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January Contests || Writing Contest

1 Jan 2017, 7:00 pm
January Writing Contest


Write a story or poem to accompany this picture! Entries must be between 500 - 2,000 words to be eligible.

One grand prize winner will receive all five super rare minipets from January.
Four runner ups will receive one super rare minipet of their choice from January.

End Date: 12:00 PM January 31st

1 Jan 2017, 7:05 pm (Edited 31 Jan 2017, 2:20 am)

Word count: 1525


A month had passed by since the snow festival ended. The snow pet population had returned to normal and became more scarce to see than they once were, but occasionally one or two would be spotted playing in the fresh snow when it fell. Tonight was a calm but chilly night, everyone tucked in their beds warmly as frost crept across their windows. Gray clouds had swept across the cold night sky and another blanket of snow began to fall over the old snow that had yet to melt away.

By sunrise, the snow had stopped falling. The fresh layer of snow glittered beautifully in the sunlight. It almost looked as if a rainbow dust was twinkling across the land. The snow pets had came out to play in the freshly fallen snow, rolling and diving in as snow flies up in the air. Although, the snow pets were not the only ones out early.

Ana was stacking up a mound of snow and shaping it slowly. What could she be up to? It was small at first, then became much bigger. It had defined notches up top, looking like the top of a castle tower now. An hour of work and she was finally done.

"HAH! My fortress of snow is now complete! I will soon eliminate my enemies...Before they eliminate me!" Ana clasped her paws together and chuckled before ducking down to hide within her snow fortress. "For now, I wait." A small winter ferret had been watching Ana from beneath a tree...It looked a bit worried and retreated.

The sun rose higher in the sky, and the others began to awaken as the light shone in to their windows. Octavia was first to emerge. She had stayed the night with a friend, so today she doesn't awaken in Oceandome. She slipped on a sweater then a scarf and hat before stepping, or rather, floating outside in to the cold.

"Ah...What a lovely morning~ It's so nice to take a break from work, though I rather miss it already." She giggled and looked around at the playing snow pets. Soon after, she spotted the snow fort. "Oh? What's this? Was someone playing house in the snow~?" Octavia ventured closer, and before she knew it a snowball splatted on her face. "H-Hey!" Octavia exclaimed in shock as she brushed the snow off.

"VICTORY!" Ana laughed at the stunned Octavia.

"...Ana..." Octavia looked to the laughing wolf and narrowed her eyes before picking up and packing a snowball. "It...Is...ON!!!" Octavia chunked the snowball at Ana at a high speed, but Ana had ducked to avoid it.

"You can't defeat me, Jelly girl!" Ana popped back up and laughed once more.

"Jelly girl? JELLY GIRL?!" Octavia threw another snowball, but upwards at an angle. "Yeah, I'll never win." She crossed her arms with a mischievous look.

"HAH! You...Have very bad aim!" And the snowball then landed right on Ana's head. "...I see what you did there." Ana brushed the snow off. "You are indeed a worthy challenger!"

Octavia gave Ana a smug look. "You better believe I am."

The two then continued their snowball fight.

Minstrel awakened now. They yawned softly as they climbed out of bed to get ready for the day. After a few minuets of preparation and a quick breakfast they put on their winter clothing and headed out the door. Their ears perk up to the sound of Octavia and Ana in the distance and they quickly go in the opposite direction. They certainly want no part in that event.

Minstrel had stopped after a short walk to bend down and look in a bush. They had saw a small white creature run in. After a bit of coaxing, a winter hare walks out.

"Well hello, little bunny!" Minstrel smiled happily and gently pet the small friend. The hare licked at Minstrel's paw but then slowly looked up and ran off. Confused, Minstrel stood up. Behind them was a much taller figure...It was Chester.

"Hello, Mayor Morsel!" The cat gave a rather threatening and toothy grin.

Minstrel gulped and slowly turned around to face Chester. "H-hello, Chester! You...Scared the bunny away on accident! Ahaha..."

"Did you mean my dinner for tonight? I'll find him later." Chester's tail swished. "Care to join me?"

