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Villager: Rook

Villager Info

ID: #105445

Name: Rook

Gender: Male

Location: Tigereye Peak

Born 4 years, 28 days ago

Career: Construction Worker

Owner: Bellymouth

Species: Horse

Color: Octopus


House: FurCash House

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Rook is infected with Lycanthropy. Changes into a beastly monster after exposure to moonlight or especially frustrating board games. Howling at the moon relieves the symptoms for a little while, but use a Golden Apple for best results.

Rook looks stunning!

Rook's very special treasures!

Comments 56

    • Thanks ^^ love your cow!!!! He's soooo cute!!!!

    • Martin politely takes the package with a smile, opening it delicately then seems to bounce excitedly apon seeing its contents. "Oh golly! Thank you ever so much sir! Nata will love having this recipe, i will be sure to give it to her straight away!" (Thank you so much!!)

    • I love him sooo much!! Amazing!!

    • I wove Rook ^_^ Soo cute.

      By Stubby the corgi.

    • I feel like I've seen a bull in real life that has the same kinda hair-do. Super cute! Bovine deserve way more love than they get <3

    • He's gorgeous!

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