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CSS was done by PK_Love !

I started a headcannon blog, if you'd like to check it out! I love getting questions to answer!
You can find it here!

Drawing by Ramorgi
I use any pronouns because gender is a monster and I have vowed to kill it with my bare hands!

This village has all villagers on-site, except for the three quest shop gembounds, and chibis.

I buy Gembounds at a flat rate of 1000 FD

Current Goals:
-Getting Lion Warrior drops
-Give every villager a personality

Future Goals:
-Give every villager a color-matched minipet
-Give every villager a full profile

-Poison Dart Bullfrog, Tiger Shrimplet, Souleater Wargon, Oasis Kapro
-Aquatic Costume
-Bovine painties and directions to threads with bovine premades for sale
-Species with a high-quality FV style grayscale base (Protogen, Mineral Demon, Monkey)
-Nice anon notes

Villager Guide:
無 = Villager profile is mostly blank
等 = Villager has bullet points for future editing
了 = Villager profile is complete (at least without coding)

(Control+C on 等, then hit Control+F to quickly find guys I've worked on!)

Villages with 等 or 了 will respond to RP comments in-character!

Eyoo! It's ya boi Lucky, monarch of cows, god of text walls, and owner of a lot of villagers, A lot of the time I come across as intimidating, but I really don't mean to! I'm actually a big dork if you get to know me. I love aimless chit-chat and talking about biology, so seriously, come talk if you're feelin' lonely.

Feel free to poke me if I'm taking too long to respond, sometimes I delete pings and then forget I was supposed to reply.

A little about me personally, I'm a college graduate who went to a program for game design, and I'm currently back in school for radiography. I love hyenas, cattle, rams, dinosaurs, and other extinct animals. I also love being asked about my characters and lore, and I put a lot of (too much) effort (help) into writing about my FV sub-town, Tenset.


At the far side of Tigereye Mountain is a bustling town of more than 300 working villagers, called Tenset. It's a major hub for anyone who plans to go into the northern wilderness beyond the border of the Tigereye Peak nation, and has become a major center of defense against the monsters that occasionally wander south. While technically not part of Tigereye Peak, as a major trade hub Tenset is under the protection of the larger nation but is still allowed to retain many of its unique freedoms.

Many of these 'freedoms' have given Tenset a horrible reputation of being a lawless, crime-infested snake pit. Asylum is one of the most widely noted of these freedoms, making this an excellent place for high-profile criminals to flee to in order to escape punishment. Assassins, mad scientists, embezzlers and substance dealers are among some of the criminals you'll see in Tenset, free from their old nations punishing them for their crimes. That said, there are far more misdemeanor criminals and non-criminals than the 'villains' that the settlement gets its reputation from. There's also a sizable population of researchers here to investigate the local flora, fauna, and artifacts, as well as entrepreneurial furries who have set up several businesses to capitalize on Tenset's unique location and society.

Initially founded by a hyena named Tennan and his best friend Jokemo, "Tennan's Settlement" was initially going to be an isolated hamlet, separate from the main societies where anyone could come and seek asylum. As it grew, challenges arose and many things had to change until eventually the bovine Valio was elected mayor just shy of its 10th anniversary.

Ever since the election a few years back, the Valio-lead Council of Tenset has been investing in a school, stronger law enforcement, and a better clinic. Other laws have been passed to protect Tenset's workers and a Tenset labor union has gained power. Most of the new immigrants to Tenset aren't seeking any form of asylum and are just coming because Tenset is becoming a good place to live in. It's not without its challenges and crime rate, but Tenset has been growing steadily for years and it shows no signs of slowing down.

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    • Thank you for the headcanon :D

    • Love your villager names and backstories! I really dig the rabbit ones :3

    • FoxyCipher Ah, I wish I could understand Yu-Gi-Oh XD despite what you may have heard, I actually am a big dumb who can't even do a card game. But Homestuck? Hell yeah I'm a gigantic dirty Homestuck.

      Bask upon my villager army; someday I will rule Tigereye Peak, someday...

    • You like both Yu-Gi-Oh! AND Homestuck?!?! How did I not find you sooner?!

      All joking aside, it's a pleasure to meet you... and HOLY HECK that's a lot of villagers!

    • RadioactiveAcid no son you don't understand. I need MORE cows. The cow painties have dried up, pal. My crops are dying, they are thirsty. Thirsty for what? Milk, son. Mooving on over to my village? Boy? That implies a choice in the matter. this is a hold up, pardner. Hand over ur cows.

    • Looks like all the cows have mooved over to your village

    • I love ur cow army

    • Hey! I saw on your wishlist that you’re looking for lion warrior drops — I have some paws that I could sell you!

    • That Ocean Man really made my day

    • This is the most impressive profile I have ever seen, plus Ocean Man gives me +5,000 nostalgia

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