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User ID: #18748
Username: Xechil
Gender: Non-Binary
Last Online: 28 Jan 2017, 3:40 am
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 2:14 am

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Woah im trash
i draw art and stuff
if youd like to see my art you should check out my websites
ill be leaving fa soon
interrobee or xechil

totally friend me and we can learn this site together

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    • SEEDS! :D I have tooons of seeds at the moment, but I bought a few. xD And I'll definitely check out your thread! I'm a little busy at the moment but I'll do my best to check it out soon. ^^

    • All right, that sounds good. :D Feel free to message me when you've decided! You'll have a customer. :)

    • Awwww, you have some really cute art! I'll definitely order from you when you set up shop. ^^ How much would you charge for a full-body goat creature?

    • Also, do you have examples of the art you do? I'm always looking for art of my characters. :D That's pretty much the only thing I'm spending my money on. xD

    • No charge. :) I'm really not hurting for money, so don't worry about it. xD I'm happy to help out someone in need. ^^ One of my goals is to get my herbalist to master every plant. xD That'll be a long one but I'll do it eventually! xD

    • I usually check the current market prices and price my items a little bit lower than the lowest in the market (but if there are a few really cheap ones and the rest are expensive, I'll buy those too). Honestly I don't have much to spend my money on. xD I just have some hoarding tendencies and also have been challenging myself to see how much money I can make. xD

    • Honestly you could get a lot more money for your seeds. ^^ I'm guaranteed to make a profit by growing these seeds and reselling them back to the game so I'll buy all you have. xD So I'm sure you could make more money as well if you wanted to increase your prices a bit. ^^

    • If you're gonna keep selling cheap seeds I will happily buy them. xD Alllll of them o..o

    • Thank You so much for Shopping by! <3

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