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Username: SparkySpro
Registered: 6 Jul 2016, 11:07 pm

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    • I forgot to add you back then aaaaaa ;0;

    • Thank you so much for the compliments to Cherry! I love her to bits!

    • Thank you so much! ;w;

    • Welcome! and thank you, too!! I've only play epic yarn, and it's super cute, plus the music is great ovo
      I suggest it if you're able to play it someday!

    • Your css reminds me a lot of kirby's epic yarn, i love it uvu

    • I really love your css !! It's so prettyyyy

    • Hey.
      saw your post in the vent thread and thought I'd lend a helping hand. If you're comfortable with talking, feel free to send me a message.

    • Thankies fur the candy ^w^

    • Dawwwwww, thank you for your nice and kind comment ^^
      I'm glad you like it.

      I love your character designs too. They are very adorable, plus pleasant color combos~ ^w^

    • Aaaa oh my I didn't even notice! Sorry o.o
      I didn't have time to reply but your message was really good omg ;0; I just didn't have time to reply :'0

      But yeah I'll see if I can also continue Juni's roleplay :)

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