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User ID: #103834
Username: MochaWishes
Gender: Questioning
Last Online: 17 Jan 2020, 11:03 pm
Registered: 26 Aug 2017, 1:34 pm

Profile description

I'm in the cursed process of turning all my villagers into worms.


❆15❆Female❆Pansexual❆Taurus Idiot❆Local rat❆Miu Iruma Kin❆

I'm sort of anti-social on here, but I try my hardest to be active!
I live in America, and I'm working on studying Spanish, and Japanese + Japan's culture on the side.
In the future, I plan to live with one of my friends in a nice town and work from home with either video making or art! But as of now, I'm busy focusing on my school and my personal health.

Please do take note: I'm normally very shy around people I'm not familiar with, so if I barely talk... I'm very sorry. I also have some bad issues with depression and some minor anxiety, so some days I won't be feeling good enough to talk/ play much. I do try to be online everyday tho :) <3

to-do said:

Oh lord help me.
Needs painties on profiles
- Mocha [Needs paintie redo.]
- Tsul []
-Kujo []
- Iris []
- Tangerine []
- Yami []
- Sour patch []
Needs a profile

Regular Shifties
- Loki (TO BE SOLD.)
- Shorb
- Daki
Primal Shifties
- Naegi Ryo
- Riku Ryo
- Sugawara Fumie (@)
- Kimoto (@)
- Joseph
- Calvin
- Bea
- Monika Smith
- Hiroshi Ami
- William
- Ciel (@)
- Probably another I missed Aa A A aaaaaaa A A A a

@ - Has a toyhouse
$ - Selling

(o´∀`o) My profile is a work in progress! So please, come back later when it's complete!
Nts: Toy house first, flightrising next, this last.

Villagers 11

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    • Just Monika

    • I can agree about being a Danganronpa nerd in your signature. I love the series. And a fellow Ouma fan.

    • thank you for taking my arm

    • aw, thanks! :)
      s e e s a w

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