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Sugarsnap Guild

15 Jul 2017, 2:11 pm (Edited 25 Nov 2017, 12:13 am)
Tobi said:
Hi! Welcome to the Sugarsnap guild!

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Ozzy said:
"Hi there! I'd recommend taking a seat, there's a lot to know about Sugarsnaps!"

Sugarsnaps are tiny, dragon-like creatures made purely of love, dreams, and memories! (Okay, okay, and all of that gross, mushy stuff that's in every living thing.)
In the case that a child has died, the things that made them who they are, from the food they liked to their favorite moments in life, get bunched up together to form a Memo. Memos are baby Sugarsnaps that stay with the child's family until the family can accept the death.
In the presence of the mourning families, the only ones who can see the Sugarsnaps are the families themselves. Once the families finally decide to move on, the Sugarsnap will then go to the Haven in order to forget about its' past.
Overall, Sugarsnaps are a representation of the child's "sweetest memories". If the child has little to no sweet memories, that's where Bittersweets come from! Rare Sugars known as Sugarsweets have no recollection of their memories at all; thus are in purest form, staying Memos forever.


They love human food! Each one has a favorite. Some families still try to feed their Memos brussel sprouts to keep them healthy though, yuck! Each Sugarsnap generally becomes less and less picky as they mature, which leads to them becoming omnivores before they reach the Haven.


When living with the mourning families, they are known to act just as they did when they were alive. Often times, they are fed human food, but can survive off of other pet food, even if it tastes icky. Over time, their families will begin to accept their loss more and eventually their mourning will be manageable. This is when a Sugarsnap matures and leaves the family to find the Sugarhaven; this is because they have fulfilled their duty in comforting their family. When the Sugarsnap joins the Haven, their memories are still in tact, but they store them in different pouches in their bodies to make room for new memories and a new life.

Sometimes, on rare occasion, the family does not want the Sugarsnap around. This ends in the Sugarsnap being ripped from the family prematurely, which results in infertility due to their memories being taken from them and the fact that they did not fully mature. Sugarsweets, Sugarsnaps without memories, never have families. They stay Memos forever, and wander until they find the Haven.


Sugarsnaps contain pouches to hold memories. The pouches are always found on their chest and abdomen areas, and sometimes found in their tails and other limbs. The memories can be transferred through their horns, cheeks, or paw pads, depending on their element. These are used to make new Memos! Snaps without pouches cannot breed. Sugarsweets do not have pouches, naturally. Sugarsnaps that have been torn from their families have pouches that do not work.
Sugarsnaps have two sets of ears UNLESS they are Ocean type (see "Elements").
The areas in which memories can be transferred change to the color of their pouches for 10 days after breeding. They cannot breed again during this time!
See "Elements" for specifics on element anatomy.


Once they move away from the mourning families and are wandering or in the Haven, they are known as "mature" and are then able to breed. (Sugarsweets can NEVER breed!)
Sugarsnaps breed by sharing their memories. A baby sugar would then be known as a Memo.
Sugarsnaps and Bittersweets CAN be bred! The chance of the Memo being either type is 50%.


Sugarhaven is a paradise; it is a large island full of Sugarsnaps constantly entering and leaving, and because of this, it must be kept up and running. Sugarsnaps can be assigned elements in order to make jobs easier on the island!

Normal types stay on land, picking berries and harvesting fruit from trees. They are generally the Snaps who prepare meals for groups of Sugarsnaps they are assigned to. They use their horns to mate, but also as protection if a fight happens to break out. Their horns create a sort of barrier during times of need. The barriers don't work on humans or other creatures! They will only work against other Sugarsnaps because of the substance that it is made of that is shared among other Snaps. During the 10 day cool off after breeding, their horns cannot create the barrier, and thus, they are vulnerable to attack. Normal types are usually the ones to greet new Sugarsnaps into the Haven. They are known for their hospitality, and are in charge of taking care of wounded Snaps and Sugarsweets who need watched.
Ocean types are built for fast swimming! The Haven is said to be built by ancient Ocean type Sugarsnaps, almost as big as the island itself! It is supported by huge pedestals underwater, which must be tinkered with annually in order to support the weight of the island. Of course, that's a job for Ocean types! Their anatomy lacks their second pair of ears, their neck fur, and horns in order to keep them from being too weighed down. Ocean types are the Haven's main source of meat from the fish that they hunt. They also collect treasures that they find to decorate the Haven with. Ocean types always have an extra flap of skin in their ears to avoid complications with their hearing. Ocean types can visit their friends outside of the water, but not for too long! They create bubble helmets in order to safely travel on land, but the water usually gives out in a few hours. Ocean types live in a community just under the island, and make exchanges with the island Snaps for a living; usually, island materials for fish and treasure.
Sky types are, obviously, great flyers! They use their large forepaws to glide through the air easily. They are mainly in charge of construction, management, and are great lookouts. They are sent out as troops daily to search areas and find wandering Sugarsnaps to bring them to the Haven.
Sugarsnaps can have different features, such as different tail and ear shapes! I will update a list below when we discover more!





Sugarsnaps- Dragon-like creatures made of sweet memories. They remember the goodness from when the child they were created from was alive.

Bittersweets- Sugarsnaps with little recollection of their memories or no good memories.

Sugarsweets- Sugarsnaps that have no memories and no families; they stay Memos forever and cannot breed.

Memos- Baby Sugarsnaps

Sugarhaven- The island that Sugarsnaps go to when they move on from their families.
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Want to support us without paying a penny?

There will be many opportunities to obtain Sugarsnaps through events and contests, but if you feel like showing support, you can show off our sparkly, new button anywhere you please!

Have any questions?

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions! I'll be happy to answer anything you're curious about.
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