"N-no thank you, Chester!" Minstrel backed away nervously. "Is eating all you think about?"

"When I'm surrounded by all these lovely rodents, yes indeed~ But, I'll spare you and stop the food remarks for now." Chester sighed in boredom at the thought.

"T-thank you!" Minstrel sounded relieved but wasn't letting their guard down that easily. They fiddled their paws together and looked over towards the direction of a soft noise. It sounded like footsteps.

The winter hare had returned! And it was running full speed towards Chester. The hare jumped up higher than one would ever expect and knocked the hat clean off Chester's head. Served him right for all the meal remarks. The hare vanished in to the distance, but one could swear they heard it laughing...

"WHY, I NEVER!" Chester picked up his hat and put it back on. "The nerve of that little appetizer knocking my hat off..."

Minstrel was laughing the whole time, they couldn't help theirself. Seeing that hare go after Chester was quite an amusing sight. "It seems you got in to a hairy situation!"

Chester's eyes widen as he looked towards Minstrel. "Did...Did you just make a PUN? Towards ME?"

Minstrel looked down towards the ground then up at Chester. "Y-yeah! I did!" The mouse smiled proudly about their rather awful pun. They're more so proud of the fact they stopped being scared for that moment however. But Minstrel then ends up running. Chester quickly runs after them.

Meanwhile, Polaria had been out making a snowfox. Not to be confused with the pet. Who's to say an older person can't have fun and make snow animals? She quite enjoyed making them in her spare time as a sort of decoration around the villages. Many stopped to appreciate them, though some of the more rowdy and younger villagers kick them over. It never bothered Polaria though, it gave her a reason to make another!

Once Polaria finished her newest creation, she headed inside to make hot cocoa for all the mayors. They must be getting cold, she thought to herself. She boiled the water then placed four white cups out on a purple plate. She poured a packet of chocolate mix in to each cup, then poured the water in before finally mixing each cup with a silver spoon. Once that was completed, she headed outside to call for everyone.

She rang a bell that was right outside her house. Yelling wasn't really her forte. She then stood in place with the sweetest smile on her face as she waited.

Ana and Octavia were covered by snow at this point and looked exhausted. They were weakly throwing snowballs that didn't even make it far. When they both hear the bell they looked off towards the sound then at each other.

"Let's...Call it a truce, for now." Ana gave a tired smiled but then jumped to her feet and took off running.

"Yes...But you better keep your guard u- HEY!!" Octavia frowned then took off quickly after Ana. She caught up fast due to being able to somewhat cheat by floating.

"YOU SHOULD HAVE TO HOP!" Ana came to a stop once she reached Polaria and Octavia stopped after.

"I'll never hop~" Octavia crossed her arms. "Besides, you won."

"...Yes...YES, I DID! HAHA!" Ana posed proudly.

Polaria just smiles more and held out the plate of hot cocoa. "You both look like you're part snow. Drink and warm up."

"Part...Snow?" Octavia looked herself over. "Oh dear." She chuckled then grabbed a cup.

"Yeah, we over did it." Ana grabbed a cup as well but chugged it down quick. She just had to be the first to finish, even with her drink.

Minstrel ran in the direction of the others with Chester tailing after them. "H-HE WANTS TO EAT ME!" Minstrel yelled in fear before hiding behind Polaria.

"What? Eat you? Don't be silly, I was playing tag!" Chester stroked one of his whiskers between his paw.

"Oh, you two! Especially you, Chester! Behave or no cocoa for you!" Polaria scolded, then turned to face Minstrel. "Here, sweetheart. Have something to drink."

"Thank you, Polaria!" Minstrel took a cup and had a small sip. They kept their eyes on Chester though.

"Bah, no fun. I'll behave, for now." Chester took the last cup before Polaria even turned to him, but Polaria gently tapped the plate on Chester's head.

"I would think someone from a manor would have, well, manners!" Polaria smiled, she just can't stay mad. The others all laughed at her remark, except Chester that is. He looked rather annoyed.

