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Fur Idol Rules

Fur Idol:

Draw or create a piece of art of your villager doing something cool, vote for the villagers you think are performing the most interesting talents, and behold the winners! Fur Idol runs on the 1st and the 15th of each month.


Breaking any of the Fur Idol rules is subject to being banned from entering Fur Idol for a period of no less than one month. All Site Rules apply to Fur Idol entries as well, these are additional and supplemental to those rules.

1) Artists may only enter art that they themselves have drawn or created 'from scratch'. This covers traditional, digital, and physical 3d forms of art. This may include shifties that they have created 'from scratch' that include no Furvilla base parts.

2) Artists may not enter: art created on a Furvilla base, art that has been traced or edited from another artist's piece, art that is traced from popular media (ie. meme images), photo-manipulations, art that includes pieces from popular image sites such as Shutterstock. This also includes any art that is created on a "Pay-to-use" or "Free-to-use" base.

3) Entrants may not pay for votes. You may not bribe others for votes (ie...offering any free items for votes, offering any type of compensation for votes).

4) Entrants are limited to a total of (5) entries per contest, and may not re-enter pieces in back-to-back contests.

5) Advertising threads are allowed but are subject to all forum rules. Advertising threads may ONLY be posted by the artist entering the piece and may not be posted by anyone else. In addition, if the artist is entering multiple pieces, they are limited to making ONE thread that includes links to all their entries.

6) Signature images advertising your Fur Idol image are allowed.

7) Efforts to 'cheat' the system will not be allowed. This includes switching villagers species to put a villager in an underrepresented category in which the art will no longer match the villager, entering the same piece of art for multiple entries, and posting winning pieces more than once.

8) Entries are not required to be of the theme (unless it is a specially themed contest), but are encouraged to be.

9) Fur Idol is a PG-13 contest and as such, it does not allow for visual representation of the following: excessive amounts of realistic gore, depictions of self-harm or harm to others, excessive amounts of blood or bodily fluids such as spit or snot, depictions of realistic entrails. This does not include depictions of the gore that is already part of the paintie, or depictions of non-realistic candy gore.