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Username: RGDlightteam
Last Online: 16 Jun 2019, 10:56 pm
Registered: 6 Jul 2016, 5:21 pm

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Want a morphing potion? I probably have it. Just ask ;0


WARNING! Although I don’t believe in self-diagnoses, I’m pretty convinced I may be a narcissist, but I’m not going to blame my possible rudeness on some disorder I may or may not have. Please do not be afraid to message or tell me your opinions on something triggering or rude I may have said.
I don’t rant in responses.
I will try to answer all of your questions & I will read through each response.

Please block me if you disagree with something I’ve said.
It’s healthier to avoid me then waste time out of your day and rant about me. I personally don’t block people, but I have no grudge against anyone who blocks me.

(except for Allie, & Corona)

All about me!
You can call me 10314587_buVmBE91GRNbDrm.png!
or Katsuki if you’d like <3 0c1bfccf4e244e9420d5d1a4d43ddb14-dc1ey2e
Don’t call me “Kacchan” though, I hate it werw3fdd_by_aviiffa-da9madd.gif
Any Pronouns (I hate They/them! Although I won’t smite you if you use it)
Cancer (Crab)

Note: I’m NOT fictionkin, I just like roleplaying as Katsuki. I use it as a comforting tool. (I’m comfortkin; heartbound; soulbound; whatever you wanna call it.) I have a very deep connection with him. We have almost 100% of the same thoughts/feelings, but am NOT him. I’ve had bad associations with fictionkin on Reddit & Tumblr, but you guys have been very nice on here, thank you :3

Hamilton, The 100, Voltron, BNHA/MHA, Pokémon, Phantom ot Opera, Paw Patrol, Law & Order: SVU, Furry, Digimon, NCIS: LA, The Purge, Overwatch, Jurassic Park/World, Twilight, Stranger Things, The Good Place, Marvel (especially Spider-Man), Teen Titans, Criminal Minds, Forensic Files, Care Bears, MLP
Anything supernatural especially werewolves <3 tumblr_pf5w4d8u371tckf0go3_250.gif

GOT7, NeonPunch, Dreamcatcher, BTS, Straykids, 1the9


Wanna PM me? I’m all for it!
Wanna friend me? Go ahead!
Wanna RP? I’m not the best, but sure!
Wanna ask me a question? I don’t mind!

!!!Major Triggers/Phobias!!!
(don’t worry, I have trigger words censored)
Barophobia | Emetophobia | Tachophobia

Art by Lancerne

Website used to make the cool fonts: https://cooltext.com

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    • Hey, I love your profile pic!

    • Thank you so much for the gifts!

    • Your profile says you probably have a morphing potion, so I'm wording if you happen to have a DAD potion?

    • My pfp is Spencer Hastings from Pretty Little Liars, lol. I've been meaning to change it at some point.

    • OH! I forgot to mention, I'm also a fictionkin!
      Mostly a Deku kin too lmao
      blease don't explode me-

    • Thank you I love it :D I'm going to add the art to his page!

    • ahaha it's beautiful thank you XD

    • oh oOf im working to get one

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