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Chimeraling Adopts [RAFFLE EVENT]

8 Jul 2017, 3:16 pm (Edited 8 Jul 2017, 3:22 pm)
Chimeraling Adopts
Echo said:
Hi! My name is Echo, and I'm what you call a chimeraling! A few others are around, but I won't introduce them! If you want to know more about me, click here!
As for what I do around here, I'm in charge of information! I handle all the ins and outs of telling people what they are buying, and what we are!
Echo hands you a few slips of paper before running off to do her thing.

What is a chimeraling?
A chimeraling is, as the name suggests, a small creature similar to a chimera. They are somewhat similar to very small cats, except much smaller; they can fit in a human's pocket very easily. They are very shy creatures until they get to know someone, as well. Once a chimeraling knows someone well, they become very clingy and refuse to leave their person unless they are physically removed from them.

How did chimeralings come to be?
It is not fully known how chimeralings came to be; it is theorized that they were created through magical experimentation, but no one knows for sure. However, it is known that, however they were created, they were created to give comfort and companionship to those who need it. They seem to be able to sense when someone is sad or uncomfortable, and they tend to latch onto those people, providing emotional support and friendship to anyone who needs it. Because of this, they have become a sort of emotional support animal.

What are chimeralings good for?
As it was stated in the previous paragraph, chimeralings are very good for emotional support. They are soft and very friendly, and will do anything for the person they have become attached to. They are also very good at protecting their friends; the snake head on their tail has a very potent venom, which is normally tucked away in a safe place, unless their person is in danger.

What is the gist of chimeralings' biological traits?
Well, first of all, why do you just want the gist? Just kidding. Chimeralings are small, catlike creatures, with a snake head and body instead of a tail. They have two brains, one in the main body's head and one in the snake head; these two do not always get along. They have a small set of very sharp teeth and fluffy ears and fur, and their tail is covered in very smooth scales. Their eyes are very lightly colored and can glow in the dark.

Do they make sounds?
Yes, actually! Chimeralings make a variety of sounds, most of which humans cannot hear. They typically communicate through squeaks and trilling sounds to other chimeralings, and make small purring sounds around their human friends. They can also make a very high-pitched screech if they are scared or angry. Their snake head hisses, like a normal snake, and will bite is necessary.

Do chimeralings reproduce?
Chimeralings have been known to lay eggs in small nests made out of tissues, cloth, and other materials they find around their person's house. These eggs are very small, and they only lay one to three at a time. Since chimeralings do not have biological sexes, any chimeraling can reproduce with any other chimeraling. Hatchlings often have a mix of traits from both of their parents, and their colors can be anything, as long as it is between the colors of the parents. On occasion, a young chimeraling may have a mutation, which can be anything from a different pattern to extra eyes to a snake tail missing a head.

Common Patterns
  • Tips: A chimeraling with the tips pattern has darker-colored tips on its ears and paws. These can be, as mentioned, a darker color or sometimes a completely different color.
  • Banded: A banded chimeraling has multiple bands of a different color on its arms. Again, this color can be a variation of its base color, or a totally different color!
  • Dyed: A dyed chimeraling has a different color painted into its fur on top of its head. This can be literally any color, and can sometimes be changed, depending on if the color is natural or if the chimeraling dyed its hair itself.
Rare Patterns
  • Black Snake: A chimeraling with this pattern, as its name suggests, has a snake tail that is much darker in color then the rest of its body. These tails are usually more poisonous, and the chimeraling can be more aggressive than others.
  • White Snake: The opposite of the black snake pattern, a white snake is often less poisonous. These chimeralings often communicate better between their two brains, and are more emotionally supportive then their darker counterparts.
  • Freckled: A freckled chimeraling has dark spots, primarily on their face. These chimeralings LOVE to be outside, and love to run around in the sunlight. They are typically very capable of befriending animals and humans alike, and are very in tune with nature.
Super Rare Patterns
  • Windy: These chimeralings have wispy markings in a pale color all over their body. These patterns are typically cooler than the rest of their bodies, and are very good for people that enjoy cold things. The patterns are also softer than the rest of their fur.
  • Voided: Voided chimeralings are very close to the opposite of windy ones. They have dark patterns all over their bodies, which are much warmer and very good for people who prefer warm temperatures. Like windy chimeralings, the patterns are softer than the rest of their fur.
  • Sparkles: These chimeralings are theorized to have some from space. They have glittery patterns covering their bodies, which are thought to be like stars. They seem very distant sometimes, and are very good listeners.

