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Villager: Nega


Villager Info

ID: #124998

Name: Nega

Gender: Male

Location: Dragonsmaw Manor

Born 4 years, 2 months ago

Career: Warrior

Owner: Moge-ko

Species: Cat

Color: Warrior

Costume: Warrior


House: House has been destroyed.

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Nega no longer has a house! They will be unable to work. Please replace the house or move Nega into a FC slot.


Destroy everyone who gets in my way and the King's. No matter who. That's my obsession and I'm willing to do anything just for the pleasure of attacking and splattering my enemies' blood on the floor and everywhere else... I'm the most trustworthy and powerful knight of the kingdom. Or was, at least.

They say that I "betrayed" everyone. Now their forces are weaker than ever., definitely the perfect moment for the bursting of a war as enemies are going to most likely win. No one could let pass an opportunity to steal such a rich kingdom like my former master's.

You must think that I am a knight with no honor, right?

Hah, you have good reasons to think that, but doing this was essential to keep my duty: Protect the Queen, the King's most precious treasure. That was what I promised to him.

Keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer, that was what they said to me. However... I don't think I can keep anymore of my friends close, they all would look sickily at me due to my actions, they think that I'm in the enemy kingdom's side just because I helped that prisioner. So I had to flee and hide myself from the Queen, she is surely very, very mad at me.

The captive's objectives were honorable, to say the least. She had a good heart and a lot of determination. Indeed. I never understood why this kingdom keeps captives here, Just give jobs to our villagers already, we don't need any people in there that would probably revolt against us.

Honestly, it's kind of funny how people tend to trust me so much and so easily in an incredible speed, it must be either my cute lookings or my intimidating sword, Maybe both. Maybe they would find it cute when I slice them up in half, too, I wouldn't doubt that much. Why are people so obsessed with cats, after all? That's something I'll never find the answer to or be satisfied with one, probably.

That prisioner she... placed all her trust at me. She pleaded for me to help her, completely ignoring the fact that it could get her killed in a matter of seconds.

I was tempted to do so, really. I won't lie to you.

What? Are you asking me how did she convinced me to help? Pardon me, but it is a secret kept under lock and key. It was a promise I made, and I never break promises, all I can tell you is that both of us did a great deal. There are lots and lots of wild monsters around trying to fight me, it's like heaven.

Going already? Well, it was nice to see you. Remember, don't tell anyone a word of what I said now, hehe... They won't believe you, but that doesn't means I will flinch when cutting your flesh unless there's a good reason to.

Wish you a neat day. Be careful of the monsters around if you wish to come back to the castle, I heard they are becoming more and more aggressive since I left.


> Likes to play with his prey, he says it is a good way to train his fighting habilities.
> Will do anything for a good fight. Hates losing, though.
> When exposed to sunlight for much time, his skin starts to itch.
> Is hella gay.
> Didn't bother telling anyone about this. Everyone already figured it out anyway,
> Cares a lot about his previous lover even if he tries not to, as feelings are considered a weakness for him.

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