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Important Forum Rules! Please Read!

10 Mar 2017, 2:45 am
Hi all! Welcome to the new Idea Development forums! Before you post, please read the following:


1. No directly criticising other users; focus on criticising the game itself.

2. No shaming other users; all users must be comfortable posting their ideas.

Breaking these rules will result in a 4 point infraction for Engaging in personal attacks.

3. Do not plead for responses from staff. This includes pinging, or otherwise calling out specific staff members for answers.

4. Do not complain; your posts must be constructive.

5. All Furvilla development related discussion must remain in these forums.

6. Do not express excessive negativity towards staff members or other players, in any capacity.

Breaking these rules will result in a 2 point infraction for Bypassing rules.

Repeatedly breaking rules will result in a permanent forum ban. All standard rules apply in addition to the above with their usual consequences.

Please note that these forums are heavily moderated and will be hidden when no admins are available. Staff are under no obligation to reply to posts. All admin decisions are final, regardless of context.

Additionally, the opinions & comments of moderators/developers are not necessarily those of Furvilla.

31 Aug 2019, 7:18 pm
Quick update to these rules -

You may ping me specifically if staff attention is required.