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Username: Spiritual
Gender: Yup
Last Online: 29 Aug 2020, 3:45 am
Registered: 21 May 2020, 5:44 pm

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♥ Female ★ Furry ★ Anxious ★ Did I mention Furry? ★ Single! ♥

About Me
Howdy! I'm Spiritual, but you can call me Jay, Jen, or Spirit! I am a Furry Artist who spends all her time drawing up requests and OC's! If you need anything from me, feel free to shoot me a DM or a Profile Comment!

As a fair warning, I may come out as mean in some circumstances; But really I am trying to be as Fun and loving as I can on bad days!

My forum Threads!
My Weekly Raffle!
List of OC's (For Commissions and Trades)
Fursona Sale!

Some Rad People B)

^Flailadon Morph or Magic Plushes 3006-flailadon-morphing-potion.png

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    • :0 yus! I would love a Aurora ferret, Black wuff, and a Skeletal wubbit, there so cute!

    • Dang, guess that seed gotta stick there until I get another

    • Question friend, do you have a Fancy plant drink? I got this seed and plant it but I can't grow it unless I have this idim

    • *turns into da smollest bean*

    • Thank you so much for the magic plushie! :D

    • Who said I was sniping? >83
      *pulls out double miniguns*

    • I'm actually fine with the bab I'm getting! Just need to wait 70 minutes for the house to finish

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