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User ID: #124967
Username: alphadragoness
Gender: Female
Last Online: 29 Apr 2020, 1:27 pm
Registered: 21 Dec 2018, 9:55 am

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User ID: #7302
Username: msjanny

https://discord.gg/7kWbWhy ma discord server

commissions: open
trades: open
requests: closed
free art: mutuals only
payment: FD/FC/AC/DA (rarely)
what I don't take: real money including PayPal
what I don't do: ship art 2 u (mailing it physically), laminate them
what I can do: send them on most platforms: discord, amino, furry amino
where I cannot send the art: here
emergency only!!!!: mail them digitally on mail




https://www.pinterest.com/pin/589971619915661699/- both same character




https://www.pinterest.com/pin/589971619912262431/ -both pixels

need them gone, check my post on here 4 the cost!!!!!!! comment on there unless it was moved by the staff!!!!

art trade Alpha headshot (2/2/20) https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/677007759488712735/684267281064394773/1583131997557-1-1.jpg
(artist) discord: BlizBabe#5870

https://imgur.com/a/tAvlUrc - my art slides/originally from my google slides- this web customer 4 me by:
User ID: #31147
Username: StrayChowChow

(original version)


Alpha headshot


User ID: #47939
Username: Nova_Dutchie

https://sta.sh/01vt64oofsrr Mortali custom adopt Turnivis


User ID: #127204
Username: Pridedrop-

https://postimg.cc/r0x37NzQ -black winged

https://postimg.cc/fk88HPRB - purple winged

by User ID: #128849
Username: twoducks


#104923 (SillyLily222) http://www.furvilla.com/profile/104923
is the only furry on here I know on Furry amino, if u know me, plzzzzzz dm me or comment below ^w^

Adamthefox- follow and be a guide to them ^w^

https://discord.gg/eaNvwnj- get on my server ^w^



Female- she/her


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    • Venezuelan, actually. Alexy wasn't available xD

    • Thank you so much for the gift! <3 ^^

    • Because my name is Lance~! They're all me~! 8D

    • thanks for the friend request ^^

    • Thank you so much! I'm having a great time here so far! :D

    • Thanks for the friend request bro! Makes me feel likable :)

    • Hey, I've seen you commenting in a lot of places that you can't see images, and people can't seem to see your docs links. I'm wondering if where ever you are accessing the internet (school, work, whatever), your account (through Google or something) might be restricted. Not sure if this helps you at all but it's what I thought of.

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