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January Contests || Contest Winners

10 Feb 2017, 2:10 am (Edited 11 Feb 2017, 4:06 pm)
A big thank you to everyone that participated in the January contests, there were alot of amazing entries! Below you will find the winners from the Writing Contest, Art Contest, and House Decorating contest, be sure to check out their winning entries and offer them a big congratulations!

Writing Contest
Art Contest
House Decoration Contest

Writing Contest Winners

First Place: Bandycam #59954
Emeraldheart #76349
Angeleina #29111
IkeWolfe #77815
Frogluv123 #40461

Art Contest Winners

First Place: tailgatescutebooty #3120
Leaf #67654
MyraMidnight #72946
ToonLink #11034
Rotsuoy #75808

House Decoration Contest Winners

Admiral #20455
Jambomaya #11339
Quincia #68123
Vekyll #76396
MariahKat #18611

10 Feb 2017, 2:11 am (Edited 10 Feb 2017, 2:13 am)
Bandycam #59954

The snow was rather biting; nipping at noses and chilling the tips of ears just enough to cause a hat to be a necessary commodity. It had fallen fresh that evening blanketing everything around the icy peeks of Tigereye in a soft white folds that muffled the sounds of nature with the hush that only winter can bring.
It just so happened that on said day the five mayors of the five villages had gathered together under the ever watchful eye of the old polar bear who watched over the snowclad village. While there was rarely anything exciting going on it made it a relatively safe location for them to gather and discuss the more important aspects of leading their villages and keeping the relative peace between them.
The morning had seen them with flared tempers and hours of long conversations about borders and trade promises that had – or hadn’t – been followed through with. Little sleep and long travel left many less then tactful responses and before it could come to blows for real (Polaria bless her had tried to smooth things over with offers of fresh baked cookies but was met only with an angry silence and glaring eyes) the mayor of Dragonsmaw simply grinned his huge Cheshire grin and got to his feet mid-conversation with the mayor of Quetzal Palace (which naturally ticked off Ana; she hated being ignored and the constant struggle between peace treaties of her lofty cloud and his twisted forest was enough to drive anyone mad) and walked out.
Doctor Chester – an actual doctor not just some assumed title though most dared not to ask just what he was a doctor of – paid no attention the angry cussing that accompanied his simple vanishing through the front door and out into the snowy world beyond. If he paused at all it was only to toss another one of his famous grins over his shoulder, red eyes twinkling with merriment (or sinister intentions; no one could really tell the difference with him) and flicked his spliced and nature-defying tail at those inside as a suggestion – or perhaps order.
One minute passed. Two minutes. Three. Those gathered inside couldn’t take it anymore and in moments Ana stormed out full of ever growing furry… only to be greeted with a snowball to the face and a loudly snickering gray tabby standing a few years off with a pile of arsenal at his feet. To say that the mayor of Quetzal Palace didn’t shriek as cold met warm nose would be an understatement and the sound brought Minstrel of Olde Foxbury and Octavia of Oceandome rushing to her assistance only to each be pelted with another hurling ball of frozen powdered liquid in quick succession.
The few moments of stunned silence that followed were broken only by a loud raspy cackling from Chester, paws resting against his belly before a hard thwack could be heard and the cat went down due to a face shot from a very angry Ana.
Sputtering Chester struggled to his feet, narrowly managing to avoid the next large snowball aimed at him. Another grin, followed by a sweeping bow as he removed his hat and faced the three of them.
“I suggest,” his voice was all but a purr; that of a cat that ate the canary while simultaneously getting all the cream from the saucer. “That we call a truce for the moment.”
The tip of his tail twitched lazily as he gestured to the pile of snow before them all. “The house was getting a little overheated for my tastes and I think we all need to cool down. Don’t you agree Ana?”
Here Ana huffed, muttering something indistinctly as her wing feathered ruffled against the cold air.
“Rather than fight with words – or actual weapons,” Chester cast Ana another hard stare. “Why don’t we use what Polaria has so kindly given us? Solidified water is by far more effective as a tool of warfare than steel after all.”
He took a step to the side, gaze landing on the smallest member of their group, barely licking his lips without really thinking about it. “Shall we team up, or do you suggest a free for all?”
Minstrel let out a very meek squeak, quickly busing xemself with xir tail and avoiding eye contact with the deranged doctor. The actions only caused the cat’s grin to grow stretching well past the normal boundaries of his face.
“I suggest a free for all,” Ana growled slightly. “But don’t worry dear Doctor, I’ll be sure to pay you particular attention.”
He could only laugh at that, holding up his hands and cane (which had mysteriously appeared in his grip once more, though he had most definitely left it behind in the house before coming outside.) “Please Ana, I think a fair game is only appropriate. Focusing on just one lowly cat such as myself isn’t wise. After all, we have nine lives… or do we? I can never remember.”
“I think,” Octavia spoke up now, jellyfish like tendrils guiding the dragoness over the snow so she could stand beside Chester. “That teams would be a better idea. Free for all leaves much to be said about the… outcome.” She glanced over at the Dragonsmaw mayor as she said that. “It would end up an utter bloodbath and tempers would flare up worse than before.”
She reached to place a hand on Chester’s shoulder only to find that he’d somehow moved to stand next to Minstrel already tugging at Xir scarf as xe trembled in fear. Chester easily towered over Minstrel and loved to prove it to the small mouse.
“I call dibs on-“
“I think Ana and Minstrel should pair up,” the Oceandome woman refused to allow him to finish his sentence. “Which leaves you and me, kitty-cat. Fair is fair, Ana can easily take on the two of us…”
“Oh all right,” he stepped away from his favorite toy, though the look on his face was a silent promise that he’d be back to torment xir later. “But I have to warn you, I hate getting my fur wet…”
Ana for her part didn’t hesitate to pull Minstrel aside, huddling in to begin preparing a battle strategy with her newfound partner for the battle in that icy arena. “First things first, we need to build ourselves a fortress… Think you can handle keeping up with the constant supply of ammo for me? Because I’m going to need a lot of it if I’m going to teach that uppity cat a lesson…”
10 Feb 2017, 2:15 am
Emeraldheart #76349

