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Illnesses and Cures

Illnesses and Cures

By: BrittneyTTR

Here on Furvilla, there is so much to do. However, there are illnesses here on Furvilla that your villagers can get while working in their careers.


A villager can only become ill whilst they are preforming an action within their careers. Once they catch an illness, they have to be cured to preform in peak condition. There are two ways to cure an illness; a visit to the local doctor, or medicine. You can visit the doctor and they will cure any illness your villager has, free of charge.

Thanks doc!

However, you can only visit the doctor once a day.

Out of visits.

With medicine, it's chance of curing a villager depends on it's potency, You can only use medicine once, no matter if it fails or succeeds. The higher the potency, the better the chances of a successful cure.

You need some medicine.

After you have used the medicine, you will receive and alert at the top of the page to see if it worked or not. If it has worked, your character can continue working in top condition until another illness claims them. If it does not, they will still remain ill.

Carl's cured!

There are lots of illnesses and each one is unique to a town here on Furvilla. There are two severity levels; minor and major. Minor illnesses will cut your villagers productivity in half. Major illnesses make it impossible for your villagers to continue working, and must be cured before they can continue on with their careers.

Dragonsmaw Manor Illnesses
Illness:Blood ObsessionFeralityLunar SicknessSun AllergyMonster Madness
Cure:Plasma DrinkSilver ConcoctionSun SalveLunar SalveSpider Eye Solution

Oceandome Illnesses
Illness:Coral MadnessGill RotNeptune's DiseaseSalt ExcessSeasickness
Cure:Salty SedativeGill LotionSeadollar SalveInfused WaterAnti-Nausea Salve

Olde Foxbury Illnesses
Illness:Dragon's RashHorseride BruisePlagueWarrior's PlagueRoyal Sickness
Cure:Cooling SalveSoothing LotionAnti-Plague PotionLeech BloodGold Medicine

Quetzal Palace Illnesses
Illness:Broken LimbCloud SicknessFeather RotMarble AllergyVertigo
Cure:Medicinal GauzeBottled RainstormFeathering LotionAllergy PasteHeight Sedation

Tigereye Peak Illnesses
Illness:FrostbiteFur OvergrowHypothermiaIce RotYeti Illness
Cure:Warming SalveFur Growth RelaxerMini Sun CapsuleSolar ConcoctionYeti Blood Infusion