panda-roll.png Ebi Red Panda Roll (Female) 1 (+17 unclaimed)
2854-crunchy-red-panda-roll.png Crunchy Red Panda Roll (Male)
2899-sugar-squookie.png Sugar Squookie (17 unclaimed)
3002-glazed-doughnasaur.png Glazed Doughnasaur (19 unclaimed)
1447-white-snowbunny.png White Snowbunny (Female) x9
1448-dirty-snowbunny.png Dirty Snowbunny (5 Male)/(3 Female)
1451-white-snowfox.png White Snowfox (Female) x14
1452-dirty-snowfox.png Dirty Snowfox (3 Male)/(10 Female)
1655-white-cloud-dragon.pngWhite Cloud Dragon (1 Male)/(1 Female)
1656-stormy-cloud-dragon.pngStormy Cloud Dragon (1 Male)/(1 Female)
1657-sunset-cloud-dragon.pngSunset Cloud Dragon (3 Male)
1659-white-cloud-fennec.pngWhite Cloud Fennec (1 Male)/(1 Female)
1661-stormy-cloud-fennec.pngStormy Cloud Fennec (1 Male)/(1 Female)
1660-sunset-cloud-fennec.pngSunset Cloud Fennec (1 Male)/(3 Female)
1663-white-cloud-koi.pngWhite Cloud Koi (1 Male)/(1 Female)
1664-stormy-cloud-koi.pngStormy Cloud Koi (1 Male)/(1 Female)
1665-sunset-cloud-koi.pngSunset Cloud Koi (2 Male)/(4 Female)
1667-white-cloud-wolf.pngWhite Cloud Wolf (1 Male)/(1 Female)
1668-stormy-cloud-wolf.pngStormy Cloud Wolf (1 Male)/(1 Female)
1669-sunset-cloud-wolf.pngSunset Cloud Wolf (4 Male)/(5 Female)
1682-common-feathered-serpent.png Common Feathered Serpent (Female) x3
2233-striped-pet-rock.png Striped Pet Rock (2 Male)/(12 Female)
2234-tigers-eye-pet-rock.png Tiger's Eye Pet Rock (Male) x2
2240-spotted-english-pointer.png Spotted English Pointer (Male) x2
2241-brindled-english-pointer.png Brindled English Pointer (Male)
2789-tan-batbat.png Tan Batbat (Male)/(Female)
2790-webbed-batbat.png Webbed Batbat (Male)/(Female)
2792-green-ectoplasm.png Green Ectoplasm (2 Male)/(2 Female)
2793-blue-ectoplasm.png Blue Ectoplasm (Male)/(Female)
2794-oilslick-ectoplasm.png Oilslick Ectoplasm (2 Male)/(2 Female)
2795-bony-ectoplasm.png Bony Ectoplasm (Male)/(Female)
2726-lil-witchy-spooky-kitsune.png Lil Witchy Spooky Kitsune (Female)
2948-white-snowphoenix.png White Snowphoenix (3 Male)/(11 Female)
2949-dirty-snowphoenix.png Dirty Snowphoenix (7 Male)/(2 Female)
2950-melting-snowphoenix.png Melting Snowphoenix (12 Male)/(8 Female)
2951-decorated-snowphoenix.png Decorated Snowphoenix (1 Male)/(3 Female)
3060-white-cloud-bear.pngWhite Cloud Bear (1 Male)/(1 Female)
3061-stormy-cloud-bear.pngStormy Cloud Bear (1 Male)/(1 Female)
3062-sunset-cloud-bear.pngSunset Cloud Bear (2 Male)/(1 Female)
3064-white-cloud-otter.pngWhite Cloud Otter (1 Male)/(1 Female)
