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User ID: #2187
Username: Davin
Gender: Female
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:24 pm

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17 | Gemini | Straight | ISFP | Artist


Hello! I'm Davin! I mainly spend my time in the warrior career and trying to grow my gallery! My current interests are Undertale/Deltarune, Until Dawn, Man of Medan, Kindergarten, and Mystery Skulls. I try to be act nice towards everyone because my life sucks in general. :<

I do NOT accept random friend requests by the way unless I know well enough!

The cool dudes:
deerSkullz , PastelShadows , RamsayBolton , Lance-C-Bones

Other links:
Art Shop / Wishlist / To-Do List / Paintie Shop


No symbol = Up to date
カ = Needs/update paintie
キ = Needs/update backstory
コ = Needs/update CSS
ソ = Needs/update minipets/items

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    • Thank you for sending the payment, I've put it in storage for until I've completed your piece

    • Thanks

    • Goodness hah I figured it was me but didn't know what caused it :') sorry about that

    • nice man! same name :)

    • Thank you for the Crocotaco!

    • gosh I haven't been on our profile in a while
      it's so nice :0

    • how cute! thank you so much <3

    • Oh thanks!

    • thank you. i hope the trade was fair enough ;O

    • Thank you for all the seeds n_n

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