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Espers: Elemental Friends [Hiatus]

12 Sep 2018, 4:56 pm (Edited 14 Sep 2018, 12:04 am)
Over 50 unique features and more to come!

Table of Contents
Esper Dens
Arcane Assembly
Runes & Relics Item Shop
Cauldron Chamber
Summoning Room


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Recent Updates
Item Shop opened! 9/13/18


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12 Sep 2018, 4:58 pm (Edited 12 Sep 2018, 5:25 pm)
Definition and Pronunciation Key:
Esper (es-per): A magical, elemental creature that commonly serves spellcasters.
Oread (ō-rē-ad): Earth esper
Sylphid (sil-fid): Wind esper
Ifritid (if- rē-tid): Fire esper
Undined (oon-dīn-ed): Water esper
An esper is a small creature not much larger than a small dog. They are typically covered in fur and seem rather non-threatening with their large, gentle eyes and soft smiles. However, espers are extremely mischievous in nature. They house a tremendous amount of magical energy inside of their tiny bodies and use that energy to harness the elements. Spellcasters of all types commonly take espers as companions and familiars, for they are naturally immune to their own element and know much about how to use it. They are only capable of making soft mews, hissing sounds, and angry grunting, but can telepathically communicate with their bonded spellcaster.
Drawn to their own elements, out of both fascinations and protection, espers each come in one of four known divisions. These divisions are the oread, the sylphid, the ifritid, and the undined. Without a source of their element they cannot manipulate that element and use its magical properties. An ifritid esper couldn't create fire from thin air, for instance. However, they do have other unique skills.

Oread, the espers of earth, posses more physical strength than all of the other types of espers, capable of easily lifting four times their own body weight. They tend to be the most easy going of all the four known types, with lax personalities and easy temperaments. They are often the esper most practicing magicians start with, because they are easily swayed with sweet snacks and a warm place to nap. An oread esper that stays with a spellcaster for a long time can be a friend for life, as their bonds are as strong as they are.
Oread colors are typically browns, tans and creams with eyes ranging in browns and even muted red tones.


Sylphid, the espers of wind, are very high spirited and always looking for a way to outsmart their spellcasters. They are as flippant as the wind itself and very difficult to keep happy. However, once you learn how to make your sylphid esper happy they can be a very useful companion. They are capable of hearing sounds other creatures are not, and gently float when they step, leaving little to no sound. These features make them great eaves-droppers and spies. This esper is especially fond of spices, ranging from cinnamon to cayenne, and can't stand bland foods.
Sylphid colors are typically pale yellows and oranges, with eyes in various green shades and the occasional blue-green.


Ifritid, the espers of fire, are normally slow burning creatures, calm, collected, and poised. However, should one become enraged, they are very difficult to quell, having a fierce temper and a stubborn attitude. They are quick to bond with their spellcaster and can be come overprotective, but this isn't in all cases. Thankfully, most are extremely intelligent and not easily angered. It's not uncommon for them to be found snacking on the charred remains of an overcooked dinner, or even the coals themselves. There's something about the carbonized minerals they crave.
Ifritid colors are typically a combination of reds and oranges, with eyes of various yellow and orange shades.


Undined, the espers of water, are very mysterious in nature. They don't communicate much with their body or their mind, and often keep their thoughts to themselves until the moment they feel it's most necessary. They seem particularly drawn to the moon and are active more at night than during the day. Full moons usually cause them to become restless and they can feel it as it gets closer, even if they are far underground and unable to see the sky. They always posses gills either on the neck or sides of the abdomen, and can breathe both and water. These espers eat primarily meat and love eating fish and other sea food most of all.
Undined colors are always shades of blue with the rare blue-green, and have eyes in deeper shades of blue than their body.