3065-stormy-cloud-otter.pngStormy Cloud Otter (1 Male)/(1 Female)
3066-sunset-cloud-otter.pngSunset Cloud Otter (2 Male)/(5 Female)
3068-white-cloud-python.pngWhite Cloud Python (1 Male)/(1 Female)
3069-stormy-cloud-python.pngStormy Cloud Python (1 Male)/(1 Female)
3070-sunset-cloud-python.pngSunset Cloud Python (4 Male)/(1 Female)
4379-white-cloud-sheep.pngWhite Cloud Sheep (1 Male)/(1 Female)
4380-stormy-cloud-sheep.pngStormy Cloud Sheep (1 Male)/(1 Female)
4381-sunset-cloud-sheep.pngSunset Cloud Sheep (5 Male)/(5 Female)
4382-rainbow-cloud-sheep.pngRainbow Cloud Sheep (Female)
4375-white-cloud-scorpion.pngWhite Cloud Scorpion (1 Male)/(1 Female)
4376-stormy-cloud-scorpion.pngStormy Cloud Scorpion (1 Male)/(1 Female)
4377-sunset-cloud-scorpion.pngSunset Cloud Scorpion (3 Male)/(3 Female)
4371-white-cloud-manta.pngWhite Cloud Manta (1 Male)/(1 Female)
4372-stormy-cloud-manta.pngStormy Cloud Manta (1 Male)/(1 Female)
4373-sunset-cloud-manta.pngSunset Cloud Manta (1 Male)/(7 Female)
5479-white-snow-dino.pngwhite dino m
5465-white-snow-lobster.png2 white lobster m
5469-white-snow-sheep.pngwhite sheep f
5462-dirty-snow-kitty.png3 dirty kitty m
5466-dirty-snow-lobster.png2 dirty lobster m
5470-dirty-snow-sheep.pngdirty sheep m
5467-melting-snow-lobster.png2 melting lobster m
5471-melting-snow-sheep.pngmelting sheep m
5482-decorated-snow-dino.pngdecorated dino f
5472-decorated-snow-sheep.pngdecorated sheep m/f
5677-white-cloud-cloud.pngWhite Cloud Cloud (2 Male)/(2 Female)
5678-stormy-cloud-cloud.pngStormy Cloud Cloud (2 Male)/(2 Female)
5679-sunset-cloud-cloud.pngSunset Cloud Cloud (2 Male)/(2 Female)
5680-rainbow-cloud-cloud.pngRainbow Cloud Cloud (2 Male)/(2 Female)
5681-white-cloud-cow.pngWhite Cloud Cow (2 Male)/(2 Female)
5682-stormy-cloud-cow.pngStormy Cloud Cow (2 Male)/(2 Female)
5683-sunset-cloud-cow.pngSunset Cloud Cow (2 Male)/(2 Female)
5684-rainbow-cloud-cow.pngRainbow Cloud Cow (2 Male)/(2 Female)
5685-white-cloud-shark.pngWhite Cloud Shark (2 Male)/(2 Female)
5686-stormy-cloud-shark.pngStormy Cloud Shark (2 Male)/(2 Female)
5687-sunset-cloud-shark.pngSunset Cloud Shark (2 Male)/(2 Female)
5688-rainbow-cloud-shark.pngRainbow Cloud Shark (2 Male)/(2 Female)
1792-soot-firecat.pngSoot Firecat (4 Male)/(4 Female)
1793-coal-firecat.pngCoal Firecat (4 Male)/(4 Female)
1794-ember-firecat.pngEmber Firecat (4 Male)/(3 Female)
2856-topaz-felilidae.pngTopaz Felilidae (Male)
