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You hold the map in front of you, confused and unsure as to where you are on the map. It's certainly not cold, so perhaps you've wondered into the Dark Forest by mistake? You hope not...
Just as you're about to scrunch the map up, throwing it away in a fit of frustration, a red fox puts his flower covered paw to yours, smiling comfortingly.

"Are you lost?" He asks, chuckling a little. "It's ok, I get a lot of people passing through here who're from other places. Do you know where you need to be going?" He asks, hoping for an answer, however you seem to be staring at his flora covered antlers too much to notice what he's really saying. He chuckles a little. "It's fine, i'll just tell you where all these places are and you can decide where you want to go from there!"

(Images are live! Click to go to the character!)

1 - North Peak Mountain Range - North: The smallest mountain range on the map filled with equally small mountains. The caves in these mountains are filled with small wyverns and serpents, specially adapted to the colder temperatures. Very few people live in this mountain range due to the terrain and temperature.

2 - West Mountain range - South West: The largest mountain range stretching from the north of the map to the south. Legend says that not a soul has ever survived the cross between the West-Wood and the Dark Forest, and this is to protect the people of the 'Light Wood' from the monsters who reside in the shadows.

3 - Volcano District - South West: Coming from the vast mountain range just to the west of the Volcanic district, the Volcanoes are said to come from demons who rage on the inside of mountains when an innocent is hurt in their name. Due to it's hotter temperatures, dragons and lizards will live in this area more than others, though you do find the occasional sun bather.

4 - Molten District - South/ South East: This is the remnants of the various eruptions from the volcanoes to the west, and with every explosion the Molten rock eats more of the Dark Forest and the East wood. The fire dragons find that the Lava is very pleasant to bathe in.

North Peak - North (duh): North Peak is a vast ice and snow covered land that, somewhere under the inches of snow, is an evergreen forest. This place is mostly uninhabitable but for those who have adapted to that environment, such as large fluffy creatures like Wickerbeasts and Snuffles.

Trìa City - North West: The smallest of three cities, specialising more in fishing, being mostly surrounded by water. Most of their residents are also lake monsters and creatures similar that are seeking a slightly better life. Unfortunately, due to Trìa's place on the map from the rest of the island, not many people can get to it, and so many aren't aware of it's mostly untouched landscapes

Zero Lake - North West: Zero Lake, occasionally called Absolute Lake, is named after how dangerous the water can drop to during the winter months. Despite this, life still thrives in the freshwater lake, mainly populated by sirens.

West-Wood - South/ South West: The largest body of forest on the island and home to countless creatures and animals, closely guarded by Fraxinus, a merciful forest spirit. The west-wood, said by many is the most sacred land on the island due to the amount of fragile lost souls wandering in the forest, waiting to move on.

Enas City - Centre: By far the largest city on the island, and it holds most of the sentient beings living on Balena. The species that call the city home vary drastically, but there's the most segregation in the city in comparison to everywhere else on the map.

Elephant Lake - Centre: Named this because of it's strange Elephant like shape. There's not much else to say.

Dark Wood - South: The dark wood, called this due to the lack of sun it gets because of the large mountain range between it and the sun, contains monsters beyond the reaches of even the most vivid of imagination. Carniverous beasts sealed in the dark forest by the Molten District and the West Mountain Range. However, there is a small gap into the West- Wood and the East Wood that the monsters can leave the forest through. Protecting these entrances, are Fraxinus and (-), two vastly powerful spirits.

East Wood - East: Protected by a second forest spirit, this one a little less merciful. Those who step foot in the East Wood with harmful intentions are never seen again. It is said that the spirits of the missing and the dead are what form the monsters in the Dark Forest.

Dyo City - North East: Dyo is a place mainly filled with gangs, and various different mafia groups that are almost constantly fighting one another. Those who intend to go there without a means to bargain their way out of a fight, or a way to defend themselves, will likely end up dead. Those who value thier lives, but have nowhere else to live, take their place on the southern and western border of the city, protected by sirens in the West, and the forest guardian to the south.

North Peak lake - North: It's the mouth of Elephant lake and Zero lake, connecting the northern oceans to Enas and the other cities. It also provides a place of sanctuary to those who need it. It's said that when a spell is cast over the waters, it can give immortality but only to the pure of soul.


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    • responding in profile comments since i didn't wanna end up bumpin the thread after almost four hours, but it's no problem at all!! i wish you the best, and feel free to PM me if you ever have any questions or need advice!

    • Hoi there owo

      I would like to ask you, and your villagers, some questions. >w<

      To you: is this thread still open? is there still a way for me to join?

      To Candy: May I please give you some candy? owo
      To Spangles: Nice outfit. Where did you get that nice hat?
      To you: is Delilah your own drawn oc?
      To Jaho and Marianna: would you like some yarn? well, a yarn ball?

    • Aaaa thank you friend!! Guess everyone on this site likes shitposting as much as I do lmao

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