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You walk into a small village. It’s small yet lively. It was calm yet sounds filled the air. As you walked down the cobblestone road you hear the melodious sounds of a flute. You turn your head to see a Saggitari, whom was playing the most beautiful music you’ve heard. He lookedup, gave you a smile, and continued to play. He was standing in a large stable filled with creatures of all kinds. They chirped, barked, and made many other sounds. A gembound sat with him singing a song to the tune. As you continued to walk you found two more buildings. One had a artic fox who hammering away at flaming steel and the other had a monster skunk who seemed to be working with medicines of some sorts. The fox gave a welcoming shout. The skunk knew you were there but didn’t acknowledge your presence whatsoever. He simply grunted and continued his work. Distracted, you ended up bumping into something and was knocked on your rump. You looked up to see a fluffy moth staring down at you, in a flurry of apologies. She hurriedly picked up her dropped books as she kept giving flustered apologies. Before you could say another word she had left. As you stood, baffled you felt a presence behind you. You jumped as a bat jumped out of nowhere. He began giggling when you jumped. He cried ‘Got you!’. He had a grin that spread from ear to ear and was a small bit unsettling. You heard an angry shout. The bat panicked and ran off. You watched as a very unhappy yak began chasing after him yelling about ‘his childish pranks’. You suddenly had the feeling of being watched. From a distance, you could see someone staring at you from his window with crazy eyes full of insanity and desire. You backed up, uncomfortably. Behind you you heard a loud hammering sound. You looked up to see a dutch angel dragon was repairing shingles on a roof. She looked down, smiled and waved at you. You smiled and waved back. You were just about to ask her where you were and who is everyone when you heard a loud sneeze behind you. A mouse stood there, glowing a bright green. Her eyes were the same shade of green and a liquid of the same color came out of her nose and mouth. She sneezed again, glowing green sludge being shot out of her mouth and onto the ground. She apologized for the mess as a red snake came slithering into view to clean it. He looked up at you.
“Oh hi! We don’t get visitors very often. Don’t mind Tia. She’s horribly ill. What are you gonna do? Did you already have a look around town? Want me to show you? Oh what’s that? You already showed yourself around? That’s okay! See you around then! Come on Tia let’s get you some medicine from Lucille.”
And with that you were left alone on the street

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    • Aw, thank you for your comment on Ness!<3

    • I really like the CSS(or anything it called) of this

    • Awesome, I love the village lore!

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