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Villager: The Executioner


Villager Info

ID: #238139

Name: The Executioner

Gender: Male

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 3 years, 4 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: veemo

Species: Manokit

Color: Orca

Costume: Beast


House: Dragonsmaw Manor House (144/144)

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Approved: 28 Jul 2017, 3:53 pm

Likes: 42 ♥

Tags: manokit mafia orca gembond oreloki beast manokit

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The Executioner has a Toyhou.se!
"Your target does the Godfather's dirty work. They must be a Mafioso."
//Felix Aloisio//
//"The Executioner"//
//Mafia Bruiser (Mafioso)//

Regardless of target, there's only one thing that the Executioner does - obey orders, and slaughter. He lives to obey his leader.

Born Felix Aloisio, the Executioner was a happy-go-lucky manokit with not a care in the world. He lived a happy life with his parents, and was close friends with the bear Edge - known at the time as Nick Lanza. Once he moved away from his family with Edge, the two immediately fell into struggles, parted ways, and began leading completely different lifestyles.

While he refuses to say their name or even their callsign, the Executioner was rescued by "the Godfather's" mafia. They gave him his life in exchange for his obedience - something Felix gave and still gives willingly.

He is specialized mainly in, as his name states, execution. Anyone "the Godfather" doesn't want around anymore, he takes care of. Despite this, the happy-go-lucky manokit he once was is still under that mafia-oriented disposition he developed, if someone digs deep enough.
The Executioner's Relationships

Mafia Relationships
The Godfather - No one but the Executioner exactly knows who this Godfather is. All they know is that the Executioner respects him a great deal, and will obey his every command without question.

Non-Mafia Relationships
Edge - Though they are distant, the Executioner and Edge are still somewhat friends. Edge, though, has no idea about the Executioner's mafia lifestyle.

Jacob - The Executioner respects Jacob for taking his life into his own hands after tragedy struck him. He doesn't respect him enough to meddle with another mafia though.

Paintie by GemBond
Paintie base by Oreloki

Comments 37

    • Rocher chuckles.
      "You guessed it." He pads away without another word,tail swaying.

    • Rocher clicks his tongue before motioning to himself.
      "My only hint is my breed." It was very obvious that he had snow leopard in him.

    • Rocher sticks his tongue out before turning to walk off. He then pauses.
      "Do you know my mozer? You should pay him a visit. I zink he'd like to meet you." He meant Storm.

    • Rocher huffs,pouting and looking away.
      "Because......" Because he couldn't admit that he'd lost.

    • Rocher nods.
      "I'm not saying you're stupid. You seem pretty smart. But still."

    • Rocher points to his torn ear.
      "Zat! Right zere! What if zat had gotten infected and your whole ear fell off?"

    • Rocher throws his paws in the air, exasperated it seemed.
      "Yes! Honestly,scars make you look weak! Just go to a doctor,it's good for you."

    • Rocher shrugs.
      "You should have a better doctor zen."

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