All of the mayors spent their time talking the rest of the day away. Before long, it was dusk and they all returned home. Warm fireplaces, warm beds, and tired mayors. They all have important work again tomorrow, and maybe a bit of fun again soon.
1 Jan 2017, 7:11 pm
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th_image.gif Snowpet Slurry th_image.gif
Word Count: 799

A flurry of snow was falling gently down as Polaria hummed softly to herself, walking down the path to the clearing where she figured her friends would be. Octavia had told her they were going to be there, waiting for her to arrive to discuss the upcoming events. Although she supposed it would be full of snow and Snowpets now. A small sigh escaped her lips at the thought of Snowpets. They had nearly been an infestation… She had taken care of a few over populations during the last few days, but she hoped it wouldn't get any worse than it already had.

Holding a tray of cups full of hot cocoa in her paws, she smiled to herself, thinking about the past event and what a success it had been for her Town. Perhaps there were a few things they could have done better, but you learn as you go they say.

Continuing along the path while humming her soft tune, she came upon the clearing and stopped dead in her tracks. At first glance, everything looked like a disaster. It took a while for her to gain her bearings and really understand what was going on.

It was those darn Snowpets again!! Snow Foxes and Snow Bunnies were EVERYWHERE! Poor Minstrel had to be held up by Dr. Chester as he attempted to climb a tree and failed as the foxes jumped onto him and Minstrel both. Poor Ana was already buried and only a mere glimpse of her wings could be seen underneath the devastation of Snowpets. Octavia seemed to be the only one who was apart from the mayhem, looking over the mess with a worried expression, unsure of what to do while the Snowpets caused chaos.

When the Oceandome mayor spotted Polaria, she hurriedly came over to her.
“Oh! Polaria! Thank Goodness you’re here! You have to help, please, I have no idea what to do! The Snowpets have taken over! They seem to have listened to you at first, maybe you can do something.”

The ice mayor stood motionless for a few seconds before smiling grimly and handing the tray of hot cocoa to her Oceandome friend. “Hold this dear, I’ll do what I can.”

Rolling up her sleeves, the mama polar bear drew in a long breath and roared. The Snowpets got instantly spooked and stopped what they were doing to freeze. Literally. They froze and turned into snow. Smiling slightly, Polaria moved forward to knock over the pile of frozen Snowpets that had once covered Ana.

The Quetzal Palace Guardian Angel looked amazed. “How did you do that my friend? I thought we were goners for sure!” Flapping her wings to get the excess snow off, she looked indignant. “Drat! Those little snow rascals ruined my snow fort!”

Chuckling slightly as she helped Dr. Chester find his missing appendages, Polaria shook her head. “It’s just a little trick I learned back in the days, dearie.”

“Still, you did us a great favor milady! Thank you!” Squeaked Minstrel.

Polaria smiled. “You’re quite welcome friend, I agree those Snowpets can be quite a handful at times.”
Dr. Chester huffed as he let his last piece fall back into place on his body. “I do not like it. I DO wish there were more beastly figures around rather than.. this … purity. All this white is making my eyes hurt.”

“Oh hush, Chester. You always desire things to be dark and dank, why don't you just taint everything and be done wit it!” Scowled Ana.

Dr. Chester sneered at the winged canine. “I would.. If I had the power.”

“Now now,” Polaria smiled and took the tray back from Octavia, thanking her softly. “Why don't we just enjoy the peace and quiet now that the pets are gone?”

Octavia jumped up and down for a second. “Ana! Why don't we have a snowball fight?! We have so much snow around us now and I'll help you build your fort again!”

For a split second, you could see an ambitious smirk on the Guardian Angel’s face at the thought of building a fort - but then it was gone; replaced with a sweet smile. “That sounds absolutely delightful. We shall build the strongest snow fort ever!”

Minstrel sighed slightly and joined Dr. Chester at his side. “I don't suppose you know some good haunting tunes, do you ol' chap? I could use some inspiration for my new song!”

