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Villager: Julie

Villager Info

ID: #232470

Name: Julie

Gender: Female

Location: Tigereye Peak

Born 3 years, 3 months ago

Career: None

Owner: Mindscape

Genus: Shifty

Species: Scarfox

Color: Tropical Storm Smoothie


House: Tigereye Peak House (250/250)

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Scarfox | Female | Klutzy | Trying Her Best


Julie is a sweet and energetic Scarfox with colorful threads and designs all over her body. When she was reincarnated as a Scarfox, she woke up on a sunny beach in the middle of summer, and since then has set up a smoothie stall serving drinks to beach-goers in the summer believing that it's what she's meant to do in life. She's friendly and outgoing, and a lot of regulars visit her stall fairly often, but she has a reputation for being a klutz and often ends up spilling things either on herself or on her customers. Because of this, she ends up having to grocery shop often to restock, making her stall more of a passion project than a sustainable job. None the less, she is happy to keep at it.

When not operating her smoothie stall, she likes to spend her time on the beach playing in the sand or wading through the cool water. She can't wander too far into the water since she doesn't know how to swim, and her body being made of fabric doesn't help her stay afloat very well. While Julie is a common Scarfox with no special traits, she does possess the ability to size shift between her regular form and a mini form that stands just under three feet tall. She loves to accessorize herself with Hibiscus flowers and frequently wears a red ruffled top and frilled apron to protect herself from the smoothies she spills.

Despite the contrast in their personalities, she is close friends with Noemi and the two often visit face-to-face or chat over social media. Noemi and Caedim were the first Scarfoxes that Julie met after waking up, and they helped her get settled into her new life.
Julie's design was created by Darci on Toyhouse.

Scarfoxes are a closed species created by and belonging to Kakiwa on DeviantArt.
You may not make your own without permission.

Painties: Kiroria | Darci | Inimoose | Korh

The other painties are still being drawn, be patient!

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    • Look at this cutie, scootin' cutin' up the place

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