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This article needs to be updated after changes in gameplay regarding:
  • new seeds
  • costumes (new costumes & buffs)
  • disease
Herbalist Career Guide
By: E

Herbalist is classified as an Intermediate career, because it depends on Seeds from Explorers. It is essential for providing Plants to Alchemists and Doctors. Your player account has an Hourly Harvest Cap of 200 Pots. Each individual villager begins with 10 permanent Herbalist Pots and can add up to 90 Herbalist Pots created by Construction Workers for a total of 100 slots.


Your villager's Pots may be visually sorted from the drop-down menu:

The account's hourly harvests resets at :00 of every hour.

Planting seeds is very straightforward. You may click on the individual Pots to plant seeds.

You may also use the handy Multi-Plant Seeds button to fill many pots at once.

Similarly, when harvesting, you may click on the individual Pots or use the Harvest All button.
You have to click on each pot individually if you would like to use Miracle Growth Potion on the plant. Miracle Growth Potion increases a plant's yield by 10%.

Herbalists can plant seeds from any village. Seeds are categorized as Common, Uncommon, Rare, or Super Rare.

Common Seeds take 30 minutes to grow and yield 5-10 plants.
542-angry-root-seed.png541-venus-fly-trap-seed.png 526-fur-coral-seed.png525-teal-trumpets-seed.png 550-ploofballs-seed.png549-unusual-pineapple-seed.png
533-flying-daffodil-seed.png534-flying-daisies-seed.png 558-frozen-bellflowers-seed.png557-frozen-fern-seed.png

Uncommon Seeds take 60 minutes to grow and yield 3-7 plants.
544-chomper-plant-seed.png543-pot-plant-seed.png 528-brain-coral-seed.png527-pea-algae-seed.png 551-mandrake-seed.png552-strange-celery-seed.png
536-flying-fur-seed.png535-flying-larkspur-seed.png 560-iceberries-seed.png559-icehands-seed.png

Rare Seeds take 120 minutes to grow and yield 2-4 plants.
545-eyeris-seed.png546-infection-plant-seed.png 529-seaweed-vine-seed.png530-wriggling-algae-seed.png 554-hairy-radish-seed.png553-mustache-plant-seed.png
537-flying-daffodil-bunch-seed.png538-flying-squiggles-seed.png 561-frostplant-seed.png562-ice-lettuce-seed.png

Super Rare Seeds take 240 minutes to grow and yield 1-2 plants.
547-deadbow-seed.png548-mouth-bean-seed.png 531-neural-plant-seed.png532-underwater-watermelons-seed.png 555-claw-beets-seed.png556-green-stalk-seed.png
539-flying-lightbulbs-seed.png540-flying-red-tip-seed.png 564-cotton-flower-seed.png563-sunflowers-seed.png

Applying a Mythic Costume to the villager increases yields by 5%.

At first you may not yield any plants with your seeds. Herbalists begin at 50% mastery of each seed, and gain 5% with each successful harvest. This mastery determines how likely future harvests are to be successful. The first 10 successful harvests bring you up to 100% mastery. Herbalists with 100% mastery always yield plants for that type of seed going forward. You may view your villager's mastery in their Seed Book.


With every harvest, your Herbalist Pot loses 1 Durability. You are warned if a Pot will break with the next harvest. You can use the opportunity to Repair it with your active Construction Worker or with another villager on the Maintenance Market.


As with any Career, your villager has a chance of falling ill with each completed action. Harvest yields are halved for a Herbalist with a minor illness. Villagers with a major illness cannot work at all.

job-doctor.png Plants can be used by Doctors.
job-alchemist.png Plants can be used by Alchemists.