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Villager: Daisy

Villager Info

ID: #136918

Name: Daisy

Gender: Female

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 4 years, 2 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Furhir

Species: Canine

Color: Spaniel


House: Quetzal Palace House (1/250)

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Daisy was my dog who died June 26th, 2016, She was 7 years old, and she died protecting her family.

Losing Daisy was like losing the sun. As she passed away and left my world, it was as though the sun was setting, casting the world in one last beautiful shine of gold. At that, she slowly ebbed and faded into the bland monochrome of the nothingness of the cold dark night.

After she died, it was like the sun and all the lights in the world was snuffed out. It was dark, lonely. It was sad, cold, scary, and I cried as I battered around blindly trying to find a way to see. I had to adjust to a world without light, adjust to the darkness around me, despite the entire time begging and praying for a brightness to pull me out of there. I wanted the light back desperately, and to this day I still wish the light I lost that day could still be here for me to enjoy it's gentle shimmering.

But the light that left that day can never come back, never return to shine again for me. It can only be imitated by the next rays of sun to peak through my window as it timidly rised to try brighten my world once again.

It will soon pass, when Lilly eventually leaves me, and the terrifying darkness will come back, Once again, I'll be alone, scared, and blinded. I won't be able to see for some time, and will have to adjust to the darkness again. Once more, I'll feel as though the light will never come back, and wonder if waiting for it to return, or for a new light, is even worth the wait.

But that's the thing; I won't forget the suns that have gone to rest for the day. I won't forget watching them peak through my window meekly, nor will I forget the farewell as I sadly watch them slowly lose their spark and shine for the day.

I won't forget the feel of their warmth on me, the feel of utter comfort and happiness as their light graces my life and shows me the love and affection that I yearn for. I won't forget the big smiles, the bright eyes, the general rainbow of emotions they'll have me feel throughout the day, as the hours pass.

As much as I miss each sunny day that pass, I yearn for their beautiful greetings and peaceful warmth, I know that when one sun finishes their time, when their day is over, they can rest easy knowing they'll forever be remembered and loved, that someone, maybe many someones, will look back and remember how beautiful their day was.

Then, the next day will come, bringing promise of a new light, a new way to see the world shine and shimmer. A new but familiar comfort will arrive which, from the moment of sunrise all the way to sunset, will never cease to remain in my memory.

So, while fleeting in my life, Daisy was just as different, extraordinary, vibrant, beautiful and memorable as each day's passing suns.

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