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Villager: Bobby

Moose Sam


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ID: #172413

Name: Bobby

Gender: Male

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 4 years, 2 days ago

Career: Animal Husbandry

Owner: TigTigrou

Species: Cat

Color: Persian


House: FurCash House

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Bobby's very special treasures!


A phone rang and an anthro Persian cat answered it, muttering under his breath "What sort of 'trouble' and by trouble, I mean dangerous situation that one of my family members get into now?" He frowned seriously. He was wearing a blue and white trucker hat, a forest green vest, olive green t-shirt underneath a blue longsleeved plaid shirt, medium blue colored denim jeans and dark brown leather boots.

Bobby listened to who it was that had called him, it was Dean the anthro Caracal. "Bobby! I ran into some monsters while I was out exploring.. What do I do?" He panted obviously running to make space between him and the monsters. "I forgot to bring a weapon because I figured that Lady Godiva was keeping the monsters in check.. I'm embarrassed and ashamed." He finished speaking, sounding sincere about it.

Bobby thought for awhile before angrily replying as he was annoyed by Dean's actions. "Idjit! What were you even thinking?! Everyone knows that you should always bring a weapon with you, just for safety. You know that I worry about you, boy.." He let out a large sigh. "However this is what you should do to get out of your situation, just get somewhere up high. They should leave you alone after awhile since they don't like climbing trees." Bobby said smiling hopefully.

Dean spotted a tree and quickly climbed it, the monsters were letting out low disappointed sounding cries at the base of the tree that he had climbed as they circled around it. "Thank you Bobby! It looks like it worked so far but they are still are circling the tree that I climbed and are letting out low disappointed sounding cries." He looked down at the base of the tree worriedly "I'm sorry for worrying you.." Dean apologized.

Bobby was shocked by the thank you but quickly recovered. "Well then, you are most welcome, boy! We are family, are we not? The monsters should leave soon and don't worry about making me worry, that's just apart of being family."


Bobby shakes his head and sighing out of exasperation before angrily saying “Idjits"

Dean: "This isn't your fight."
Bobby: "The hell it isn't! Family don't end with blood, boy."

Dean: "You built a ghost proof panic room?"
Bobby: "I had a weekend off."
Dean: "Bobby?"
Bobby: "What?"
Dean: "You're awesome."

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