The cat looked at the mouse with a playfully frightening expression. “Perhaps I do. Hm…”

While the chaos that had been was no longer, Polaria smiled to herself and sets down the tray to join her friends in the fun. She just hopped that the Snowpets wouldn't make a bigger comeback than what they had just seen.


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1 Jan 2017, 7:13 pm (Edited 10 Jan 2017, 6:46 am)
A Day of the Snow Festival
505 Words

It was a busy day of the Snow Festival, when the other Mayors stepped in.
Polaria headed over to greet everyone, quickly asking how they've all been.
It had been snowing so heavily and she hoped they were having fun.
Afterall, Polaria was busy with all the work that needed to be done!

Snowbunnies jumped around wanting to play.
While Snowfoxes made sure to also enjoy the day.
As the mayors enjoyed conversing outside.
Ana decided they needed to have an even better time.

"What did you have in mind?" Octavia asked
"A very fun game that will make the day last!"
Doctor Chester grinned, mischief clear on his face.
Minstrel looked nervous wanting to get to another place.

"Don't worry, Minstrel, you'll be sure to have fun"
"A snowball fight is the perfect way to spend time until Polaria is done!"
Ana quickly began setting up her fort.
This was the perfect time for this kind of sport.

"Are you sure this will be fun?" Minstrel asked nervously.
The mischievous gleam on Docter Chester's face was enough to make anyone worried.
"I promise you'll be safe!"
Snow isn't too hard, even if hit in the face."

Ana's words weren't the most reassuring, but Minstrel prepared.
Afterall, the other mayors were ready and xe wanted a fair chance.
Doctor Chester debated on a plan, but decided to just focus on fun.
Octavia had snowballs piled together, each with a glisten.

"You may have a fort, but I'm ready to go!"
Octavia exclaimed, all ready to throw.
"Bring it on!" Ana said, snowballs at the ready.
"I have plenty here that you can't even see!"

Minstrel patted their snowball softly, trying to keep it round.
As Dr. Chester sneaked on by and let out a horroribly sound.
Minstrel jumped and looked up in surprise.
Dr. Chester just laughed, "Now that's my prize."

Minstrel looked unsure what to say.
Dr. Chester replied "Your reactions always make my day."
Snowballs quickly hit the pair.
While Octavia and Ana had a laugh they shared.

Down to those two, it was looking close.
Ana was determined, as she continued her throws.
Octavia dodged and grabbed from her pile.
But she wasn't sure it'd last much longer after a while.

As the day slowly began to come to an end.
Polaria showed up to check once more on her friends.
"I hope you've all been having a good time!"
"Though, maybe you'll need to finish this snowball fight another time."

Ana and Octavia agreed and shook hands.
"I'm looking forward to doing this once again!"
Polaria smiled offering cookies and hot cocoa.
As they all took some, Minstrel pointed high above the falling snow.

An Aurora had appeared lighting the sky.
The dancing lights completely captured their eyes.
It was the perfect way to end such a busy day.
But now they all had to be on their way.

Polaria waved each one off. It's always sad to say Good bye.
But she knew they'd see eachother again in due time.

1 Jan 2017, 7:16 pm
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Reserved. <3
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13427.png Mistakes were made
1 Jan 2017, 7:21 pm (Edited 30 Jan 2017, 1:25 am)
[Didn't get to make it as long as I wanted it to be.... forgot about it until the 30th >.> Also, I'm sick and I'm tired and I didn't really proofread so whoopsy if there are errors]

[I am going to be reffering Minstrel as ‘They’]

Honestly, Minstrel didn’t even know why they had come, they’d much rather stay back home, reading a good book and sipping on hot cocoa- but no, their old friend- Ana, just had to invite them to a snowball ‘party’, whatever that meant. They didn’t even have a coat, luckily Mayor Polaria was kind enough to make him a sweater, she was the sweetest and always treated him nicely, unlike that…Chester cat.

Minstrel shivered just thinking of him, “No, good thoughts, good thoughts” they mumble to themselves as they walk to the location Ana said the party would be held.