In order to obtain an esper, the practicing magician must perform a ritual lasting an entire day, consisting of spending time with and around the element of the esper they wish to obtain, creating a soft esper bed lined with trinkets the type of esper likes most, and making food for them to eat as soon as they appear. To finish the ritual off, they must create a summoning circle as described in the book 'Companions and Familiars: All Things Both Fluffy and Not', and chant the words that follow on that page. The esper will be extremely hungry once they appear, so it's best they be fed right away, both to sooth potentially bad moods and let them know that you're willing to serve them as much as they serve you!

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12 Sep 2018, 5:00 pm (Edited 12 Sep 2018, 5:21 pm)
By purchasing an esper from me [R.Parr, aka, Rotsuoy] you hereby agree to the following terms:

Espers are a closed species. This means, you may only obtain espers through premades, custom orders, and special events. You may not create an esper on your own.

Payment is due up front through paypal if paying with USD, or up front through a Furvilla currency transfer if paying with Furvilla currency.

You may not copy, trace, or otherwise steal any esper designs, whether they belong to myself or someone else.

You may gift, trade and sell any esper design but cannot resell it for more than it was purchased for unless it contains additional artwork.

You must contact me if you trade, sell or gift an esper so that I may update the new owner in the owner lists.

You may not change any esper's species or alter their design in any way outside of slight changes made when redrawing the esper in a distinct art style. Outfits and accessories are allowed. Alterations to design are allowed via item purchases.

All sales are final and sold espers belong to their recipient. If you sell an esper design that you purchased from me, you no longer have rights to that design just as much as I no longer have rights to the design once they are sold from my store. The only rights I withhold are to the species as a whole. If an esper is used in a banner image for my shop, you may also ask about acquiring a personal version of that image should you desire it.

Any sold esper design I feel is defaming the species based on their usage will no longer be considered an esper, and will no longer be subjected to upgrades, trait exchanges, breeding or other features and events that involve the alteration of the design. Very few things could cause this to happen, but this formal statement is to protect owners of espers as well as the integrity of the species.

MYO (Make Your Own) events are short time periods in which users may pay for the opportunity to create their own esper. All artwork must be original and may not be traced. Traits must not exceed one per body region and markings may not exceed one per marking region.

If you no longer want your esper, for any reason, and do not want to give the esper away, you may resell the esper back to me for 50% of the original price. This is not considered a refund, and I am not obligated to purchase the esper from you. Should you resell the esper back to me, I will be reselling it at the price I purchased it for as a ‘used’ design. If I make any changes to the design, I will resell the design for full price. I just want to be upfront and open about that fact.

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12 Sep 2018, 5:03 pm (Edited 19 Sep 2018, 7:11 am)
Inside this massive chamber, piles of pillows, blankets, and various fluffy things pile across the floor from wall to wall. Each of the blanket forts dens contains an unclaimed esper, ready for a forever home.

ID: U-001
Type: Undined
$11 USD | 1200 FD

ID: U-002
Type: Undined
$9 USD | 1000 FD SOLD

ID: U-003
Type: Undined
$11 USD | 1200 FD SOLD

ID: S-002
Type: Sylphid
$10 USD | 1100 FD

ID: S-003
Type: Sylphid
$10 USD | 1100 FD SOLD

ID: O-004
Type: Oread
$10 USD | 1100 FD

ID: I-004
Type: Ifritid
$9 USD | 1000 FD

The prices of espers are based on the amount of features each esper has, not including ears, tails, eyes and fang types. Rarely, the amount of markings on an esper will change the price, such as if the markings were created uniquely for that esper.
All espers come with a paintie size version and a full size version. You may request additional resolutions.

You may view homed espers on the Owner List.

Additionally, you may upload any esper you own to toyhou.se, so long as you credit the design as created by me, Rotsuoy.

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12 Sep 2018, 5:15 pm (Edited 14 Sep 2018, 9:30 pm)

The Arcane Assembly is where you can find out what members of the arcane are up to! If there’s an event coming up, if someone is looking for espers to draw, or if there’s general community news, you can find it here!