Polaria sat in front of her fireplace, listening to the crackle of the flames as they consumed the dry pine wood. In the background, the distant cries of the other mayors made their way down the hill to her cottage. From what it sounded like, a snowball fight had started up after Polaria had returned to her house to make some hot cocoa for them. She looked out the window wistfully. Snow was slowly piling up on the windowsill, and the green branches of the spruces outside were becoming heavy.
It always amazed her how full of life the others were. She was the last of her generation of mayors, and she had personally welcomed each newcomer to office. Even Dr. Chester was much younger than she was, and the age gap was startling. It pained her how old she was becoming. She stood up, and her joints popped like the wood in front of her. She feared that she would be unable to care for her citizens much longer if she was unable to function like she used to.
Polaria made her way over to where the hot chocolate was finished heating and carefully loaded the cups onto a tray, ignoring the way her paw shook with each movement. What she would give to have a snowball fight again! Now, she was scared she’d throw her hip out or something similarly awful that came with age. She carefully took off her glasses, fogged with steam from the cocoa, and wiped them on her coat. Pulling on her heavy gloves, she made sure that the ends were tucked into the sleeves of her coat. The cold got to her more than it used to.
Sighing, Polaria started out into the frosty landscape that was her home. Tigereye Peak wasn’t the most welcoming of places, but for those who understood it, it was paradise. She smiled as she caught sight of a snowfox moving among the brush. Though it seemed empty and frozen, the Peak was actually full of life – and more so than usual. Starting to climb the small hill, Polaria could hear the squabbling of the other mayors more clearly than ever.
She could even pick out their individual voices – Ana, crowing in victory, and Octavia, a cry of indignation. A small squeak from Minstrel, a menacing chuckle from Dr. Chester. They had all become so familiar to her, though she couldn’t help thinking of the previous mayors whenever she looked at them. The way they interacted with each other couldn’t help but remind her of her old friends. And yet, as time went on, these four took on a life of their own, separating themselves from their predecessors in her mind. She now loved them just as much as she had loved those who had come before.
Polaria let out a puff as she reached the top of the incline, and a warm feeling grew in her chest as she saw the antics in front of her. Ana had constructed a small fort and was locked in battle with Octavia, while Minstrel ducked to avoid Dr. Chester’s unsettling smile. Though sometimes she grew self-conscious, Polaria knew that they cared for her just as much as she cared for them.
She felt proud when she looked at them. They were all such great leaders for their villages, and they would never know how much she appreciated them and their respect for her. As they noticed that she had returned, they came over to her, excitedly chattering and thanking her for the hot chocolate. Yes, they were her family. And she couldn’t ask for anything more.
10 Feb 2017, 2:17 am
Angeleina #29111

A flurry of snow was falling gently down as Polaria hummed softly to herself, walking down the path to the clearing where she figured her friends would be. Octavia had told her they were going to be there, waiting for her to arrive to discuss the upcoming events. Although she supposed it would be full of snow and Snowpets now. A small sigh escaped her lips at the thought of Snowpets. They had nearly been an infestation… She had taken care of a few over populations during the last few days, but she hoped it wouldn't get any worse than it already had.

Holding a tray of cups full of hot cocoa in her paws, she smiled to herself, thinking about the past event and what a success it had been for her Town. Perhaps there were a few things they could have done better, but you learn as you go they say.

Continuing along the path while humming her soft tune, she came upon the clearing and stopped dead in her tracks. At first glance, everything looked like a disaster. It took a while for her to gain her bearings and really understand what was going on.