“Well if tiny isn’t here!” A meow rings out, Minstrel sighs and fixes their hat, looking up to see Cheshire staring at them, tail twitching.

“Good day” Minstrel stutters out, before they could finish the rest of their sentence, loud laughter rings through the air, making both Minstrel and Cheshire turn their head.

There was Ana, grinning playfully, “Hey you two losers! Snowball fight!” She shouts, throwing a snowball. Cheshire sighs and easily dodges the snowball, Minstrel however, was not as graceful. The Snowball smashes into their face, causing them to squeal and tumble backwards, blinking in surprise.

Cheshire snickers and shakes his head, “Oh gosh that was hilarious!” He grins, ignoring Octavia and Ana as they start to fight, their squealing attracting some animals to watch with amused faces, a rabbit nearly getting hit with one of Ana’s rogue snowballs.

“For a warrior, that aim was terrible!” Ana smirks, rolling a big snowball in her paws before flinging it at Ana who easily blocks it with her wings.
“Oh my, it’s gotten quite loud hasn’t it?” Polaria chuckles, walking in with a tray of hot cocoa, a big smile on her face.

Minstrel’s ears perks up, the scent of fresh, hot, delicious cocoa filling their nose. “Polaria!” they beam, scurrying over to her.

“Minstrel!” She beams, “Is the coat alright?”

“Yes! I really appreciate it- you making this for me” Minstrel beams, their tail twitching happily.

“I’m very glad” She says, “Now why don’t you go play with them for a bit, hmm? Don’t worry, I’ll keep the cocoa tasty and warm for you dear” She says, patting his head lightly.

Minstrel pauses, giving a nervous chuckle before nodding, “A-Alright” they say, “But I call an extra marshmallow!” they say before ducking under Ana’s second rogue snowball.

“Of course dear, an extra marshmallow for you it is!” Polaria beams, she loves to spoil Minstrel, always reading their books, learning, staying indoors, and yet always wants sweets…

Minstrel beams happily, bending down to start collecting snow. they squeak in surprise as Octavia’s snowball hits the back of their head, making them faceplant.

“Yes! 10 Points!” Octavia’s voice rings out.

Minstrel pulls their face from the snow, wiping their snout, “I wasn’t ready yet” they grumbles, their ears twitching.

“Yeah that’s what they all say” Octavia grins before a snowball smacks her in the face. Everything is silent before everyone –except Octavia- bursts out laughing, the snowball slowly trailing down her face.

They all turn to the owner of the snowball, Ana. She smirks, holding another snowball in her hand, her eyebrows raised, “Twenty Points, yes?” She grins before lobbing another one at Octavia, missing her by a fin.

“Well, at least you finally got a decent shot” Octavia teases, preparing another snowball in her paws.

“Oh is that a challenge?” Ana grins, her eyes lighting up at the thought of a challenge, man it’s been pretty long since she’s had a good snowball fight.

“Well if you’re not backing out…” Octavia hums, preparing to throw the snowball.

“Hit me with your best shot” Ana sneers playfully, quickly ducking behind a makeshift snow fort, barely big enough to cover her fully.

Minstrel huffs, concentrating in making a big enough snowball to lob at them. Cheshire pears of, a small smirk on his face, “Are you even strong enough to carry that?” he asks, his tail twitching teasingly.

“I may be more of an introvert but that doesn’t mean I’m weak” Minstrel huffs, putting a tiny bit of snow on top of the medium-sized snowball, patting it.

“Really?” Cheshire says with faux surprise, “I’m not that stupid mouse-y, I have a friend who’s an introvert and he can probably destroy me in seconds” He shrugs, giving a casually once over, “Just wondering if you needed help” He says.

Minstrel blinks, was…was Cheshire being nice to him? Was this another stupid prank? Or is Cheshire actually willing to help him? Is this because of the festival? Or did Cheshire just like the snow that much?

