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Villager: Firya


Villager Info

ID: #141748

Name: Firya

Gender: Female

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 3 years, 10 months ago

Career: Animal Husbandry

Owner: Bunny_Lord

Species: Dragon

Color: Black


House: Olde Foxbury House (1/191)

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Firya's very special treasure!


"All sweet text of this villager was removed, their coding stripped, and them re abandoned because that's life, it's a kill or be killed world and that is all."

Added 8/31/16 timhortons : ((regarding the above text)) I don't know what this villager had before, but whoever felt so goddamn foul that they had to ruin peoples fun, f--- you. Lighten up, let people have fun.
I have added the Base CSS code that Rory made, minor edits by me!

Whoever has a creative side to them, feel free to add stories down here! vvv

Bunny_Lord had received Friya on September 23, 2016, here is the story of how this came to be:

"I first created my Furvilla account around this time, so I didn't have a lot of villagers. I was looking through the village when I scrolled down and saw Friya on the wandering villagers. I thought she looked beautiful. I checked her profile, and saw that she had very elegant CSS with a cute description on the things she likes and dislikes. However, I was not quick enough, and a random user grabbed her before I could. I was sad for awhile, but a few minutes later I found her as a wanderer again! The person who took her in had stole her CSS coding and added that message you see above. Luckily for her, timhortons took her in and gave her a message to the person who so evilly stole her coding, and gave her a new one. I messaged them, asking if I could offer for Friya, and they gave me her for free! Friya's story is sad, but it has a happy ending now, because she is living with me and is friends with all of my other villagers :)"

Comments 1

    • Firya was once a happy dragon who lived with their master since they were a small egg. Loved and taken care of Firya lived a happy life until her master became ill. Fearing her master's death she cried, but her master wiped away her tears and said "Fear not, this is the circle of life. Be free and live a happy life." Spoke the ill striken human. Sad, but happy Firya did as her master wished and flew away.

      She flew to many places until she landed and met another human. This human promised a warm home and all the loved she could ever desire, but it was all lies. The human stripped her of her loved and of all the kindness she once had. Abused and cruelly treated Firya slowly came to become bitter towards humans until her new master abandoned her. Showing her the true meaning of life "Kill or be killed." The human chanted as they left her.

      Will she ever open her heart again?

      -Sorry if it is sloppy I wrote it on the spot ^-^;

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