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User ID: #103616
Username: VillainBaguette
Last Online: 15 Sep 2017, 10:09 am
Registered: 22 Aug 2017, 1:55 pm

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im a lonely lemon, i love drawing and would love to make some frends. im also very new to this game and hella confused, so help a yo grandmother and explain pls

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    • Btw how's the treasure hunt going? I already have 2 leodon plushies and a wolf cub and a parrot :33

    • Ur profile is just spammed with comments by me wHOOPS

    • I'm jelly now OwO u have better tastes than me tbh, my next villager will totally be a velociraptor

    • AAAAA I love all of ur villagers so much they're so awesome, especially nyet and hiswisk and odebetroth and dittyspur

    • Oops for your warrior you need a blacksmith not a crafter srry

    • Also msg me if one of your villagers gets sick bc i have a doctor and ill give u the medicine for free <3

    • So you should have at least one explorer, and then u can find seeds for your herbalist to plant, and u can sell the other crap and earn a shit ton of money. Also you cant really do anything with your warrior if you dont have a crafter to make stuff so i would start with explorers, herbalists and construction workers (build houses, and then u can either sell the houses for a lot of money or use them to get more villagers)

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