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User ID: #150905
Username: galaxysylph
Gender: War Goddess
Last Online: 14 Jul 2020, 2:15 am
Registered: 11 Sep 2019, 11:38 pm

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Leg Day || Eldritch Horror || Chaotic Stupit || She/They || Drew My Own Profile Plic

Heya furrriend! I`m galaxysylph/Hecate, professional crow appreciator, fandom obsesser and artist! One important (and super weird) fact about me is that I find crow noise...beautiful. Also I`m not a furry, sorry `bout that! By the way, I sometimes visit other villages, but Dragonsmaw Manor is my ancestral home! I mostly spend my time being spoopy, slithering over skulls and licking cherries.
I live in a tiny dark house with a bunch of people and a brother, miraclematter who owns numerous plush animals. I mostly spend my time watching memes and playing video games. I speak four languages, English (obviously), French, Chinese (i need practice lol) and Rune. And yes, Rune is a language! It`s just really really old and a lot of you probably have forgotten, but oh well! If you wanna learn some basic Rune, then click here!
And if you`ve never heard of Rune and are interested, then check out this useful Wikipedia article here!


My Contacts
Flight Rising
Chicken Smoothie
Tales of Ostlea
PokéFarm Q

Dumb facts about me:
• I have a literal meme-obsessed butt.
• I think crows make beautiful sounds.
• Way too many people find me super creepy.
• I love dark and stormy nights.
• My favorite colors are Obsidian, Blood and Silver.
• Actually not a furry.
• Plays Chicken Smoothie and Flight Rising

-Waverunner | Queen of Spoop | Meme lover-
A photo of me: dragon?age=1&body=10&bodygene=7&breed=4&
"Once you`ve gotten a taste of power, you can`t get enough."

Help me collect the Morphing Potions!

House Wishlist:8-tigereye-peak-house.png 6-olde-foxbury-house.png 4-oceandome-house.png

Costume Wishlist:62-angelic-costume.png 64-galaxy-costume.png 63-fairy-costume.png 73-sorcerer-costume.png 72-mythic-costume.png 71

General Wishlist: 641-paintie-ticket.png 1583-paintie-three-pack.png 1584-paintie-five-pack.png 1585-paintie-ten-pack.png 4046-kitsune-spirit-amulet.png


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Planet: Galaxysylph`s Ice Planet
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Pet`s name: Mista

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My Linktree (even more useful than my contacts, named after my sona): https://linktr.ee/InariOkami

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