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Villager: Haseo

Villager Info

ID: #223364

Name: Haseo

Gender: Male

Location: Tigereye Peak

Born 3 years, 3 days ago

Career: None

Owner: Mindscape

Genus: Shifty

Species: Scarfox

Color: Unknown

Costume: Reaper


House: Tigereye Peak House (55/55)

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Legendary Scarfox | Male | Mildly Sadistic | Urban Explorer + Gamer


A Scarfox with no memories of his past. He was discovered among the floating remains of a shipwreck, his four arms mistaken for scraps of fabric at first. In his panic from the unfamiliarity, he lashed out at the rescue crew and ended up being restrained for transportation to a big city. He fled the rescue vessel when it docked, hiding out until he worked free of his restraints. He's lived in the city ever since, and has met other Scarfoxes who have helped him to settle in. He resides in a small studio apartment above a convenience store.

His neighborhood isn't the most prestigious area of the city and has a reputation for danger, but it's not much of a problem for him. He got into a skirmish within the first week of moving into the neighboorhood and found out the (un)pleasant way that he can manipulate blood. While initially used for self-defense, Haseo realized he liked his power and often craves to use it again. For this purpose, he conceals a knife whenever he leaves his apartment in case an opportunity presents itself.

Despite his somewhat vicious personality, Haseo has a sizeable fan-following online. He has no job to speak of, instead he makes his money through his gaming streams and urban exploration videos. His urban exploration videos are popular because, due to his teleportation abilities, he can access places most others can't so his content is more unique than other urbex channels. His teleportation abilities are still weak, but he practices every day and is slowly improving.

As a legendary-tier Scarfox, Haseo has no face on his mask like other Scarfoxes. Instead, he has a single eye on each of his four hands, and the eye itself can swivel to look out the palm or the back of his hand. Because of this, and because of his four arms, he is capable of looking in multiple directions at one time. A very valuable asset for his explorations but also useful during his streams, he says. He does not know how or why he ended up with these traits, but he enjoys his life as a Scarfox very much and cares little for remembering who he was in his previous life.

Haseo was designed by Annasko.
Scarfoxes are a closed species created by Kawiku.
You are not permitted to make your own without permission.
Painties by Bitterfangedcon, dedenne , and Nainteins.

✮ if lost, return to arts-waifu #29913 ✮

Comments 5

    • (This character is really cool!)

    • Thank you <3
      Can wait to see new garbage dragon friends here^ ^

    • I actually got this little cutie from a raffle haha. The artist made a lot of silly cute noodles and cubby trash dragons ❤️

    • What a beautiful creature, and an interesting character overall!

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