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Villager: Helion



Villager Info

ID: #151238

Name: Helion

Gender: Genderless

Location: Oceandome

Born 4 years, 2 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Snodove

Species: Wickerbeast

Color: Night Spotted


House: House has been destroyed.

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Approved: 25 Jul 2016, 2:15 pm

Likes: 86 ♥

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Helion no longer has a house! They will be unable to work. Please replace the house or move Helion into a FC slot.


Helion | Genderless | Asexual

time.is.golden's notorious godly sidekick.
rumored to travel through time but prefers to stay by golden's side in the 1900's.

Paintie by Wapiti #13740

Comments 11

    • How beautiful ♥

    • holy moly, this color scheme is really cute!

    • woah i love all the little details!! the eyes are so pretty

    • Ahh no problem! That's all that I could pay so...I wish you good luck selling them! C:

    • What about 5000 FC and some seeds from Dragonsmaw?

    • ahh what a lovely paintie! congrats to whoever buys it uvu

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