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Villager: Philip



Villager Info

ID: #115218

Name: Philip

Gender: Male

Location: Tigereye Peak

Born 4 years, 2 months ago

Career: Construction Worker

Owner: Callymae

Species: Fox

Color: Fennec


House: Tigereye Peak House (1/167)

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Name: Philip Desertstorm
Age in Human Years: ???
Age in Fennec Fox Years: 20
Gender: Male
Relationship Status: Single

It isn’t very simple to explain Philip. But, the simplest way to describe him is that he is an introverted, silent, and seemingly grumpy character, who is way stronger than you’d think with his small stature. Which seems odd, considering how most Fennec Fox are. But that’s how he is.

Philip hasn’t spoken a word so far since he’s arrived here. When he arrived here, all he did was walk up to the house, seen someone walk up to him, and he gestured to the For Sale sign. Then he paid for the place, moved in, and set up his workshop in the house. Since he hasn’t said anything, no one knows anything about him, other than he seems confident in his work with construction, given that he’s already made a high quality pot and has a few customers, even though he just moved in.
Philip stays in the house that Renaye made for the little village. He bought the place and stays there in the village. It’s a little further up the mountain than Yuki, Linnea, Wanderer, and Renaye’s house.
Philip is a silent fox who seems very grumpy and unimpressed with everyone. He has a few people who come in, and he doesn’t pay any attention to them unless they pay him to work for them. He really just prefers spending his time all alone with nothing but the sound of his work and maybe some soft orchestral music. He seems to be eyeballing the two rabbits though… We can only hope he doesn’t plan anything bad with them. Since he is a predator furry and they are prey furries. He designing architecture and building the things he designs. He also seems to love spending his time at the mountaintop spring near the little village.
He works as the village’s construction worker. He designs and builds houses, stables, and pots for the gardeners, farmers, and herbalists of the village, as well as repairs stuff for furries.
He enjoys a plate of smoked fish, along with a hot cup of coffee while working in his workshop. He also enjoys sitting in his house by the fire, keeping himself warm, while working on his woodworking skills.

Pet Info

Name: Sterie
Gender: Female
Species: Brown Chest
Sterie is a noisy chest who likes butting into things, whether that be literally or metaphorically.
Phillip got Sterie from Ammei. (One of Shanabiv ’s Animal Tamers.)

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