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User ID: #60201
Username: rockythebunny13
Gender: Female
Last Online: 16 Jun 2020, 6:02 am
Registered: 6 Jul 2016, 5:43 pm

Profile description


Rocky~Female~Bisexual~ENFP-T~Artist/Hardcore Gamer/Otaku~Mega Splatoon/Mystic Messenger/Fire Emblem/Lovelive/Meme trash~

I like to think im really nice and friendly to new people!! I do have OCD and ADHD so I tend get a bit off topic a lot, along with having a lot of hyperfocuses at once randomly too ywy If you ever need any help, just ask !! I can harvest seeds, make medicine, and make potions for you!!

Im horrible with keeping up with people and I tend disappear at weeks at a time without talking to anyone so sorry about that. Please know that I love all of my friends and mutuals very much !!! ywy

I'm in love w/ Yoosung from Mystic Messenger + Silas from Fire Emblem: Fates and I cry everyday wishing they was real bc they're literally my dream boyfriends with their personailities <33

I'm into various anime and video games and shows so if you ever want to know what they are or talk to me about stuff hmu !!

Hhhhh my furries Neon, Wings, Rigby, Pika, Krystal, and Yams are based off real people ;w; They are my closest friends and I couldn't live without them in my life

My construction worker, Rigbybae, has her items at durability at 213 currently!! If you need houses/stables/herb pots I can sell you some for cheaper then market price ywy I often sell costumes cheaper then market price as well!! <3

Currently atm Im trying to get all the birb and bun line.
If you could help me that could be great!! I could gift you medicines and pets in return <3

#Alliancesquad with NeonRacoon and pikathelover

Current Extra pets!!
Ask me!! Im currently breeding a lot of extras so might have smth u want ywy


Current Medicine available!!
Quetzal Palace
23-allergy-paste.png 100%25-bottled-rainstorm.png 100%19-feathering-lotion.png 100%21-height-sedation.png 100%27-medicinal-gauze.png 100%
9-anti-nausea-salve.png 100%11-gill-lotion.png 90%15-infused-water.png 100%13-salty-sedative.png 100%17-seadollar-salve.png 100%
Tigereye Peak
55-fur-growth-relaxer.png 35%57-mini-sun-capsule.png 100%51-solar-concoction.png 5%49-warming-salve.png 30%53-yeti-blood-infusion.png 5%


All Seed Harvest Percentage!!
Quetzal Palace
493-flying-daffodil.png 100% 494-flying-daisies.png 100%495-flying-larkspur.png 100%496-flying-fur.png 100%497-flying-daffodil-bunch.png 100%498-flying-squiggles.png 100%499-flying-lightbulbs.png 100%500-flying-red-tip.png 100%
485-teal-trumpets.png 100%486-fur-coral.png 100%487-pea-algae.png 100%488-brain-coral.png 100%489-seaweed-vine.png 100%490-wriggling-algae.png 100%491-neural-plant.png 75%
Tigereye Peak
517-frozen-fern.png 100%518-frozen-bellflowers.png 100%519-icehands.png 100%520-iceberries.png 100%521-frostplant.png 100%522-ice-lettuce.png 100%523-sunflowers.png 60%524-cotton-flower.png 50%
Dragonmaw Manor
501-venus-fly-trap.png 100%502-angry-root.png 100%503-pot-plant.png 100%504-chomper-plant.png 100%505-eyeris.png 100%506-infection-plant.png 100%508-mouth-bean.png 55% 507-deadbow.png 65%


Current Potions Available!!
570-canine-morphing-potion.png 569-rabbit-morphing-potion.png1519-toxic-potion.png

The Anon fairies are pure, protect them
Dividers done by KorueSenpai and Nimylu on DA, Anon fairies pictures done by MZZA

Villagers 17

Comments 23

    • i think i'll be okay for now, but i'll definitely give you a little shout if i need help ^w^

    • im good!! im still learning a few things about fv but im good irl as well, i guess! :3c
      and how are you? ' o '

    • ah!! hello!! i saw u liked mystic messenger <3 thats rad

    • don't be upsetti, have some spaghetti :))))))

    • You are a beautiful human being!

    • Holy Moley! Thank you so much for the seeds!!

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