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Villager: Sir Leroy Blachard



Villager Info

ID: #184676

Name: Sir Leroy Blachard

Gender: Male

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 3 years, 7 months ago

Career: Warrior

Owner: Breezeyheart

Species: Canine

Color: Jackal

Costume: Warrior


House: Olde Foxbury House (240/250)

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Sir Leroy Blachard's very special treasures!


About him ~

title: Knight.
name: Sir Leroy Blachard.
name meaning:
gender: Male.
species: Rocky Mountain Wolf x Red Wolf mix
attire: He wears heavy dark brown (almost black) leather under heavy chainmail. His shield has his family's crest on it and both his helmet and his sword matches his shield in coloring. He made all of his armor, including his shield and sword, himself. (Notes for me for making his paintie)
scent: He always smells like a combination of fresh vanilla (which is the strongest scent in this combo), worn leather and metal.
sexuality: Heterosexual (straight)

Relationships ~
crush: N/A
lover: N/A
past lovers: N/A
genetic pups: N/A
adopted pups: N/A
family: N/A
friends: N/A
rivals: N/A
enemies: N/A

background ~
history: WIP

extras and fun stuff! ~
hobbies: N/A
short stories: N/A
fun facts: N/A
extras/others: N/A

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