Cheshire blinks in realization, he quickly looks down at Minstrel, giving a sneer as he towers over them a bit more, “Looks like you need it”

“Now, Now, Stop fighting each other and have a break,” Polaria chuckles, watching with the tray full of still-hot cocoa, “You guys have been at it for an hour! You younglings need to really save your energy for when you’re ruling the town when you’re….older”

Minstrel blinks, “Ah…yeah…” they say, giving an absentminded nod, still looking at Cheshire in confusion.

Octavia gives out another yell as she throws a snowball at Ana who quickly lifts her wings to shield herself once more.

“You’re not hitting me that easily!” Ana cackles in glee.

Polaria chuckles, shaking her head, “Oh my….”
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Reverve!!! Love writing!!!
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Only 167 words, but I still hope to put this here to hopefully inspire the contestants.

The Dragonsmaw Mayor, cruel as can be, sneers at the mouse, poor little Timmy. His grin is wicked, and filled with desire, to swallow the mouse, and fuel his fire. But snowbun rushes, to save his friend, to steal a tail, and try to defend. Behind the three, a war goes on, the two combatants, snowball fight yon. Both are girded, but in different ways, one has a wall, the other just sways. My bet is on, the purple and blue, the arm of that one, throws true. Watching it all, is Old Gran Bear, clad in her furs, her winter wear. She's got cocoa for all, and it smells so nice, she'd pass it all out, in a trice. She loves them all, from Scrooge to Saint, a hug from her would make you faint! And beyond here, a tree of pine, and a snowcat to watch, the festivity fine. This is the scene, of January First, as we celebrate the passing, of all the worst.
1 Jan 2017, 7:30 pm (Edited 15 Jan 2017, 11:21 pm)
*As you walk down the snowy path, you think about the things you have seen in the festival. For the first festival for Furvilla, it certainly was a lively one. A priceless learning experience for future events and for the mayors to plan out even more exuberant festivals to come. You smile as you think of the Mayors, hoping to see them around.*

“Oh, oh hello! Hi there! You must be new around here, I haven't seen you before!”

*Right on cue, it was Octavia, the Mayor of Oceandome. You quite liked Octavia and loved how she was always warm and welcome, somewhat like Polaria, yet without the motherly touch. You affirm her statement and smile to her.*

“Oh, good! We always love welcoming and talking to new blood! Come on, I’ll take you to the rest of them! They should love to see you!”

*Octavia guided you along the snowy path into a small snow covered patio where all the other mayors were playing, talking and watching. Polaria was laughing and watching Ana build a snow fort. While Dr. Chester and Minstrel were having a light conversation about the latest animals to be found when collecting.*

“Excuse me, I simply MUST ruffle Ana’s feathers!”

*As Octavia sidles away from you, quietly building up a few snowballs, she suddenly throws them at Ana’s snow fort, inciting the rage of the poor Palace Mayor.*

“Oh my, this will be a show. Care to sit down, my dear? I have an extra cup of hot cocoa for you.”
*You hear the sweet, gentle voice of the Tigereye Peak’s Mayor and accept her invitation.*
“Yes.. Yes.. Those two have always poked fun at each other…”

*You look over to see Dr. Chester grimacing slightly at a stray snowball hit his hat and knocked it astray. Minstrel was kind enough to hop up and put it straight again, earning a sly, amused grin from the cat.”

“Oh, yes! But those two never take it too far, r-right Chester my friend?”

*The cat chuckles darkly in response and you think that there might be a little history behind those two. Polaria smiles and offers hot cocoa to the other two, which they accept.*

“I do hope they end their little game soon. Sitting and drinking some hot cocoa together would be lovely, don’t you think?”

*The motherly polar bear was half way to giving you a smile before a fat snowball hit her straight in the face. You glance wearily towards Ana and Octavia, who both had guilty expressions on their faces.*

“You’ve both done it now…”

*Chester mutters darkly and Minstrel tries to hide his eyes under his ears. Both the guilty parties apologize profusely and Polaria smiles and laughs.*

“No worries my dears, just try to be a little more careful. We wouldn't want one of those deadly snowballs to hit our guest, now would we?”

