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User ID: #2721
Username: Raayna
Gender: Female
Last Online: 9 Aug 2016, 6:35 am
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:40 pm
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Profile description

I'm just your exemplary university student who enjoys watching various
different anime and playing video games! I am also a digital artist (been drawing for
over 10 years), and can make + edit gifs,

Some fandoms I'm in, are:
Ace Attorney - Warrior Cats - Pokemon - Tales Of - Fire Emblem.

When addressing me, you're free to call me Raayna or Toothie!

Please do not send me a friend request if I do not know you from other websites,
or if we haven't spoken in general!

Profile CSS is all made by me.
If you want some help with CSS, shoot me a PM.
However creating a whole profile CSS for you will cost 100 FD. Simple things will be 50 FD (more or less)

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    • Haha, that's totally fine! I actually only wanted to stop by and say hi.

    • ah wow!! i don't know any css so what can i say xD

    • no problem! I think it's super cute :0

    • i love your profile css!! <3

    • Hello, I'm Green_Oak from PH. Nice to meet you. Quite a nice profile you have there! ^^

    • Thanks!! (@comment on Bzzt's profile)

    • You, I like you.

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