2860-cinnamon-flutter-bandit.pngCinnamon Flutter Bandit (Male)
1833-siamese-gaiacat.pngSiamese Gaiacat (Male)/(Female)
1834-gray-tabby-gaiacat.pngGray Tabby Cat (Male)/(Female)
1829-yellow-meep.pngYellow Meep (Male)/(Female)
1830-brown-meep.pngBrown Meep (Male)/(Female)
2108-green-mantis.pngGreen Mantis (2 Male)/(2 Female)
2109-brown-mantis.pngBrown Mantis (1 Male)/(3 Female)
2110-teal-mantis.pngTeal Mantis (Male)/(Female)
2093-squall-thundercat.pngSquall Thundercat (2 Male)/(2 Female)
2094-lightning-thundercat.pngLightning Thundercat (2 Male)/(2 Female)
2095-storm-thundercat.pngStorm Thundercat (Female)
3053-abyssal-spear.pngAbyssal Spear (100%) x4
2405-alures-flames.pngAlure's Flames (100%)
2207-bronze-tournament-lance.pngBronze Tournament Lance (100%) [1]
2395-caeos-earthen-barrier-amulet.pngCaeo's Earthen Barrier Amulet (100%) x2
4369-crescent-moon-scythe.pngCrescent Moon Scythe (100%) x3
4642-dark-glaive.pngDark Glaive (100%)
4394-deadly-rays-meteor-hammer.pngDeadly Rays Meteor Hammer (100%) x8
138-dragon-tail-sword.pngLegacy Dragon Tail Sword (50/50) x2
664-dragon-tooth-knife.pngLegacy Dragon Tooth Knife (15/15) x5
1522-dragonheart-shield.pngDragonheart Shield (88%)/(100%)
180-elaborate-sword.pngLegacy Elaborate Sword (200/200) x3
666-fang-club.pngLegacy Fang Club (15/15) x5
1674-fang-spear.pngLegacy Fang Spear (100/100) x6
1672-feathered-dagger.pngLegacy Feathered Dagger (50/50) x29
1673-feathered-helm.pngLegacy Feathered Helm (100/100) x5
2057-frost-volley-amulet.pngFrost Volley Amulet (100%) x2
5663-golden-serpents-sabre.pngGolden Serpent's Sabre (100%) [1] x2
670-icy-sword.pngLegacy Icy Sword (15/15) x5
4654-ignited-maul.pngIgnited Maul (100%)
4392-lunar-diadem.pngLunar Diadem (100%) x2
4657-maul.pngMaul (108%)/(110%)
218-monster-claw-axe.pngLegacy Monster Claw Axe (50/50) x2
5664-mythic-serpents-sabre.pngMythic Serpent's Sabre (113%)/(118%)
98-narwhal-spear.pngLegacy Narwhal Spear (160/200)/(200/200) x3
3051-nightshade-dagger.pngNightshade Dagger (100-119%) x28
4152-pine-cone-flail.pngPine Cone Flail (100%)
2393-sauls-cursed-hammer.pngSaul's Cursed Hammer (100%) [1]
5662-serpents-sabre.pngSerpent's Sabre (125%)
176-steel-shield.pngLegacy Steel Shield (163/164/165/173/174)
1132-sword-of-discourse.pngLegacy Sword of Discourse (250/250)
4661-tanned-tunic.pngTanned Tunic (112%)/(113%)
2392-terls-tusk-sword.pngTerl's Tusk Sword (100%) [1] x2
1933-tiger-blade.pngTiger Blade (100%) x2
3052-twilight-helm.pngTwilight Helm (100%)
Make an offer. :)