8 Jul 2017, 3:37 pm (Edited 14 Aug 2017, 10:10 pm)
Breeding and MYO
Temple said:
My name is Temple, and I am in charge of breeding and creating your own chimeralings for emotional support and protection. Here, you can breed two chimeralings, or you can create your own. Keep in mind, breeding is much cheaper than creating your own chimeraling.
Breeding is creating young chimeralings that are a combination of the two parent chimeralings. This takes roughly two days, and is much cheaper than creating your own chimeraling from scratch. You can use breeding to create anywhere from one to three chimeralings.
One Egg
10 FurDollars | 5,000 FurCash
Two Eggs
15 FurDollars | 7,500 FurCash
Three Eggs
20 FurDollars | 10,000 FurCash
Current Nests
Nest One
StormyPhoenix29 : Wave and Allium
3 eggs
Nest Two
Nest Three
Create Your Own
While creating your own chimeraling is more expensive, you have many more options in the way of customization. You may choose your own traits and colors, or give me a prompt to draw you one. You can also create as many chimeralings as you want in this manner.
Base Price
50 FurDollars | 25,000 FurCash
Add Rare Patterns
10 FurDollars | 5,000 FurCash
Add Super Rare Patterns
25 FurDollars | 12,500 FurCash
Patterns to use
Common Patterns

Rare Patterns

Super Rare Patterns
8 Jul 2017, 3:42 pm (Edited 15 Aug 2017, 2:15 pm)
Azure said:
I'm Azure, and I'm in charge of keeping things in order in this area of the shop. I keep track of chimeralings that are no longer wanted, or have been created and have no home! I can also tell you a bit about each chimeraling here, if you ask me to!
20 FurDollars | 10,000 FurCash
This little buddy can be found playing in piles of fallen leaves whenever possible. They like to make little trilling sounds at their owner, and can lower the pitch of their sounds to where they can be heard by humans!

20 FurDollars | 10,000 FurCash
Despite having a menacing name, Nightshade is actually not too dangerous. They have been known to grow some dangerous plants in their gardens though, so be careful and keep an eye on them or you may have some less than savory potions lying around!

25 FurDollars | 12,500 FurCash
Pan is, as their name suggests, a pan with a plan. They are the colors of the pansexual pride flag, and love to wear a little flag they made for pride month as a cape! They LOVE to pretend they're a superhero!

20 FurDollars | 10,000 FurCash
Peaches loves to cook, especially sweet foods. They like to make and eat cakes and pies most of all! They also have been known to try to go swimming in people's drinks, so keep an eye on them!

20 FurDollars | 10,000 FurCash
Swamp is the sibling of Marsh, and is much nicer than their sibling. They like to play on lilypads and in any mud they can find. They have to be cleaned often or else there may be a mess in your house. Or pocket.
Auctions / Giveaways
None at the moment, check again later!!!
8 Jul 2017, 3:48 pm (Edited 8 Jul 2017, 5:59 pm)
Edge said:
Hello, customer. I am Edge, and I am in charge of the shop. Here, you can find various items, including the base for a chimeraling and possibly other things, assuming I can actually find them. Sorry, the shop is kind of empty right now.
Items for sale
Base PSD
30 FurDollars | 15,000 FurCash

(Click the image for full size)
Tiny Ferals

10 FurDollars | 5,000 FurCash
8 Jul 2017, 3:49 pm (Edited 18 Sep 2017, 6:50 pm)
For New Chimeralings

@Xalix @shadowwolfgem @Chromie @PopcornSnuffler @WhiteVixen @Drac-avian_Icicles @Odorokasu @Kitsune_Galaxy
For Sales

@Xalix @shadowwolfgem @Chromie @PopcornSnuffler @WhiteVixen @Drac-avian_Icicles @Odorokasu @Kitsune_Galaxy
8 Jul 2017, 3:50 pm (Edited 15 Aug 2017, 2:12 pm)
List of Bought Chimeralings

8 Jul 2017, 5:05 pm
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Can I buy Fireball?



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8 Jul 2017, 6:17 pm

Sure thing!!! And they're so much fun to make I can't help it *laughs*

Also I'll see if I can get to the reflection icon soon! I think I'll end up drawing it traditionally and coloring it with the mouse like I did these guys x3

When I less broke I'm going to buy a custom one!

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There's an auction, by the way!

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Boops thread!!!
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Boi how is nobody bidding!?!
I don't have any FD, but I'll start off with fc equivalent of 30 FD, which is 15,000 right?
15000 fc
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