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User ID: #179548
Username: griffspeanutbutter
Gender: yes
Last Online: 28 Jun 2020, 2:02 pm
Registered: 18 Apr 2020, 3:55 pm

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well hello there, i assume you´re here to invade my privacy? well please gtfo my life has no point anyways owo

✦not good at talking
✦fav anime is Angels of Death
✦might just like Hazbin Hotel a little hehe don't hate me
✦fav song is Death of a Bachelor by Panic! At The Disco
✦fav phrase is ¨oh fric, heres we go again¨
✦absolutely loves birbs
✦likes writing songs
✦likes fnaf and tattletail the most as far as horror games go
✦my youtube channel is ItsMoon!
✦my roblox acc is Meowternity
✦my discord is Moonspirals
✦i also make fursuits! :)
✦ok so i like death a lot lmfao
✦i´m 13 but i pretty much have the mind of a 16 y-o uwu

✦scratch accounts are legitmemes, -Otterly-, ditto-, and another one that I forgot lmfao (there´s a copycat that keeps copying my usernames and projects :( their names are -ditto and iegitmemes except a capital ¨i¨ so it´s Iegitmemes and it looks exactly the same :( )

✦i love furbies so much that if another one gets murdered i will kill everyone in this room and then myself

there thats my bio. can u leave now???

blood warning v v v v v v v v v v

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    • Why? w h y ? W h Y ?

    • I'll definitely have to hop over and give you a follow! Always nice to see fellow scratchers, hopefully we'll run into each other more often over there, it's good to know a friendly face uwu

    • Pie p i e P I E

    • RoseGem Vapor: ¨Will Garnet die? We´ll find out after a hHHHHHHHHHHHH cOmMeRciAl bbReaK!¨ (Yes now this ends lol reeeee In case you were wondering, it took me a long time to reply. xD)

    • (:)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))- yeah you're probably right-..)

      G: *jumps back slightly from the yelling*
      "Riiiiiiiight-then can you tell what im t-woah-uh...n O ?"

    • (Okay we need to stop this lmao unless somebody else jumps in--)

    • RoseGem ¨Ya know I can read minds, right? I´M BASICALLY FREAKING PSYCHOPATHIC FACTORY CLAY, wHAT dO yoU eXpeCt fRom mE¨

      *All the Vapors morphed into one giant Vapor* ¨Did you see this coming? owo¨

    • G: "Alright then-and excuse you :)"

      "I Believe I am in fact, the best :)"

      (Self-righteous bitc-)

    • RoseGem (Lol) Vapor: ¨Uh, no.¨ *Proceeds to throw other Spinels in their portals, leaving only Vapors.*

      All Vapors at once: ¨We da best! :) ¨

    • (no idea tbh) G: "Well that was a little harsh-don'tcha think?"

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