Other stuff in my stall stall is there for storage. If it doesn't have a price and isn't listed here, it's probably not for sale.
find me here. currently:

drawing here

7 Dec 2016, 12:29 pm (Edited 17 Jun 2020, 7:39 am)
Interested in (not necessarily buying rn, but...interested in)
furcoins.gif furdollars.gif Pure currency is always good.

event animals I don't have

rare color studs for the following species:
1543-red-vampbird.png Vampbird, 1539-enflamed-shadow.png Shadow, 1531-lava-nudibranch.png Nudibranch, 1561-rainbow-pika.png Pika, 1557-sunset-flishy.png Flishy, 2656-blue-sandhopper.png Sandhopper, 2648-purple-dumbo-octopus.png Dumbo Octopus, 2660-cream-shelhowl.png Shelhowl

magic plush that I don't have (this needs updating with new plush probably):
967-magic-american-badger-mustelid-plush American Badger Mustelid Plush
953-magic-american-moon-moth-plush.png American Moon Moth Plush
891-magic-amethyst-gembound-plush.png Amethyst Gembound Plush
899-magic-aquamarine-gembound-plush.png Aquamarine Gembound Plush
1127-magic-aurora-snuffle-plush.png Aurora Snuffle Plush
1599-magic-australian-shepherd-canine-pl Australian Shepherd Canine Plush
803-magic-bay-dutch-angel-dragon-plush.p Bay Dutch Angel Dragon Plush
1109-magic-beloved-gembound-plush.png Beloved Gembound Plush
947-magic-blue-tang-manokit-plush.png Blue Tang Manokit Plush
889-magic-blue-topaz-gembound-plush.png Blue Topaz Gembound Plush
1009-magic-calico-red-panda-plush.png Calico Red Panda Plush
757-magic-cheetah-big-cat-plush.png Cheetah Big Cat Plush
1603-magic-chihuahua-canine-plush.png Chihuahua Canine Plush
903-magic-citrine-gembound-plush.png Citrine Gembound Plush
761-magic-cougar-big-cat-plush.png Cougar Big Cat Plush
885-magic-diamond-gembound-plush.png Diamond Gembound Plush
901-magic-emerald-gembound-plush.png Emerald Gembound Plush
893-magic-garnet-gembound-plush.png Garnet Gembound Plush
1015-magic-giraffe-saggitari-plush.png Giraffe Saggitari Plush
1605-magic-great-dane-canine-plush.png Great Dane Canine Plush
2641-magic-great-white-shark-plush.png Great White Shark Plush
2643-magic-hammerhead-shark-plush.png Hammerhead Shark Plush
765-magic-leopard-big-cat-plush.png Leopard Big Cat Plush
1021-magic-midnight-shifty-plush.png Midnight Shifty Plush
1053-magic-night-spotted-wickerbeast-plu Night Spotted Wickerbeast Plush
1111-magic-oceanic-gembound-plush.png Oceanic Gembound Plush
1017-magic-okapi-saggitari-plush.png Okapi Saggitari Plush
905-magic-opal-gembound-plush.png Opal Gembound Plush
951-magic-orca-manokit-plush.png Orca Manokit Plush
793-magic-pallas-cat-plush.png Pallas Cat Plush
805-magic-palomino-dutch-angel-dragon-pl Palomino Dutch Angel Dragon Plush
897-magic-pearl-gembound-plush.png Pearl Gembound Plush
887-magic-peridot-gembound-plush.png Peridot Gembound Plush
1609-magic-pitbull-canine-plush.png Pit Bull Canine Plush
1552-magic-poodle-canine-plush.png Poodle Canine Plush
1019-magic-quagga-saggitari-plush.png Quagga Saggitari Plush
807-magic-roan-dutch-angel-dragon-plush. Roan Dutch Angel Dragon Plush
1611-magic-rottweiler-canine-plush.png Rottweiler Canine Plush
895-magic-ruby-gembound-plush.png Ruby Gembound Plush
907-magic-sapphire-gembound-plush.png Sapphire Gembound Plush
1615-magic-shiba-inu-canine-plush.png Shiba Inu Canine Plush
1055-magic-skull-wickerbeast-plush.png Skull Wickerbeast Plush
773-magic-smilodon-big-cat-plush.png Smilodon Big Cat Plush
1123-magic-snowshoe-cat-plush.png Snowshoe Cat Plush
1129-magic-summer-snuffle-plush.png Summer Snuffle Plush
1110-magic-terra-gembound-plush.png Terra Gembound Plush
2645-magic-tiger-shark-plush.png Tiger Shark Plush
745-magic-vampire-bat-plush.png Vampire Bat Plush
779-magic-white-lion-big-cat-plush.png White Lion Big Cat Plush
1131-magic-winter-snuffle-plush.png Winter Snuffle Plush

sometimes Wood (Coral, Marble, Stone, Frozen Wood, Haunted Pine Slabs)
Mycena Cave
Flight Rising
find me here. currently:

drawing here

7 Dec 2016, 12:31 pm (Edited 13 Mar 2017, 2:15 pm)
On-Demand Costumes
I currently have enough 153-sky-coin.png Sky Coins to make one costume:

Feel free to make an offer.
find me here. currently:

drawing here

7 Dec 2016, 1:33 pm (Edited 3 Apr 2017, 12:03 pm)
533-flying-daffodil-seed.png Flying Daffodil | 534-flying-daisies-seed.png Flying Daisies
535-flying-larkspur-seed.png Flying Larkspur | 536-flying-fur-seed.png Flying Fur
537-flying-daffodil-bunch-seed.png Flying Daffodil Bunch | 538-flying-squiggles-seed.png Flying Squiggles
539-flying-lightbulbs-seed.png Flying Lightbulbs | 540-flying-red-tip-seed.png Flying Red Tip

Happy to trade for respective rarities from other villages if you need mastery.
Daisies/Fur/Red Tip - breeding potion, may not trade "evenly" since I use them
Larkspur - medley, would love to trade for other medley

I pretty much will need Medley Salad Seeds every month:
Chomper Plant Seed
Iceberries Seed
Mandrake Seed
Pea Algae Seed

I'll also always buy seeds for these rates:
Common - 50 FC, Uncommon - 60 FC, Rare - 100 FC
find me here. currently:

drawing here

7 Dec 2016, 1:34 pm (Edited 13 Mar 2017, 2:13 pm)
Service Requests
Provide me with everything needed and I'll make one for you. Click the recipe picture to see the recipe in its item description.

