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User ID: #106463
Username: TrollFishPrince
Gender: Demiboy
Last Online: 4 Dec 2017, 11:04 pm
Registered: 23 Oct 2017, 9:23 pm
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he/him ▲ Aries ▲ Half-elf bard :P

Hey land dwellers and fellow sea folk! The name is Tessa! All of my villagers are named after famous authors or D&D characters--should be pretty easy to tell which is which. I like selling items for cheap for other new players and stuff.
I'm not in the best of physical health so please be patient if I disappear occasionally. <3
Currently seeking any magic moth plushies or other bug related items. I'm still pretty new ^^'

FR: trollfishprince
Instagram: trollfishprince
Toyhouse: trollfishprince
Tumblr: trollfishprince
Twitch: trollfishprince
Twitter: trollfishprince
(I'm basically trollfishprince everywhere....)

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    • you're welcome, and thanks!

    • thank yaaa and no problemo~ <3

    • Click on the "commerce" tab and hit "transfer currency." There's a little surprise for you!

    • A new child has joined Furvilla!! Hello! :D

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    • いいえ!!!!!!!!!

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