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User ID: #52414
Username: Sadie
Gender: Female
Last Online: 28 Nov 2018, 12:16 am
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 2:23 pm

Profile description

Sadie's Surprisingly Sharp Swords

Have you ever found your sword wanting?
Have you ever tried slicing into a tree beast only to find that your steel would get stuck, only to cause you to receive a vicious hit in return?
Have you ever wanted... more?
I'm the proprietor, Sadie. Sadie's swords are the sharpest, and least likely to break when compared to any other sword. Cut treebeasts in half with ease with one of my custom models!

Contact Sadie for custom forging, engravings, or any other weapon needs!

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Comments 18

    • No problem ^-^ glad to find somebody making a high quality weapon!

    • Decent weapons, ploofballs and their seeds, seeds in general, alchemy stuff, slabs, stuff like that.

    • Ah no problem <3

    • No problem! Thanks for the awesome stuffs :D.

    • You're welcome, because I really need frost/ice tokens because idk what they are called and getting a super rare and cheap sword is the best method so..in other and quicker words, you're welcome! :D

    • no problem! it's very nice and I'm super impressed!

    • Hmm, well. I'd consider it, but that's a bit lower than I'd prefer. I'm open to taking partial in items if that's better for you, but as is I'd rather just try to sell it at its current price for now.

    • Sure will! I know a certain Psii who can't wait to get his hands on them! Thank youuuu!

    • Hopefully a guard costume (also do the costumes when made fit all animals?) and later a galaxy costume
      How much will i need to pay/trade?

    • They're very nice swords and I will try my best not to break them!

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