169-6-th.pngOrigin will make you Potions
Common Species
Rare Species

171-2-th.pngLark will make you Costumes (and the Crafter Reagents)

163-3-th.pngBloo will make you Equipment

You may notice that my villagers aren't usually set to their Artisan careers, but I will change them over if there's a request.

Please be patient, too, if asking for the Crafter Reagent as part of the Costume request, because (as I'm sure you can see) Lark has to do both jobs and will be limited by the career change time.

find me here. currently:

drawing here

7 Dec 2016, 1:35 pm (Edited 17 Jun 2020, 7:59 am)
Wild Animals 0/10
77-brown-bun.png 49-white-cloudog.png 45-monarch-butterfly.png 41-black-birb.png 73-emperor-pengu.png 61-gray-hippo.png 351-red-flishy.png 65-monarch-flion.png 53-stone-croc.png
If you want one to domesticate, feel free to ask; I'll transfer when I find it.

Breeding Schedule for my own reference
01 -
02 -
03 -
04 - Beta
05 -
06 -
07 -
08 -
09 -
10 -
11 -
12 -
13 -
14 - Glider/Fly
15 -
16 -
17 -
18 -
19 - Bearded/Fox/Corgi Angelfish
20 - Echidna/Manatee/Piggie/Sphinx/Loris
21 - Butterlotl
22 - Loris
23 - Catbat/Draggy
24 - Croc/Flion
25 -
26 -
27 - Sharkitty, Pengu
28 -
29 -
30 -
31 -
find me here. currently:

drawing here

7 Dec 2016, 1:37 pm (Edited 7 Dec 2016, 3:52 pm)
find me here. currently:

drawing here

7 Dec 2016, 1:38 pm
find me here. currently:

drawing here

7 Dec 2016, 1:40 pm
find me here. currently:

drawing here

7 Dec 2016, 3:51 pm
alxq Kardi you can find me here if you've got things for me :D
find me here. currently:

drawing here

7 Dec 2016, 4:08 pm
E im still waiting for the shell shield, the mermaid tail blueprint and the diver/mermaid pattern books .-.
if you want i can send over what i have so far?
#9085 + they / she
art commissionsart freebies
7 Dec 2016, 4:11 pm
alxq I'm fine with that. I wouldn't want them cluttering up your inv space >o>
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drawing here

8 Dec 2016, 11:28 am
so many people selling for fr
find me here. currently:

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9 Dec 2016, 11:34 am
find me here. currently:

drawing here

10 Dec 2016, 3:50 pm
restock is such a pain orz
find me here. currently:

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11 Dec 2016, 8:21 pm
bah the stall prices are so high
find me here. currently:

drawing here

11 Dec 2016, 9:57 pm (Edited 11 Dec 2016, 10:07 pm)
pay what you want for Pink Sphinx +25 and Tan Chihuahua +25 males

the rest of the thread is still valid. but really want to get rid of these
find me here. currently:

drawing here

11 Dec 2016, 9:59 pm
I have a diver and aquatic pattern books. Could I have a sphinx and chihuahua with charges? or is that too much? XD
a skunk is a skunk, you should smell how you want
11 Dec 2016, 10:10 pm
that's fine. send trade.

it's literally pay what you want.
find me here. currently:

drawing here

11 Dec 2016, 10:14 pm
Ah man, I had the diver mask confused for the diver pattern book :( nvm. would you accept maybe 200FD for them instead? Idk what the pattern books are going for.
a skunk is a skunk, you should smell how you want
11 Dec 2016, 10:17 pm
It's still fine
find me here. currently:

drawing here

11 Dec 2016, 10:17 pm
E Could I get a male pink sphinx for a buckskin horse plushie and a lion gryphon plushie?

Trade System

11 Dec 2016, 10:19 pm
send the trade~
find me here. currently:

drawing here

11 Dec 2016, 10:20 pm
Would a Tan Chihuahua for 10 F White Tiger Cubs be fine (if you still have some with breeding charges)
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