*Both mayors sit down with only slightly guilty looks on their faces now, happy to have been forgiven by the sweet polar bear. You smile at them and compliment them on their throw.*

“Thank you stranger, though I must say, you are lucky you weren’t a little more to the right, or else I might have hit you several times.”

*You nod and smile slightly at the Winged Mayor, thankful that you indeed weren’t a little more to the right.*

“It sure is lovely to have everyone together for a nice day like this.”

*You couldn’t agree more with the snowy Mayor as you watched the other’s get back into action after a nice, warm cup of cocoa.*
1 Jan 2017, 7:31 pm (Edited 8 Jan 2017, 7:26 pm)
Octavia, having a fair amount of strength in her left arm, decided it was best to ditch the snowball using her leftie. Octavia knelt down on the ice-cold ground and crafted several piles of snow into ball-shaped objects (Some were a bit deformed). She piled a few snowballs in her right arm, clutching one in her left fist, Aiming it directly at Ana’s head. “Steady…” Octavia was mumbling, “go!” she shouted, watching her snowball fly through the air, only to be deflected by Ana’s wing.

“Haha, missed!” Ana screeched in delight, her head popping up from behind the snow fort she had constructed, watching for more Octavia-Snowballs. Ana quickly shaped her own snowball, holding it ready to fling back at Octavia at the next clear. Octavia was already handling another snowball, ready to fling it at Ana.

Minstrel peeked from behind their hiding place, behind Ana, and walked a couple steps further away from the snow fight. Minstrel held their own snowball to fling at anyone who happened to throw one at them. Unfortunately, they happened to bump into Dr. Chester while watching the direction of the snow.

Dr. Chester had just come from constructing his own snow pet next to the large pine tree Octavia was using as some sort of fortress, He figured Octavia would be fine with him using it for his own defense. Dr. Chester was planning on walking around the snow fight to chat with Ana about some of their recent… Unfavorable encounters, but had been interrupted when a small figure appeared in front of him. Dr. Chester just smiled and tried to move forward, before noticing the figure was staring up at them in a bit of despair, a snowball was clutched in their tiny hand, ready to defend.

“What are your thoughts on the snow?” Minstrel asked Dr. Chester calmly, trying to ignore the searing pain in their chest. Minstrel wasn’t very fond of cats, and cats weren’t very fond of Minstrel either.
“It’s quite” Dr. Chester paused, before revealing his teeth to the small figure, “Pleasant, is it not?”
Minstrel started uncontrollably shaking, “Oh yes, and the snowball fight is nice too, right?”
Dr. Chester shook his head, “You should be inside by a fire or something, kid”.

Polaria stood to the side of the whole snow fight, ready to serve some hot cocoa once the trouble had died down. She smiled as a small snow pet ran past Minstrel and Dr. Chester, who did seem to be having a small chat of their own. Polaria watched on as the two reached the edge of the conversation category, inching very close to an argument. Polaria gave Minstrel a nod, warning them to back away a little. “Quite the scene, isn’t it?” Polaria asked no one in particular, “They’re all being such close friends at the moment, wish it was this way forever”, Polaria gazed down, she knew the bunch were quite competitive when it came to who had the best village.

Ana was ready for another attack, she had more than enough snowballs for the next few hours, not that this would keep up much longer. Ana could see the exhaustion on Octavia’s face, they were probably ready to pass out at this point. “Hey, Octavia, how about we take a little break?” Ana asked, smiling.
Octavia nodded, and started heading back, before chucking a snowball at Ana. To Octavia’s surprise, Ana was ready with her wings up to deflect the snow. Octavia groaned in defeat, crawling back to their pine tree and making a last stance.
1 Jan 2017, 7:32 pm
Might try this out! Reserved
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Reserved just in case I manage to get my inspiration up.

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1 Jan 2017, 7:38 pm
Hmmm... maybe I'll try. Reserve!

1 Jan 2017, 7:42 pm
Good morning, how are you today? I'm a weirdo who likes books. Ping me if you want to get my attention!

Please click my eggs!
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1 Jan 2017, 7:43 pm