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Username: MochaWishes
Gender: Non-Binary
Registered: 26 Aug 2017, 1:34 pm


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Peel the rantarocado

Guacamole. Gua- Guacamole

note said:

I won't really be too active for a few reasons.

1: This site is going to the dogs and it's boring and warrior focussed. I hate it a lot. I don't give two uwus if they change the price. WHO CARES?????? GIVE US SOMETHING FUN TO DO.... Every year it's the same white wash bullshit. 5 events, same ingredients, mini events, and then the new year.

2: I'm taking time to correct what mistakes I have made. So, unnamed tumblr... Yes I have changed. You do not have to take my word, but when I say that I am no longer throwing around those words like peanuts in a zoo, I seriously mean it. I am truly sorry for the issues and uncomfort I have caused.

3: My depression is getting worse daily, so I'm trying to break from drama ridden sites, and sites that suck me in hard so I can focuss on my fractured mental health.

4: I prefer playing animal jam like it's a fuckin religion (oops)

5: My friend is going through some family issues so I'm focussing all my energy into returning the care and kindness he's given me when I needed it most (thank you sammy... you are literally everything I've ever asked for in a best friend ;//0) <3)

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