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User ID: #103834
Username: MochaWishes
Gender: Non-Binary
Last Online: 27 Nov 2020, 1:50 am
Registered: 26 Aug 2017, 1:34 pm

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Hello! My name is Devotion, but you can also call me Mocha, though it's my old username. I plan to change my username to SnailTrolley soon, so it matches with my tumblr, and will be easier to find me.
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Complete Stamp book: []
Complete Sticker book: []
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Give all my OCs furry-fied versions, and profiles []
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Any boxes from Regi's wheel

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(created by me, Devotion #16206 on dappervolk)

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    • Aww you didn’t have to send me any FC, but thank you in advance <333

    • He adores u ♡

    • No problem! Just wanted to check, thanks anyways :D

    • Okay! Sorry for not responding sooner (I have no idea how to reply to messages on this so sorry if I'm doing it wrong lol) But I'm trying to collect Countryhuman art, I'm actually kinda grossed out by the fandom but I have a few friends who are kinda obsessed with them so if you still have that one may I trade for it? My username is Gortex

    • Honestly just made an account on here so I could comment, but do you still play Animal Jam? I wish to trade for a masterpiece however you don't seem active on any of the Wikis

    • I can agree about being a Danganronpa nerd in your signature. I love the series. And a fellow Ouma fan.

    • thank you for taking my arm

    • aw, thanks! :)
      s e e s a w

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