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User ID: #60102
Username: RGDPersonallity
Last Online: 22 Oct 2019, 10:51 am
Registered: 6 Jul 2016, 5:21 pm

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Hello, you can call me Tex or RGD.

I don't really play this game anymore. I check in everyday for the daily, but sorry if I take a while to respond.

Want a morphing potion? I probably have it. Just ask. (I don’t have a gembound though)

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Misanthropist • -18 • Transmed • Furry

Cancer (Crab)
Ravenclaw • True Neutral • INTJ-t • Eclectic Pagan

Phobias: Barophobia • Emetophobia • Tachophobia

Instagram: Texaswerewolf6633
Fur Affinity: RGDPersonllity

Want to know even more about me? Go here.

Classic case of a wannabe lycanthrope 1f43a.png *grrr*

Art by Julian-S-Black

Villagers 11

Comments 97

    • Oh, no I dont. Do you have open slots? I have two villagers I could give u

    • ARe yOu kIddInG mE?!? I still can’t afford another slot what the heck?? It’s 50k???? That’s ridiculous. Okay thanks so much for the FC and the house <33 I’m gonna go make some more lmbo

    • Hmm weird. No actually I have one house, but I would need another, and I can’t afford the FC fee ;w;

    • *cough* okay let me make room. Will it let me if I’m trading you a villager?

    • Travis Strikes Again on the Switch!

    • Sorry I already showed it; I have morphing potions...?

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