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User ID: #24106
Username: Phaeroh
Gender: Agender
Last Online: 11 Mar 2019, 11:18 pm
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 11:52 am

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. we are joined by invisible ties .


ren ❋ 7w6❋ they/them

i'm ren.
i love chrom.

ask if you want to know more!

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    • oh awesome! c: i've been practicing for about... 2 years now? but the more i've progressed in college the more i've strived to learn about divination and the craft! (probably b/c my major is philosophy and religion, aha.) it's really lovely to see the slowly growing community on here, especially when there aren't many active sites to meet up with other practitioners. :-0

    • aw, thank you!! ;; and ooh rad, always lovely to meet more people in the community. :^D! i'm always open to chatting about witchy stuff/divination/etc.!

    • nICE have fun in overwatch hell lmao (or alternatively drawing hell)

      jeez i havent played in a while now that i think about it

    • yeahh writers can rly mess things up <:/a

      and im good i think ?? catching up on steven universe n maybe working on another painty :0a i got lots to do

      how are u

    • soon.....soon

      and yeah kjdslf i dont remember much abt sally but i remember her being Good

    • BLESS U........OH MAN

      im bookmarking these and reading them immediately when i get a chance LMAO, i'll prolly start with the space colony ark..arc if im being honest w/ myself lmfao

    • i never understood why silver gets so much hate omg ?? is it b/c hes from one of the more hated games or is it b/c his boss fights are supposedly Bad or what >:'0

      and !! ive read SOME comics, but they were tails-specific (i have them in my room lmao) so i havent rly read any of the main sonic comics :'0 IVE BEEN WANTING TO THO, when i have time im gonna find em online and see if i can read em from the beginning

    • i think my fav game is sonic generations even tho ive never played it myself (just watched playthroughs) ?? idk why but something about it is just rly nice to me ;v; prolly the neat remixes and remastered levels from previous games aa

      and ngl i liked sonic heroes too even tho it was one of the not-so-good games lmfao

      ALSO..........shadow and silver have to be my favs tbh, my hedgehog sons

    • oh gosh thank u for leaving a nice comment omg ;v; that made my day better aaAA

      its cool seeing someone else w/ a lot of the same interests too !!! its weirdly hard to find someone else who unironically likes sonic jfdsklf

      (also ur page is super pretty and the bg is so calming wtf......i love it)

    • They do seem to be really laid back!! ^u^

      Oh no RIP!!!! I met a robin a long time ago, but idk what happened to them, we fell out of touch (and we were never really close in the first place) so you're the only Robin i know of!! =D I've met.... lets see, Emmeryn, Phila, Miriel, Ricken, and i've met others here and there but we've lost touch.

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