News Bulletin

~None Currently~


Rune Stones

What your own esper but can't afford it?

Rune stones are a community currency earned by creating art or writings for other owners of espers. You may even create art or writings of Mascot Espers. You must ask permission of an owner of an esper before creating any artwork or writings for them, or they must expressly permit other users to create artwork or writings for them. At any time, you may view the Owner List to check for espers to draw.
100 RS = 1 USD
- You do not need to be an owner of an esper to earn RS -
- RS can be spent on premades, customs, MYOs, or shop items -
- You must show me any work you create for it to count for RS -
- RS is a non-transferable currency. Only you can earn RS for yourself -

Rune Stones per Creation
Headshot-uncolored sketch: 10
Headshot-uncolored, clean lined: 13
Headshot-colored sketch: 15
Headshot-colored, clean lines: 20
Headshot-colored, lined, shaded: 25
Half-body-uncolored sketch: 20
Half-body-uncolored, clean lined: 23
Half-body-colored sketch: 25
Half-body-colored, lined: 30
Half-body-colored, lined, shaded: 35
Full-body-uncolored sketch: 30
Full-body-uncolored, clean lined: 33
Full-body-colored sketch: 35
Full-body-colored, lined: 40
Full-body-colored, lined, shaded: 45
Background-simple (abstract): +5
Background-simple (scene): +10
Background-complex (scene): +20
writing-200-600 words: 10
writing-600-999 words: 20
writing-1000-1499 words: 35
writing-1500+ words: 45


Creator’s Nook

If you’d like to be listed in the Creator’s Nook please pm me with a link to the thread where you’re offering artwork or writings in. I ask that you please do not advertise in this thread in order to keep it clean. You need to do nothing other than ask to be listed. No payment is required. If the creator list gets too long, there may be a waiting list.


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12 Sep 2018, 5:31 pm (Edited 13 Sep 2018, 9:58 am)

A sleeping wizard with goat-like features snores loudly behind the shop’s counter, while a tiny esper scrambles to put a stack of books away. He chirps and winks at you as you come in, as if to say 'welcome!'

Potion of Alteration
Adds, removes or changes any one feature region on an esper you own. Can only be a null feature or a feature of the same element.
$2 | 300 FD
Scroll of Ornament
Adds, removes or changes any one markings region on an esper you own. Each region can have up to two markings.
Enchanted Lenses
Changes the eye color and/or pupil type on an esper you own. Eye colors can change to a color outside of their element range.
$1 | 200 FD
Dragon Tooth Necklace
Changes the teeth on any espers you own. Can change teeth and mouth color.
$1 | 200 FD
Witch's Shoes
Changes the feet on any esper you own. Can change foot region markings.
$1 | 200 FD
Curious Confection
Gives one breeding charge to any esper you own.
All espers start with one breeding charge.
$2 | 300 FD
Magic Rune Scribe
Adds, removes or changes runes on one body region on an esper you own. Can only add null runes or runes of the same element.
Sortilege Stone
Allows the creation of a new feature on any region. You may add this new feature to any esper you own.

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12 Sep 2018, 5:33 pm
A heavy stone door seals this chamber, with no locks or hinges anywhere in sight.
Eight, engraved esper paw prints line the front of the door.
If there were more espers in town, maybe the door can be opened with their combined magic...

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12 Sep 2018, 5:35 pm
A heavy stone door seals this chamber, with no locks or hinges anywhere in sight.
Sixteen, engraved esper paw prints line the front of the door.
If there were more espers in town, maybe the door can be opened with their combined magic...

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12 Sep 2018, 5:38 pm
Reserved for the future.

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12 Sep 2018, 7:21 pm
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Welcome to the grand opening of Espers: Elemental Friends!
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GlitchyTwitch There is a self edit ping list in the first post!
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Rotsuoy could I buy S-001 and O-003 with USD please?
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