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On hiatus. Will probably be trading off a lot of my supplies since I'm likely going to quit. Stuff below is just in case I actually decide to become active again, since I'm too lazy to delete it and then rewrite it all again.
Hello there! I am Stormy, a socially awkward dragon enthusiast who's goal is to collect at least one dragon minipet from every species. Right now I am looking for the common versions of the Drax, Serpent, Hydra, and Draggy, as well as any other species besides the ones previously listed that I may have forgotten. I've already collected ones of the Lung Dragon, Draorse, and Wyvern, but I certainly won't say no when given the opportunity of collecting more!

Main pet wishlist is in Cyclone's bio!


The sky had been spared the passing of the gloom of clouds, and the sun shone bright upon the calm landscape. The only sound that dare disturb the stillness of the melancholy air was the swift slice of a scythe and an echoing crack as it split the stem of a rather sturdy plant.

Stargleam turned her nose to the air, a rather chilling breeze ruffling her fur as her eyes scanned the vast blue expanse above her. Her ears twitched, having picked up the faintest of sounds having caused her curiosity. Could that be the great serpent from who's back she had originated? No, those beautiful feathers of shimmering pink and delicate yellow were nowhere to be seen. Perhaps a rather fierce gust of the remnants of a storm from up at Tigereye Peak? No, there wasn't a cloud in sight.

Then what had caused such a sound that caused her much unsettlement? Her hearing, keen as it was, could not decipher the meaning. Her ears, ever accurate and precise as they were, suddenly swiveled to the East. Stargleam turned her head to follow them, and found herself staring into the great unknown, staring at the paths that had yet to be traveled.

After leaving her birthplace atop the great serpent, Stargleam had gathered her friends and with them settled a village to the East of Olde Foxbury just outside of the great town's borders. It was a quaint little spot, settled in a wide field somewhat surrounded by a few spots of trees here and there. North of Dragonsmaw Manor and south of Tigereye Peak, the weather was almost always mild and perfectly suitable for the small group's needs. The only problem was what lie far East, past Olde Foxbury and past Stargleam's own abode-the shadowy unknown.

Stargleam looked there now, at the tall, dense pine trees with needles almost as dark as night with only the faintest tint of green. Not the well or even the sickly trees that populated Dragonsmaw Manor, no, but something else entirely. Those dreaded trees were the gateway to something mysterious and horrid, a dangerous land in which no one dared to step foot. Sometimes, Stargleam could swear she saw glowing eyes from the darkness of the trees once the moon had risen, hues of green or yellow or brown and the most dreaded of all, red. Flattening her ears, Stargleam glared fruitlessly at those trees, her mouth tightening in a fierce scowl. She looked around at her small village, her work, her friends, and let out a sigh. There weren't really that many of them living here, not a lot at all. No way to properly defend themselves. And worst of all...

"Harvest is coming."


Also, okay, off topic, but do you see this bab made by LSTheNinjaKitten ?
I hecking love them

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