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Villager: Gummy



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ID: #140875

Name: Gummy

Gender: Male

Location: Oceandome

Born 4 years, 2 months ago

Career: Animal Husbandry

Owner: Ninjago

Genus: Shifty

Species: Fallen Angel

Color: Midnight


House: FurCash House

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Approved: 8 Sep 2016, 3:24 pm

Likes: 151 ♥

Tags: monster gummy food fallen angel

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Gummy is on the quest for the Badger Pika.

You approach an old shack. When you open the door, an elevator is inside. Wanting to discover more, you head in.

The place suddenly looks futuristic with white plastic-metal plates on the walls, neon blue and orange straight lamps lining the gaps and many gadgets! You see a machine incubating eggs with another feeding young minipets, most commonly Flittens and Pythons.

A shiver suddenly goes down your spine as tendrils, that looked similar to a Fallen Angel's, slithered around the corner. But they were... rainbow-colored and jellylike? You silently drew your knife in fear and confusion. A sooty Fallen Angel's body emerged, darker than that of the regular Angel. The figure seemed somewhat cheery...

The strange Fallen Angel took a small Python out of the feeding station with some of its gummy tendrils. You watched as the character fed the python a small portion of one of the tendrils, which you had figured out were actually gummy worms. The portion it had ate grew back instantly and Gummy made a happy expression with their eyes. The strange creature hadn't really acknowledged the fact you were there.

Gummy is a Fallen Angel that decided to turn their snakes into gummy worms! They let the minipets nibble on the gummy worms. Gummy doesn't feel the nibble as pain, they feel it as a tickle! Plus, the gummy grows back instantly!

In their spare time, or when they're tired of breeding, Gummy will train their warrior skills.

They speak a food language that all the food creatures know. It includes both actions and sounds.

Paintie by Tristonia and the original name was Phantasma.

And the art begins!
GfGNq9U.gif made by @jgirl939

secretly gay for shrivel

Comments 59

    • W-well, I'm sorry... ;^; I... d-didn't mean to...

      (I... uh... don't understand the negative comment Sonja received... Why are you jealous of the length of her "backstory" (it's more of a personality/character description hybrid of her in this game/as my fursona/and in When The Fur Flies, a series I'm developing)? I just wanted a fleshed out fursona unlike my previous ones (who I despise because of how bland they were). I honestly add those things for myself really, since I tend to forget certain aspects of my characters. I believe your character's backstory is lengthy enough to be honest. Though I'm be a hypocrite with this, as I get envious over things myself, I think it's a bit wrong to post on someone's comments section that you're openly jealous of something about their character when that can be easily remedied by extending your own. No offense but, I'm assuming by some of the other comments here, you have said similar or ruder things to others. I'm not at all trying to be mean, I'm just a little upset I received a comment like that on her profile.)

      Now, on a less serious note, I like your character's story, and the fact he's a badass Fallen Angel with cute, sweet regenerating gummy worm tendrils. Nice touch. He seems like a nice character, please don't make people feel bad with him...

    • Okay :) Thank you.

    • Is he edible
      He looks tasty

    • Wow, people are rude. I don't blame you for wanting this character to get attention, they're pretty!

      If I liked gummy candy, I'd like this character even more!

    • unappreciative pests
      why would you want comments from unappreciative pests anyway? lmao

    • here he is!! a good boy!!

    • Money spent doesn't get you attention.

      In fact I'm actually annoyed that you feel obligated to receive attention for it, and I feel bad for the original artist.

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