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User ID: #31450
Username: butchleather
Gender: Female
Last Online: 23 Jul 2019, 7:43 pm
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 9:59 pm

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Free Chibi Linearts | Unpopular Opinions 18+ | Fursuit progression

If you are feeling sad please take a moment to look at this Celldweller with Celldwellerlings

I am much more active on Discord. If you want to hang out, come on over to the Alkaverse server!

Discord tag: travis#0420

(If you are wondering, I am not fictionkin with Travis Touchdown. I just really like the character a lot.)

I also sell art, check out my shop if interested.

Kevin "Kev" Lazar


Razerel "Raze" Pandaus

(razor-el pan-doss)


Hetero butch woman (She/Her)


Juggalo AF

I don't block for almost** any reason and I accept all friend requests! I'm generally very friendly and always open for a chat (though please do read my dislike list further down the page as it covers some social sore spots I have! (social sore spots are things that will make me uncomfortable; they are definitely not severe enough to be triggers but will still tank my mood in an instant))

**barring extreme circumstances, which are what the block list was intended for. I only block users who behave in a predatory fashion, such as scammers and personal harassers, and so on. It is not likely that if you are a decent person you will ever wind up on my shit list.

I am a prolific body horror artist.

My body horror painties are generally tagged with Gore and/or Primal, so you can hide these in your user settings or avoid scrolling that far down. I advise that if uncanny valley and/or body horror bothers you.

If you need to block my painties and/or me for any reason to make yourself more comfortable, I will not judge.

I like:

  • Pendulum and Knife Party!

  • Juggalo music (ICP, Twiztid, etc.)

  • Also a big fan of liquid DnB

  • My original headworld, Alkaverse. I am extremely passionate about my fictional universe and take it very seriously.

  • Tongue-in-cheek horror, especially comedic body horror.

  • Creating Spore creatures.

  • Cockroaches, they're my favorite animals.

  • Other music artists I like a lot: Klayton (Celldweller/Scandroid/etc), Soul Extract, Blue Stahli, Voicians, Muzzy, Zardonic.

I dislike:

  • Attack on Titan, with a passion.

  • Having my persona, Razerel, called Raz, or her name made into any kind of "razzle dazzle" joke. Her name is pronounced Razor-el and is derived from the word Raze (which is also acceptable as a nickname). Please do not associate it with that obnoxious phrase or "raspberry" pronunciation.

  • Having my OCs compared to other characters, especially ones from anime or video games.

  • Being misgendered.

  • Arguments, I get really stressed out by any sort of conflict. I'm a massive pacifist.

For the most part it's hard to get on my nerves unless you make a razzle dazzle joke about my persona, compare my characters to copyrighted ones from media, or misgender me. Those are really my only big sore spots.

Concerning custom item permissions for painties:

Heraclexes I do not allow for the use of the minipet art, because of its scale. However, drawing your own heraclex villager is fine. Just get permission so I am 100% on board with what you come up with!

For other Alkaverse items, I will just grant permission to use Alkaverse stuff in painties on a case-by-case basis.

The following items are Alkaverse related, and require permission to use in painties:
  • Domestic Heraclex (redrawn only)
  • Hand Pendulum
  • Zeboran Ray Gun
  • Zeboran Space Suit (+damaged variety)
  • Alkahest
  • Dragon's Suit
  • Dragon's Fedora
  • Sovereign Crown
  • Sovereign Robes

Other more generic customs though, like the Composite weapons, are freely open for use in painties.

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    • omg you absolute mad lass.

    • ♡♡♡

    • Ayy I forgot you were down with the clown!! Whoop whoop ♡

    • Whoop whoop fam <3

    • -Finger guns again.-

    • Butch Varinis reporting in to the Butch Mother Ship. Butch Mother Ship do you copy?

    • Thank you and thank you for the Sandwich info. I bought one from you last week because I thought it was cool

    • Whoop Whoop!

    • -Finger guns.-

    • You're one of the coolest people I've met online.
      Stay cool, Kevin.

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