It was those darn Snowpets again!! Snow Foxes and Snow Bunnies were EVERYWHERE! Poor Minstrel had to be held up by Dr. Chester as he attempted to climb a tree and failed as the foxes jumped onto him and Minstrel both. Poor Ana was already buried and only a mere glimpse of her wings could be seen underneath the devastation of Snowpets. Octavia seemed to be the only one who was apart from the mayhem, looking over the mess with a worried expression, unsure of what to do while the Snowpets caused chaos.

When the Oceandome mayor spotted Polaria, she hurriedly came over to her.
“Oh! Polaria! Thank Goodness you’re here! You have to help, please, I have no idea what to do! The Snowpets have taken over! They seem to have listened to you at first, maybe you can do something.”

The ice mayor stood motionless for a few seconds before smiling grimly and handing the tray of hot cocoa to her Oceandome friend. “Hold this dear, I’ll do what I can.”

Rolling up her sleeves, the mama polar bear drew in a long breath and roared. The Snowpets got instantly spooked and stopped what they were doing to freeze. Literally. They froze and turned into snow. Smiling slightly, Polaria moved forward to knock over the pile of frozen Snowpets that had once covered Ana.

The Quetzal Palace Guardian Angel looked amazed. “How did you do that my friend? I thought we were goners for sure!” Flapping her wings to get the excess snow off, she looked indignant. “Drat! Those little snow rascals ruined my snow fort!”

Chuckling slightly as she helped Dr. Chester find his missing appendages, Polaria shook her head. “It’s just a little trick I learned back in the days, dearie.”

“Still, you did us a great favor milady! Thank you!” Squeaked Minstrel.

Polaria smiled. “You’re quite welcome friend, I agree those Snowpets can be quite a handful at times.”
Dr. Chester huffed as he let his last piece fall back into place on his body. “I do not like it. I DO wish there were more beastly figures around rather than.. this … purity. All this white is making my eyes hurt.”

“Oh hush, Chester. You always desire things to be dark and dank, why don't you just taint everything and be done wit it!” Scowled Ana.

Dr. Chester sneered at the winged canine. “I would.. If I had the power.”

“Now now,” Polaria smiled and took the tray back from Octavia, thanking her softly. “Why don't we just enjoy the peace and quiet now that the pets are gone?”

Octavia jumped up and down for a second. “Ana! Why don't we have a snowball fight?! We have so much snow around us now and I'll help you build your fort again!”

For a split second, you could see an ambitious smirk on the Guardian Angel’s face at the thought of building a fort - but then it was gone; replaced with a sweet smile. “That sounds absolutely delightful. We shall build the strongest snow fort ever!”

Minstrel sighed slightly and joined Dr. Chester at his side. “I don't suppose you know some good haunting tunes, do you ol' chap? I could use some inspiration for my new song!”

The cat looked at the mouse with a playfully frightening expression. “Perhaps I do. Hm…”

While the chaos that had been was no longer, Polaria smiled to herself and sets down the tray to join her friends in the fun. She just hopped that the Snowpets wouldn't make a bigger comeback than what they had just seen.
10 Feb 2017, 2:21 am
IkeWolfe #77815

Every year after the Snow Festival, the five mayors of Furvilla would gather at their lodge at Tigereye Peak to discuss important matters of state for the upcoming year. At least, that's what they claimed.

In truth, it was a chance to relax and get away from the pressures of leading an entire village. They loved their dear residents, but even they needed a break, especially with the recent snowpet overpopulation problem. Dr. Chester had been glad to get away from the crowds petitioning and fighting at his door demanding everything from a snowpet sanctuary to the wholesale slaughter of the little creatures. He'd reached the point where he'd honestly considered removing his own ears and tucking them inside a thick pillow. Now, though, he was bored.

He was laying back on a large pile of snow and observing his fellow mayors through half-lidded eyes. Ana and Minstrel were building a snowfort and snowfox, respectively, Octavia was examining several plants behind him with far too much fascination, and Polaria had gone back to the lodge to get some hot cocoa. That left him to simply sit around and be bored, and trouble always followed when cats got bored.

He watched Minstrel finish xyr snowfox and go chasing after a snowbunny. He sneered. The wretched little lapines had been nothing but trouble for the past week. He scooped up a large pawful of snow and packed it into a rough ball before lazily tossing it at the animal. It was just pure chance that the snowball sailed right over and struck Ana right in the head.

The angelic wolf 's wings flared in surprise and she shook the snow off her head. She looked around for the perpetrator and settled on the feline with a glare. "Sweet serpents, Chester, what was that for?"

