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WinterBliss T.O.S.

21 May 2017, 9:51 am (Edited 7 Oct 2019, 5:27 pm)

This pertains to every single piece of creative output done by myself (WinterBliss )
Including but not limited to YCHs, Adopts, Auctions, Commissions, Trades, Freebies, Writing, and any other creative medium or project.

By accepting any piece of my work, you agree to my terms in full.

You May Not Alter
- You may not alter in any way under any condition. This includes but is not limited to filters, colors, erasing, text, and backgrounds (unless adding a background to a transparent picture you have permission from me to use). If you want anything whatsoever changed you ask me.

You May Not Remove Signature
- You may not do anything at all to my watermarks and signatures. You may not use them without my permission, change, crop, erase, remove, recolor, or anything that would change it in any aspect.

You May Resize
- You may resize images you have permission to use and associate them to stories, characters, or otherwise, so long as I know beforehand that that was the intention and I am fully aware of the full usage you intend to use my work for.

You May Not Use Without Permission
- You may not use any of my work without direct permission from myself and myself alone. This includes but is not limited to tracing, copying, claiming, forging, editing, or otherwise.

Requesting Refunds After Sketch
- Once a sketch has been approved you may not get a full refund, despite what currency you used to pay with. This applies to everything except Free Artwork. Once I've gotten an okay on a sketch, the payment is set in place. If a commission is canceled directly after a sketch, a max of 50% may be refunded. Special circumstances vary. After I have started work after an approved sketch, 20% refund is the maximum. Special circumstances vary.

Requesting Refunds Before Sketch
- If you ask for a refund before I have the chance to get you a sketch and do not already have progress made, a full refund is possible. Special circumstances vary. If I do have progress made, we can discuss all available options.

Reselling With Character
- If you are reselling one of my works that you have direct permission from me to use, please ask. Each work varies. If it is intended for a character and I am fully aware of this, you may sell at the value that the artwork was commissioned for and no more, with the character it is associated with.

Deadlines and Timing
- I primarily work slow. If you have a deadline or a time crunch you want me to meet, you have to make sure I know at the beginning of the commission. I can not guarantee meeting a deadline I do not know of at the beginning of my work. If you find a deadline, I require at least 2 weeks notice. Special circumstances vary and larger projects may require up to 2 months early notice. I work slow to make sure I am well studied and prepared to give you the best quality I can muster. Keep this in mind before commissioning.

Other's Work
- I refuse to work on something that is not my own without direct permission from the creator, and even then, circumstances vary. Always ask and give all information upfront before commissioning.

Right To Decline
- I reserve all rights to cancel a commission (with partial if not full refund) during a commission for any reason. I reserve all rights to decline any type of commission for any reason at any time. You may ask for a reason, but I have the right to keep it to myself.

If you are uncertain, ask me first! DO NOT assume anything!

Breaking any of these is an illegal manuever and destroys our creative contract, forfeiting any and all work you own that is by my hand to be turned back over to me. You will no longer have the permission to use any work of my own, regardless of if it contains something you have or not. This includes but is not limited to characters, stories, commerical material, and personal material.

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