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Name Suggestions ☆ CLOSED

13 Jan 2020, 4:13 am
I'd suggest the name Sybella!

Just reorganized the word Sibylla (though this word directly works as well) which is a species of Mantis, which is what she lowkey reminds me of, and it also sounds cute! ^^
13 Jan 2020, 5:20 am
Felisi/Felissi - Feline and Scythe put together? the front limbs remind me of the pokemon scyther and if you watch GOT, Felisi sounds a lot like Khaleesi. laksjldskl

Saithe/Psythe - Like an alternate spelling/pronounciation of Scythe. Its like how youd pronounce the name Ianthe!

Feithidi/Faethidi - Feithidi is Insect in Irish. Sounds nice, plus Fei/Fae often refers to something fairy-like which can be applied to your bug kitty!
13 Jan 2020, 6:05 am
Abellgail or Abigail?
DA: Pinklion117
ToyHou.se: Pinklion116

13 Jan 2020, 8:55 am
13 Jan 2020, 12:48 pm
I love these! Added more favourites ♡
13 Jan 2020, 4:16 pm
14 Jan 2020, 6:07 am
A hopeful bump for a few more suggestions ♡
15 Jan 2020, 9:22 am
Hey everyone! I've finally picked a name. n_n it's Chirin!

Since it was none of the ones suggested I'll be sending out a small consolation prize of 10kfc to those who picked my favourite name suggestions. Morphie, you'll be getting x2 since you suggested 2 names I loved!

These were my favourites suggested by you guys:
Jingle by snuffle_puff
Bél/Beel by Morphie
Gumi by Morphie
Sybella by nuggetseb
Saithe by Moonbeau

Thanks to everyone else who suggested names too, your names were all creative and awesome and helped me explore all options - cutesy names, real words, english names, names in other languages ... and it helped me come to the usual conclusion that I'm a massive weeb and prefer Japanese names overall. uwu;; but still this helped a lot so thankyou!
15 Jan 2020, 9:23 am
Good job guys!
15 Jan 2020, 9:55 am
Happy that you've chosen a name!! It's the start of giving characters their identity. I truly also enjoyed explorig and finding a lot of names and meanings for you, which is a hobby of my own too. :D