He silently considered his options and then lobbed another snowball that hit Ana in the muzzle with a soft ploomph. The other mayors had turned to look at the commotion and struggled to contain their mirth while Ana sputtered in shock. "What's the matter Ana; can't take a little snow?" he teased as a smirk spread across his face. "I thought Guardian Angels were supposed to be tougher than that."

"Oh, I'll show you just how tough we are!" She hurled several snowballs in quick succession that the feline gracefully dodged.

"Tsk, tsk, it looks like we'll need to work on your aim!"

The wolf beat her wings rapidly in response, creating a large cloud of snow that sailed towards the trouble-making cat. Chester's eyes widened and he barely managed to scramble out of the way with only a light dusting of snow on his coat. The unsuspecting dragon who'd been standing behind him was less fortunate. She got coated in a thick blanket of snow that left her looking like one of Minstrel's snow sculptures.

"Oh no, Octavia! I'm so sorry!" That was all Ana manged to get out before being forced to duck behind her fort to avoid the salvo of snowballs being slung her way. Laughing, she peeked over the edge of the fort with a snowball in paw to return fire.

Meanwhile, Minstrel was off to the side secretly preparing a perfect little white snowball. The mouse chuckled to xemself. "Ol' Chester won't know what him!"

"Care to repeat that?"

Minstrel froze and slowly looked up to see Chester looming over them with a predatory grin on his face. "Uh... hi?" Fortunately, they were saved by the timely arrival of Polaria.

"Sorry it took me so long! I hope you weren't getting to bored waiting for me."
10 Feb 2017, 2:22 am
Frogluv123 #40461

The wonderful Ms. Polaria simply adored the winter months. It meant hot chocolate, white snow, and of course, more visitors to her village. In the town of Tiger Eye Peak, there was always snow, but winter just brought about it the air that made it feel proper and festive, filling her heart to the brim with joy. As the holidays passed, Polaria had a brilliant idea; invite the other mayors over! Aside from meetings, they rarely got to spend time together, and she missed them: they were practically family to her. She bustled inside with a grin, handwriting invitations for the twentieth of January. She slipped outside to place them in her mailbox with a smile, for surely the day would be great fun.

Soon, the day had arrived, and Polaria sat on her porch, humming a tune and waiting for her guests to arrive. One by one, they came. First was Minstrel, donned in a scarf far too long. Before Polaria could even welcome him, however, he was ambushed by a pair of mischievous animals; a dirty snowbunny and a white ferret. He toppled over, laughing, and Ms. Polaria helped him up with a grin. Next to arrive was Ana, using her wings to shield her head from the light snow that had started to fall. Soon after arrived Dr. Chester, attempting to wipe dog fur off his jacket and mumbling about an invasion. Lastly was Octavia, tripping over herself as she apologized for being late, as she had had last-minute business to attend to. Polaria gave them a final greeting before beckoning them into her yard, inches deep in perfect packing snow. While he others were looking around in wonder,-- it didn't snow in the other villages, she was told (truly a pity)-- she slyly scooped up handfuls of snow and rolled them into balls, chuckling softly to herself.

Before the others knew what had hit them, literally, Polaria was already halfway through her door and they were coated in snow. And thus lead to an all-out war. Ana had scooped up snow into a wall, carving out patterns of bricks and laughing, occasionally side-stepping as Octavia continued to hurl snowballs. Soon, Ana retaliated, and the girls were immersed in a heated and lighthearted fight. Chester, however, had thought that Minstrel had thrown the snowball at him rather than Polaria, and was leering down at the mouse. Minstrel was holding a snowball he had just made, and so feigned guilt, before jumping up and smashing the snow into his face, sprinting away as puffs of white drifted off Chester's face.

That is, before he retaliated. The four were desperately throwing snowballs, laughing and having a good time. That is, before Minstrel spoke up. "Wait-- where's Polaria?" The others froze, glancing around.

Ms. Polaria stood partially behind the protection of a pine tree, laughing and holding a tray of hot chocolate; what she had went inside to make. The other mayors breathed a sigh of relief, taking cups for themselves.

This was a truly happy holiday for them all, and their hearts filled to the brim with happiness.

Even if it wasn't, technically, a holiday.
11 Feb 2017, 3:52 pm (Edited 11 Feb 2017, 3:58 pm)
Art Contest Winners

First Place: tailgatescutebooty #3120
Leaf #67654
MyraMidnight #72946
ToonLink #11034
Rotsuoy #75808

*art displayed in the same order as the winner's list*

tailgatescutebooty #3120

Leaf #67654

MyraMidnight #72946

ToonLink #11034

Rotsuoy #75808
11 Feb 2017, 4:03 pm
House Decoration Contest Winners

Admiral #20455
Jambomaya #11339
Quincia #68123
Vekyll #76396
MariahKat #18611

*images displayed in the same order as the winner's list*

Admiral #20455

Jambomaya #11339

Quincia #68123

Vekyll #76396

MariahKat #18611