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Wandering Villagers

Wandering Villagers
By: BearHeart

What are Wandering Villagers?

Wandering Villagers are villagers that have been released into the world by the player who last owned them. As a result, they spend time going from town to town until someone adopts them!

This is a handy guide to some of the questions and concerns related to these villagers.

Where do I find Wandering Villagers?
You can find these villagers on the Town Hall page as if they were visiting your town. Your Town Hall is easily accessible from the top of the page:


The page will look like this when a wanderer is passing through, with both the Recent Paintie and wanderer displayed underneath the Jobs section:


I don’t see any villagers on the page!
Don’t worry! When there aren’t any villagers, your page will simply look like this:


Someone might release a villager eventually, so you might have to wait!

What sort of villagers can I find?
There’s a lot of possibilities. Any sort of villager could be released, ranging from Cat villagers all the way to Gembounds.

Do released villagers keep their Blacksmith levels/Herbalist levels/etc?
They do. In fact, wanderers keep everything they have on them the moment they are released into the world. Some villagers even have pets or warrior weapons equipped to them still, have animals in their animal husbandry stalls, and even keep extra pots, stalls, and/or recipes!

Will a released villager keep their villager info and Profile CSS?
They will keep their profile CSS, as well as their Villager Info.

If I release a villager, will they keep their Paintie?
Yes they will, even if they’re a special species like Shifties.

How do I release a villager?
In order to release a villager, you need to go to the profile of the villager you want to release:


Under Villager Info, there will be your username by Owner, and a pink link that says Abandon, which you need to click:


From there you simply click the big red button, just make sure you definitely want to abandon them!