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User ID: #88069
Username: DizzieDizzie
Gender: Female
Last Online: 16 Nov 2019, 4:32 pm
Registered: 19 Feb 2017, 9:20 pm

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This Toasty.
Smol and full of happy.
Grammar is kinda bad, but ye, that's ok.
Good at awkward hugs and making paper cranes out of gum wrappers.

art by Whimsy(18+)

Villagers 13

Comments 28

    • I almost thought my name had been changed for a sec :'3

    • Ooh yeah specifics would help out a ton! If you’ve got like a wishlist I’ll see if I have what you’re after :3

      I’m up for trading anything in my stall and I may poke around a bit regarding animals.

    • Out of curiosity would you be interested in trading your Hallowed Potion and Fizzle Fluff for anything?

    • Hello, welcome to Standing-Up School!

    • Your avatar and signature are so cute I'm dying of cuteness hhhhhhhhn

    • Shiny, indeed! Not quite the shiniest boi, but he likes to think he is. :3

    • Your icon and signature are my life blood. ;0;

    • Yes, but not enough! The Crowne Army has more members to collect— but, one day, there will be 66. And my job will be complete. The universe will be balanc-

    • Your gallery is so cuddly and magical aaa

    • You're very welcome Owl person

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